Edmonton Business Coach | Committing To Lifelong Learning

Edmonton Business Coach | Committing To Lifelong Learning

Hi, welcome back to inspired method marketing and your Edmonton business coach. My name is Karen and this is my husband Trevor. Today we’re going to talk about committing to lifelong learning. It’s very important to always be learning and growing and we’re going to tell you, I guess our take on it as an Edmonton Business Coach and why it’s so important and how we’ve approached this subject.

Michael Gerber, the author of the E-Myth says that people who are exceptionally good in business aren’t so because of what they know but because of their insatiable need to know more. I love that word insatiable, but it’s just where you’re always like thirsty and hungry for more. That’s what that word means. Some people get that word confused with satisfied but satisfied means you can fulfill it and insatiable means that you’re always wanting more.

And most CEOs and executives read four to five books per month. That’s coming from INC magazine. And actually as your Edmonton Business Coach I just shared a post yesterday about this. The top seven reasons that people are successful. One of them is reading 30 to 60 minutes a day. Now if I do that, I could finish that book that I’ve been reading for a month now. But yeah, you know what? I do a lot of reading. I just don’t do it all in one place. And there are always things I’m reading. But anyway, so find something good, read it, get it done. Don’t be like me. So business owners and employees, often think that learning stops once they graduate university or trade school. Nope, it does not stop. No, it doesn’t stop. The learning will not stop. And that’s why you have to remind people just like anything else, you stop using it and it will go away. You start brushing your teeth though, the other way. Not exercising your muscles will atrophy. You stop walking, you can’t walk anymore eventually. And that’s a really easy way to think of it. You stop reading, it’s kind of like stopped growth. As your Edmonton Business Coach I will say it actually keeps your mind sharp too. That’s another thing. People don’t realize that until it’s too late and they’ve gotten older. You look around, it’s not a good site. So what should business owners do to continue their education?

Well, as an Edmonton Business Coach I’ll say you should be reading books every day, every day. Read some good books, find business books, find thing that you’re interested in. You find contrarian views to what you believe so that you can be stretched in your mind and your imagination on, you know, something that you thought wasn’t true.

Yeah. Maybe we’ll will just challenge you to think from a different perspective. I think that’s actually very important.

Yeah. Find out different ways of doing things. And another thing that they can be doing is attending, you know, good conferences, webinars, seminars. But there’s a lot of great stuff on Youtube. I mean, there’s a ton of great information, a lot of great people you can learn from. You know, a lot of the entrepreneurs and business owners have videos on youtube. Lots of free information. Yeah. Like, there is no reason that you cannot continue your education for free. No. I think some people might get that kind of, I don’t know how to Describe it, but you think if it’s free, it must not be good. But then they might not see the value in it. But actually there, there’s so much really great valuable information that’s free. Even in Facebook groups of other people who are experts. There’s, there is a lot of value out there. You just kind of have to sit through, find what you want to learn about.

What will be the outcome if your competition is continuously learning and you don’t?

And they’re going to surpass you. They’re going to eclipse your knowledge. They’re going to eclipse your talent, your ability, they’re going to go past you and it may not even be in your certain discipline. You know, let’s say they learn how to be a better fill in the blank. That can be one, one solution. But the other one can be, they may learn how to market better. They may learn how to do SEO better. I may learn how to, you know network or you know, expand the business sales wise. So there’s other ways that they can grow, not necessarily just in the discipline that you’re involved in, but they can learn and grow how to become a better business owner. And that is something that you need to be aware of and why you should, you know, hiring Edmonton business coach like us, an inspired method.

Yup. Should a business owner view learning as an event or a continuing spot on your calendar?

As an Edmonton Business Coach I say, learning should be always on your calendar, should be ongoing. You should be learning every day, you know, taking in, whether it’s an Ebook you know, a podcast reading lots of different ways that you need to be spending that time learning something new every day. Or even just reinforcing your knowledge kind of thing. It’s always fresh in your mind. That’s something that it doesn’t stop or stop after school.

And we actually only reached probably 40% of our potential. So there’s a lot of room for growth there.

Do good business owners tend to execute proven strategies or change things on the fly?

Well, good employees execute those proven strategies, not just switching, change things up whenever they feel like it. That’s okay.

Like a phone script that’s kind of an easy example. Like just stick to the script. Yeah. It’s proven not just by one place. I think if we’ve made this phone script it’s because it works. Yeah. I can say as an Edmonton Business Coach the closing rate is higher.

Yeah, exactly. So I mean, the good employees, they execute approve and strategies because they work and employees who go, they change things that antecedent their, their needs and it gets messy. Yeah. So is it up to the owner then to research organizational improvements? 100%. It’s up to the owner because they’re not going to do it for you. You might find a rare unicorn might find something, something good, but typically it’s up to the owner to research and find better ways to, to make things happen in the business. Yeah, that’s, you can’t advocate that responsibility to an employee because they’re there to do the job in Bassem to do and that’s it. They typically are done there. That’s the level of their involvement. They do it well then you should consider yourself blessed. But it’s up to you to find ways to improve the business and making it more saleable and scalable.

Okay. Here’s one, is it any coincidence that the top level CEOs read more than the average person?

No, not at all. That’s why they got to the top and they want to stay at the top right. You always have to be learning and growing. Otherwise you lose your position, lose your spot because there’s always somebody else who is going to know more, who’s going to be more educated. Is going to be faster, smarter, better. So if you are not continually growing and keeping pace, then you’re going to fall behind.

You’ll be eclipsed.

How does scheduling learning help you avoid shiny object syndrome?

Well, if you’re scheduling learning, then when you see an alert in a ding on your phone that, oh, I’ve got a Facebook message or I got an email, or you know, there’s this new business idea is new, a tool, new tool, a new things, a new tool. Yeah. There’s a new tool that’ll make your life easier, faster, better. It doesn’t, yeah, you waste time on that, but when you’re actually scheduling time to learn something new, then yeah.

That’s what’s important. Yeah. The quote that comes to mind when you were saying that was time on a task over time beats talent every time. So you could be using it to a tool, for example, like a scheduled or maybe, and as you get to know that tool and use it to your advantage, you get better at using it than if you just, Oh, this doesn’t work. After using it for a week and then try something else because you heard it works over here, but you end up just starting over all the time or momentum drops and it’s nugget.

Yeah, that’s right. Waste wasting your time. And efforts on the wrong things.

So why is it important to schedule time to pass this knowledge on to your staff?

Very important to pass it on because if you don’t, who’s going to do it and they’re stuck to hell and you’re stuck doing it off. You’re not learning better ways to run the business or serve the customers or you know, just better internally and you’re not passing it on to your, your employees. They’re not going to go out of their way to learn it for you. Right? You, if you want to build culture in your company, you have to be passing on that knowledge and the culture of lifelong learning, the culture of, you know, doing it better every day. The culture of sustainability or the culture of over delivering. You have to be teaching that to your people on a regular basis because they have short attention spans, right? We all have short attention spans and when you teach it to somebody else, it also reinforces it for you. I’m thinking of short attention spans.

When you’re reading you end up, I think you actually grow your attention span because you have to really focus for a while. Like for me that’s probably what takes me so long to read that I really have to focus to take in the information and you can actually grow that attention span, especially if you block the time and know you’re going to be doing that. You can have more focus for longer periods of time, which  kind of counteracts that negativity around short attention span.

So should you generally make incremental changes or sweeping radical changes?

Well, it’s pretty obvious from my experience as Edmonton Business Coach, You should not be making massive radical changes to your company on a weekly basis. That is a recipe for disaster. So always, always be you know, making small changes. A little bit at a time and then as they are adopted by your team members, then from there you’ll just see the company grow over overall Over time. Yeah. And people don’t like change. So why make these big changes that are just, they might like the change, but they don’t know that if you make it too big, if it’s more of a subtle, incremental, people will accept it much easier.

Easier. Yeah. And it’s almost like if you’re out on the scene, you just turn your boat over like that is, that is a radical change. That’s bad for your company. Right.

Turning the boat around 180 degrees too fast. You could capsize. Right, right. Just go.

Yeah. Actually small changes. Oh No. You said the quote time on a task over time. Eventually beats talent every time. Yep. That’s great. Cool. Well, that’s it. That’s from the Edmonton business coach Karen and Trevor and inspired method marketing and business coaching. This has been fun. Thank you so much for joining us. Don’t forget to give us a thumbs up like the video. Subscribe to the channel. Leave comment. Don’t be lazy and join us on the next one. Bye. Bye.