Edmonton Business Coach | 5 Reasons Why People Hate Marketing


Edmonton Business Coach | 5 Reasons Why People Hate Marketing

Hi and welcome back to the Inspired Method Edmonton Business Coach channel on YouTube. My name is Karen and this is my husband Trevor. And today we’re gonna be talking about five reasons why people hate marketing. So our favorite guy, Seth Godin one of our favorite marketers, says selling ice cream on the beach in the summer is easy. Raising people’s expectations, engaging their hopes and dreams, helping the see further. That’s the difficult work we signed up for from now on your customers knowing more than you do about your competitors. And so your commodity work, no matter how much effort we put into it, is not enough. That is such an interesting quote Edmonton business coach.

You may have heard of this, but Google right now as responsible for 94% total organic mobile traffic. So yeah, that’s the number to remember. 94% no. So anybody who says, oh, but I need to rank on Bing and Yahoo and MSN. Well, no, we’re like be popular on Facebook or whatever. Yeah, Google is where it’s at.

Google is the king of the hill. So you gotta rank well on Google first.

Marketers ruin everything though. Being in marketing. I even get annoyed with the tactics that are used by some of the gurus in our industry. Today. We’re going to share with you just five reasons why most people or some people hate marketing. Absolutely. You go ahead.

Number one, people hate when ads are invasive.

Now that’s the difference between um, Facebook and let’s say it’s not Instagram, sorry, linkedin. So Facebook, you’re just scrolling along, scrolling along, scrolling along, and boom, there’s an ad that pops up right in front of them. And then the next one, oh, there’s another ad pop up in front of you, or back in the day, even some websites today, and you go to their website and you know, you are looking at some information. It happens to me all the time when I’m looking at statistics or facts that I can share with the audience and our videos. I’ll be on someone’s page and then boom, there’s this pop up right in. As soon as I’m starting to read the article. Very annoying. Very invasive. Yeah. Right. And you can think about it. Their whole reason PVR exists is because people hate commercials.

They hate television commercials with a passion. You know, you’re watching a program and boom, you’re wasting, you know, three minutes, four minutes, five minutes on ads and you were never interested in the first place. Edmonton business coach, the consumer is more savvy nowadays and just don’t appreciate being bombarded with ad messages when we didn’t ask for it. That’s why Google is so powerful because when people are searching for your company or your service on Google, they are intending to look for your ad. You’re to find you there, Edmonton business coach. They’re looking for you, they’re searching for you and they want to find you. Whereas when people are scrolling on Facebook worth, they are, you know, just uh, watching mindlessly on say YouTube or another channel, they don’t appreciate being interrupted with an ad. So that’s one reason that people hate marketing. Okay, this next one, I know all my close friends in the digital world are going to agree with me here.

Edmonton business coach, people hate being led astray by clickbait.

So that’s when you see a picture, an image that pops into your feed, maybe on Facebook or even on, even on Zillow, I’m not sure where, or somebody whose website, whatever. Um, and it misleads you into what’s really behind that image or the or the copywriting that’s there and you click on it thinking you’re going to get one thing and you open it up and it is totally something else. Something that doesn’t even matter to you or doesn’t relate to you, something you didn’t want to see or want to even know about. And it’s, it’s just deceitful. That’s the way I would describe it. Yeah, it’s annoying because you’re looking for information. They give you a headline or a title saying, Oh, I’m so and so lost some famous star, lost a bunch of weight and look what they look like now.

And you click and then there’s information about something else and then something else. And then in the meantime, a million ads show up in between the articles and the pictures and stuff that they’re showing you. And then accidentally you’re always hit one of those things and then your retargeted forever. It’s super annoying and I hate that can of an example. And maybe you’ve seen this one too, some celebrity, it’s usually a celebrity and they have left the industry of, you know, news anchor or some sort of morning talk show and now they’re selling skin cream. Find out what that skin cream, that wrinkle care is that they are so intimate. It’s always the same wrinkle cream but like a million different celebrities. And it’s, I’ve clicked on at once and I was like, what is this about Edmonton business coach? This doesn’t make sense. Why would she need, anyway, it was click bait. Yeah. And it was lies, straight up lie. And it’s very, very misleading. So yeah, go ahead.

So the next one, people hate empty promises.

Yes they do. And this is the thing that annoys me, Edmonton business coach, with a lot of digital marketers. They want to sell you a course, right? So they promote this laptop lifestyle where you are, you know, for an hour video, just find their course. Yep. And this is the magic formula. It’s going to take you from rags to riches. You’re going to be able to quit your nine to five job and live on the beach in Tahiti, living the laptop, lifestyle money, just coming in hand over fist through your PayPal account and all your worries are over. All you have to do is sign up for this Webinar is free Webinar and we’ll tell you all the secrets and then you too can live the laptop lifestyle like me. And then you get to the Webinar and what is it? It’s a Webinar to teach you about their course in their community and their group. That’s only 997 right? And if you act now, you’re going to get this, this, and they stack it all up and Oh, this is a $20,000 value holding for $997 you’d be crazy not to buy it, right? Yeah.

Yeah. This is an oversaturated method that frankly we’re all starting to see through and I can click on these things. No, I’m sick of it Edmonton business coach. Yeah, it is overdone and it needs to stop. Please stop. Okay, so let’s have the reason people hate marketers.

Number four, people hate it when businesses only pitch on social media. So rather than providing relevant value information, tips, articles, funny stories, um, updates on staff, maybe talking about their values, sharing something relevant with the audience to get them engaged in interested in your business. It’s continuous pitching, pitch, pitch, pitch, pitch, pitch, buy my stuff, buy my stuff, buy my stuff. We have a sale on our stuff. You should buy our stuff. What are your thoughts on that?

Okay. Uh, it’s over done. Uh, I think, and the other thing is you get retargeted so many times I think, did you just say that you get click on something, um, and then because it interested you, but they see it everywhere. You can even just mention something and then you’re getting pitched that all the time and your feed in Messenger and Facebook and even Instagram, it’s like, okay, I was just thinking about what and how does he know that? I was thinking about that. It’s, it’s totally overdone Edmonton business coach.

And a lot of times companies, um, they don’t know. They’re not doing social media right? They’re just disingenuous about it rather than providing value. You know, um, Gary Vee, he preaches the, the method of, you know, give, give, give, give and then ask for the sale. Ask for, you know, something from your lens as opposed to just, oh, he’s trying to sell something. Like every time you see our industry in particular is bad for it. People are wanting more customers, which I get it. I mean, getting customers, acquiring new customers and the right customers takes work, effort, energy. And it’s, it’s difficult. It’s not always easy, but when all you do on your personal Facebook feed and your business, Facebook feed and all these other feeds that you have set up these different pages, it’s just to pitch people and ask them, you know, hey, you want to buy my stuff? And then you attack them in Messenger. Hey, want to buy my stuff? And you attack them on Instagram. Hey, you want to buy my stuff? Um, you’re annoying. You’re annoying everyone. And I know some people say, Oh, you got you, you know, give gold 10 x, go hard. And I’ll ask. Okay, there’s a limit and there’s a right way to do things in a wrong way to do things in. Most people do it the wrong way Edmonton business coach.

Um, and then the other thing about that is when you think of businesses, this is this connection, just be a one person business or maybe their direct selling. Is this like a network marketing and you know when you get those pitches in your messenger box, when they don’t even know you, they haven’t even said hello to you. They haven’t nurtured any sort of relationship that that just turns everybody off. I don’t think I know anybody who likes that other than they just want to cut to the chase. Yeah. And either say yes or no. And usually it’s no because there’s no relationship there. Get to the point, you know, work your warm audience and then work on building a warm on. Yes. And the way to do that is create value. I value. Yes. Show up. Just be yourself and show who you really are. Yeah. Okay. That’s fine. Last one.

Number five reasons why you believe marketing is people hate it when they find out about a sale or a special deal after the promotion is over. Not enough emphasis on the ideal buyer. And there’s not enough like retargeting. And in that way I guess, yeah, so people hate being retargeted, but they also hate it when something relevant is there and they’re not retargeted and they don’t know about the sale if they don’t know about this specialty event that’s happening and they find out about it afterwards. So that is another reason why people hate marketing Edmonton business coach.

There’s lots of reasons why people hate marketing, but these are just five are ones that I identified. Um, you might have a lot more that you can think of why people hate marketing and marketers. Um, and please share that with us. Put a comment down below and let us know what you guys think or what are some of your reasons why you hate marketers and marketing. And we’d love to air those in our, some of our upcoming videos, but give us a like, subscribe to the channel and share with us some of your insights. And information. We love to hear from you again, and I’m Trevor. This is Karen, and this is the Inspired Method Marketing and Edmonton business coach channel.