Edmonton Business Coach | Business Coaching and Marketing

Edmonton Business Coach | Business Coaching and Marketing

As an Edmonton business coach we are passionate about helping small businesses tell their unique story so they can attract their own raving fans. We know that there are three areas that every small business needs to focus on to be successful. One is having enough customers, two is having enough cash and three is having the right team. Without these three things in place your business is doomed to repeat the statistics which says it will fail within the first five years of business. As an Edmonton business coach we want to see you beat those odds.

Edmonton Business Coach

Over the decades we have created a proven path to success. Every business that we work with follows the same path and therefore sees similar results. We have helped not only ourselves but many small businesses overcome the odds. We understand how important it is to have an Edmonton business coach. Without someone there to push you past your comfort levels as well as keep you focused you likely will lose motivation and then will not see the success that you desire. We sit down with every client on a weekly basis to go over the strategies that they need to have in place, as well as keep them focused and on task so that they reach their initiatives.

When you work with us you work with a team of successful entrepreneurs and business developers. We pass on that knowledge and expertise to every client tailored to their industry. Our proven path starts from the very beginning which is getting your business on the map. We help you to set up your Google places ID as well as a Google my business listing. Not only will people be able to find you, they can start leaving you reviews on your business.

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Once you have 40 reviews Google will help make your business even more visible. From there we help you with your video content strategy where we help you set up a YouTube channel. In these videos we talk about your business, what you do, what you offer and how you conduct your business. These initial videos help build the content needed for your website. That is the next step on the proven path.

Going forward we design your logo and solidify your brand which will be used on your website. If you already have a website, do not worry we can work with what you have or we can start from scratch.in addition to building a website we help with the ongoing maintenance of it which includes search engine optimization techniques. Essentially this means that when people are looking for what goods or services you provide they will find you on page 1 of Google when searching.

If you are ready to get started today please visit our website and fill in the contact information page and we will set up a time to meet with you. We look forward to finding out more about you and your business.

Edmonton Business Coach | Business Coaching Is Helpful

With many marketing companies out there what makes an Edmonton business coach a good choice. At inspired method we are not your typical marketing company nor a typical website development company. Our approach to small business marketing is beyond website development and graphic and logo design. We do not just include online ads management or even just ongoing search engine optimization. We are very proud of our video content strategy and we do not offer just feelings based business advice. One thing that her customers love is our fixed monthly fee. But this is not what makes our company the most unique.

As an Edmonton business coach we do all of the above but there is one thing that sets us apart. That is the weekly strategy sessions we hold with our clients. In these weekly strategy sessions we take each client through a step-by-step proven strategy that helps them to beat the odds at business and stay in business. It took us decades to come up with this proven path. Not only did we see what other successful businesses were doing but we applied these strategies ourselves and found that they worked for most industries.

We take you through a conveyor belt of steps before we even start advertising your business. The first thing is to make sure you are set up on Google places. Once you can be found there people can find you and buy from you. This also includes a Google my business listing which helps your customers and clients to leave you Google reviews. Google loves this and makes you more visible when it sees that you have at least 40 Google reviews.

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From there we walk you through a YouTube video content strategy and upload videos on your personal YouTube channel. People can find out more about you this way as well one searching for whatever industry you are in. The content that is created on this channel lends itself well to building out your content on your website. You can see that we are efficient by using the content more than once. In these YouTube videos we help you to solidify your vision for your business.

We help you to discover how you are different from other businesses in the marketplace. We help you create your brand so that you are recognizable. All of these things are worked into your website. Some of the things inside of these steps are logos and graphics. All of this is combined to create a beautiful website that can be found on Google.

We are an Edmonton business coach that ensures your small business attracts enough customers, brings in enough cash, and builds a great team. If you are ready to get started today please visit our website and fill in a contact form. We will set up a time that works for you where we can get to know you and you can get to know us.