Edmonton Business Coach | Business Coaches Help Entrepreneurs

Edmonton Business Coach | Business Coaches Help Entrepreneurs

Even though many new entrepreneurs are told that one of the best things that they can do to help them succeed is to hire and Edmonton business coach. However, if they do not know what a business coach will do for them, they may avoid doing this in order to save money.

And while saving money is very important for entrepreneurs early on. Hiring a business coach can help entrepreneurs succeed. And succeed early on in their business.

The reason why this is so important, is because according to industry Canada. 15% of all small business owners that open their own business. And up failing within the first year of doing business.

Since the failure rate for entrepreneurs in the first year of business is so high. Many business owners who think that they will generate more business before hiring a coach. Often do not get the opportunity.

In fact, not only are 15% of entrepreneurs out of business within the first year. 30% of entrepreneurs fail within their second year. And an alarming 50% of entrepreneurs that start businesses fail within five years of operating their business.

However, in order for an Edmonton business coach to help entrepreneurs overcome those odds. They need to understand why majority of business owners are failing.

Industry Canada survey in order to find out why so many entrepreneurs were failing. And discovered that there were three main reasons why business owners were not succeeding.


23% of entrepreneurs said the reason why they failed, was because they were unable to find or keep staff in their business. Making finding and keeping staff an important obstacle to help entrepreneurs overcome.

29% of entrepreneurs who failed in business, said the reason why they were unsuccessful. Is because they ran out of money. Therefore, business owners need to learn how to generate more revenue in their business quickly. As well as develop strategies on how to minimize expenses early on in their business.

And the single largest reason why entrepreneurs are unable to find success in business, causing 42% of Canadian small business owners to fail. Is because they are unable to find customers or market to sell their products and services to.

Therefore, a business coach says that the only conclusion that they can draw from this. Is that entrepreneurs marketing strategies are ineffective or completely nonexistent.

This is why they rely very heavily on developing a marketing strategy. To help entrepreneurs find the customers they need to sell or products and services, and help them grow their revenue.

Because of how important it is for entrepreneurs to sell their products and services, and generate revenue. And how quickly they needs to do this in their business. The sooner entrepreneurs can hire a business coach to help them accomplish those tasks. The more likely there going to be at overcoming the high failure rate of entrepreneurs in Canada.

If entrepreneurs are looking for an Edmonton business coach to hire. They should contact inspired method, where the first consultation is absolutely free.

Edmonton Business Coach | Business Coaches Help Entrepreneurs

Think of hiring an Edmonton business coach much in the same way that a sports team would hire a coach for their organization. Despite the fact that the sports organization has the best athletes in the world on their team. They still need a coach to help them succeed.

The same is true for entrepreneurs. They might be at the top of their field in their industry. And have been working in their industry for decades. That does not necessarily need that they are knowledgeable about the same skills that are required to operate a business.

This is why it is very important for entrepreneurs to hire Edmonton business coach. Because they will help entrepreneurs create a business plan on how they are going to be successful. And execute that business plan and hold them accountable.

One fallacy that many entrepreneurs have about being in business. Is that if they do not have a boss, they will be able to do anything they want.

But the most successful business owners know that they need to work twelve hour days, six days a week in order to be successful. Therefore, having someone that will hold them accountable to all of the most important tasks is vital.

When entrepreneurs hire a business coach, they will have a set of proven systems and processes that have helped entrepreneurs before them succeed.

It will also have a weekly strategy and planning meeting. That will allow an entrepreneur to see their successes so far, and be an accountability session. So that entrepreneurs know that there someone helping them stay on task and achieve their tasks.


At this weekly accountability session. A business coach will also be able to answer any questions, or address any problems that an entrepreneur may be having. So that they never feel like they are alone in their business endeavour.

And since one of the big tasks of a business coach will be to find customers for an entrepreneur. They will also ensure that the business has systems, templates and processes in place to help the business grow.

How this works, is by creating checklists and templates for every single task in the business. From the moment a customer walks in, to sing them over the door. As well as follow-up.

This way, an entrepreneur can hire employees to take on tasks of the business. So that they can focus on growing the business with marketing strategies.

By creating templates and checklists to ensure all tasks are repeatable and teachable. An entrepreneur can hire a wider variety of staff to take on those tasks.

So that as the business grows and they generate more business and have more customers. They are not limited to how large they can grow. Because they simply just need to hire another employee, to teach those easily repeatable tasks to.

This way, a business owner can focus on growing their business as much as they want. Because they have developed systems to help them grow. This is why it is very important that businesses that truly want to grow their business need to hire and Edmonton business coach.