Edmonton Business Coach | Business Always Involves Risk

Edmonton Business Coach | Business Always Involves Risk

Being an Edmonton business coach has been a rewarding part of our agency. We are not your typical marketing agency in that we do not just offer marketing strategies but we also help our clients execute these strategies. We meet on a weekly basis with our clients so that they can learn how to develop key strategies but also to help them understand their goals and where they can take a manage of an opportunity for growth. Your typical marketing agency does not provide this. An Edmonton business coach like us does.

Edmonton Business Coach

As an Edmonton business coach, we have heard a lot of myths that people believe about business. The first one is that everyone should be in business. Or even that anyone can start a business. This is not true because if you do not love what you are doing in your business you are not going to be able to stick it out through the hard parts of it until you start seeing money from it. You must be passionate about what you are doing to carry you through when things do not go according to the plan.

A lot of people think that they are knowledgeable about how to build a business but they are not. You should only take advice from a business that has been around for more than 10 years and has more than five employees. Anything less than that and it is not solid business advice. Even though family and friends may have good intentions about sharing their business advice you should always take that with a grain of salt. If they are not running a successful business there advice is just a sign of affection and should not be taken seriously.

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Having a business degree is a great way to get a plaque on the wall but it does not mean you will be able to run a successful business. Typically business colleges are run by instructors that have never had a successful business themselves. In college they do not even expect you to make a sale or look at a business that is successful. For example in college they do not even show you the calendar of a successful business. The calendar tells a lot about the business and how efficient it is in executing all the details to make it successful.

Business degrees are designed to make you an employee of a business and not necessarily run one. Says business coach. You should expect to take decades to create a sustainable business. Are you willing to put in the hours it takes year after year to get to that end goal?

If you are not the type of person to go the extra mile in your job you are definitely not going to be the person to run a successful business. This character trait is an indication of who you truly are and will be what makes or breaks you in your business. There is no such thing as a four hour workweek even though marketing gimmicks tell us there are. You must be willing to put in long days and even longer weeks than anybody else around you.

Edmonton Business Coach | Business Takes Decades

As an Edmonton business coach we have seen so many people that believe the wrong things about running a business. We are not your typical marketing agency that just build your website and then sets you on your way. We offer our expertise as an Edmonton business coach because we know that execution in a business is the most important part. Many people fail because they do not realize the work that it takes to build a sustainable business. They also do not realize how long it takes.

You might think that you are so special that when you have an idea about a business that it is going to be easy to execute. As an Edmonton business coach where her to tell you that this is not just about participation. Successful business owners do not create things all on their own they look to others for the things that work in their business. They know that there are not special.

You do not have to be the best at something to be successful you just have to be ahead of the competition. Having a coach helps in this. You can take the successful marketing tactics from other businesses and even other industries and copy those into your business. All of your efforts should be on executing this the proven strategies. These strategies are not difficult but you will have to put your ego aside to tap into them.

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There are no risk-free options when it comes to business. There are going to be a ton of decisions that you have to make all the time. Everyone of these decisions comes with the risk. You will have to decide which ones are the most important undo those. You will also have to take account of which decisions are presenting a catastrophic risk and avoid those.

You are not going to be able to work just when you feel like it. In fact running your own profitable business is going to feel very uncomfortable. In the beginning you will have to make trade-offs of what is the most important for you. Your friends and family will probably not appreciated because most of them were not going to be entrepreneurs. Discomfort does not mean you are unhealthy just means you are willing to do what it takes to grow a profitable business.

Remember that it takes more than just an idea to have a great business. It also takes proper execution. Part of that execution is building a winning team. By building this team you can develop a set of repeatable processes that everyone follows. You may have an exceptional skill set in one area but that does not mean you can ignore all the details and attention and all the other areas of your business. This is where a team comes in and helps you.