Edmonton Business Coach | 10 Marketing Quotes to Inspire You

Hello everyone. Welcome back to the Edmonton business coach Inspired Method marketing channel. My name is Trevor. This is my beautiful and amazing wife Karen. And today we’re going to be talking about ten inspirational marketing quotes to inspire you to win. Hey, fun topic. We’re going to start off with a quote by Tom Fishburne, “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing”. That is so true. So true.

Oh, did you know that 57% of sales people, believe buyers are less dependent on sales people during the buying process?

I believe that, yeah, I believe that. Yeah. 100%. We love marketing and all things pertaining to business growth. And our mission is to help a thousand businesses grow over the next five years. You can be one of them. Um, so let’s start off with a quote from one of our favorites.

Quote #1 – Gary Vee

Edmonton Business Coach | 10 Marketing Quotes

“Recognize you have a much bigger chance in a better opportunity than your parents did to build a business around your passion and don’t take that for granted.”

Wow. So, sure. Yeah.

Yeah. We have all this technology, have everything, all the online stuff. Is it stuff? There’s just, and we live in like the best place in the world, North America, places like this. Yeah. Where, you know, success is kind of our duty. It’s our Edmonton business coach responsibility because it should be easier and easy for us to do if we just follow what other people have done to be successful. I mean, when our parents came over or grandparents I guess came over from much poorer places, they came here to start a new life.

They did a lot of hard work in an old fashioned kind of way. Yeah. Edmonton business coach, everything has changed since then. So it’s much easier for us now to make a living and actually prosper in it than it was for them.

Yeah. Well you think about, um, let’s say Instagram influencers and social media influencers, how people are, you know, making six, seven figures just by providing information to people or they’re getting such a following that people are sponsoring, her businesses are sponsoring them to where their products are used, their stuff on Instagram to help promote their companies. So it’s, it’s created an industry unto itself and it’s very, very lucrative and very interesting.

And you know, back when our parents for young, that was not even that thought in people’s minds. They told you that that could happen. They call your crease, right? Yeah.

And we relate to Edmonton business coach people. So to see a person wearing the clothes or telling us the information is much stronger and a much bigger insolence then a magazine just showing that stuff in that information. Yeah. So that’s the, that for me that’s the biggest difference.

And we have a television station in our pocket. We use our phone to make these videos and uh, we have our own Edmonton business coach TV show on YouTube. So when the next one, yeah.

Quote #2 – Dave Naylor

“My rule of thumb is build a site for a user, not a spider.”

Hmm, go ahead. Very good. You have a lot of ways and we’re building a website. I mentioned it before in another video. A lot of unscrupulous people are web designers. They built a website so that Google will be tricked into putting them on page one. So really it’s boring blend and really has a, not a whole lot to do with these user. It doesn’t tell them right away what did you do and what the site’s all about. Doesn’t introduce the team. Yeah. Edmonton business coach, it doesn’t share your vision, your mission, purpose and values is just designed to get on page one and hopefully get some attention.

So you’re saying that the spider is really like the crawler looking for the information, just that the technical sign up personally. Correct. Yeah. So you have to work on both sides. You’re not trying to trick Google, you’re not trying to trick the spiders into placing you on page one. You need to get on page one because you need to connect with your ideal and likely buyer and you’re only going to connect with your ideal and likely buyer when your Edmonton business coach website is engaging and pass the information that they’re looking for.

And there’s real people involved. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Quote #3 – Wendy Piersall

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

That’s true. So go ahead. You do that one. Well, we always encourage people to get Google reviews. So have a Google my places listing for your business and then get as many reviews as humanly possible, right? Get reviews from your current and past clients. Get reviews from people who know, like, and trust you. People that have, uh, you know, heard you speak at a Edmonton business coach conference or something of that nature.

People who are invested in you get those reviews because Google sees that. Yeah. And there’s triggers that, and I’m like, Oh, this company is relevant. This company is good. And there you have some Edmonton business coach expertise. So when people are, are liking on you and on your business online, then Google likes you, pushes me further, faster. And we all know them. 96% are on their phones looking for whatever it is that they’re looking for Google. So, yeah. Okay.

Quote #4 – Seth Godin

Edmonton Business Coach | 10 Marketing Quotes

If you can bring someone belonging, connection, peace of mind, status, or one of the other most desired emotions, you’ve done something worthwhile. The thing you sell is simply a road to achieve those emotions, and we let everyone down when we focus on the tactics, not the outcomes. Who’s it for and what’s it for are the two questions that guide all of our decisions.

This is very, very good. Um, when it comes to marketing, this is what we need to do as Edmonton business coach marketing people. We need to figure out what it is and what’s it for and who’s it for. Okay. That is the biggest thing is we’re connecting with people’s emotions. We’re connecting with a sense of the long, we’re connecting with their sense of, um, you know, pride of ownership or love or, um, you know, deep devotion to something we want to tie into those human emotions with the brand. Right? Yeah.

You know, people don’t buy based on price. They buy based on how that product makes them feel. And is there an emotional connection to it?

For example, what kind of vehicle are you driving? Why aren’t you driving back to you now? If you’re looking for the world’s cheapest vehicle, Nissan Versa has won awards last several years is the least cost of ownership vehicle. Is everyone driving a Nissan Versa? No. No. Absolutely not. People are driving things like Ford Raptors and fall the nineties and Mercedes Benz. Yeah. Why? Because they have a connection to them. It makes them feel good inside that, you know, they, they feel, um, more, I dunno, you feel more than luxurious if important. More prestige. Yeah.

Yeah. You go up that ladder of the hierarchy of needs being that from the basics to, you know, either arrived. Yeah. So wherever you’re at and they’re lost, that’s where you’re going to be buying.

Yeah. And not ever had to meet, send McDonald’s. Some people never meet their, they only go to the finest restaurants. It’s unique. Um, culinary choices recently is a connection. It makes them feel it. Yeah. It makes them feel special. We belong to a certain group of people. We really appreciate the finer things in life. So we need to do that with our Edmonton business coach customers.

Quote #5 – Henry Ford

Edmonton Business Coach | 10 Marketing Quotes

“The gifted man bares his gifts into the world. Not for his own benefit, but for the people among whom is placed for the gifts are not his. He himself is a gift to the community.”

Hmm. Wow. That is amazing. Coming from Henry Ford who without him, we, uh, our landscape as far as the vehicles look a whole lot different than being revolutionized how, you know, manufacturing methods are done. Yeah. He revolutionized, you know, people going from horse and Buggy to gas powered engines. Um, you know, he really used his gift. Yeah. And really change the world with it.

And a lot of our friends use this quote, but people don’t know what they can ask for, what they don’t know. So you need people like Henry Ford who knew people needed this motorized way of getting around those faster than horse by, like people would have just asked for faster horses, but he came up with a solution that was nothing even like that. Not Quite, obviously it’s very different. And it changed the landscape because of it. So he used his gift to help people see what they didn’t even know the yeah. And then see,

yeah. And other people that come to mind right away are people like Jeff Bezos. Amazon. Yeah. Um, you know, uh, Bill Gates, Microsoft and Steve Jobs. So that ball and these guys have really changed the world in the game, the world. Something they needed that they didn’t know I needed it in yet. Yeah. The world’s a number. Yeah. Yeah. So that’s, that’s how you bring your gift, Edmonton business coach. Yeah.

Hopefully that can inspire some of you to also, you know, you’re, you have an idea of that’s a way outside of the box thinking, know that people were going to use it, then go all in and start developing that. Yeah. So next quote.

Top 10 Marketing Quotes by Edmonton Business Coach

Quote #6 – Gary Vee

“If you live for the weekends and vacations your shit is broken.”

Yeah, you should want it. And you should be living a life where you don’t feel like you have to escape from it, then you should be passionate. I hope you’re passionate about what you do. Edmonton business coach, we are passionate about marketing and helping businesses stay in business. No, just stand at this, but actually grow year on year so that they’re, you know, top of the market and we’ve done many things before this and we were finally at this place where we’re passionate about what we do, don’t feel like we can start the same at all for us.

And then they’ll, the kids’ schedule still, you know, weekends versus weeks, you know, what’s the weekend, but it doesn’t feel the same like we go with. It’s just different when you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you’re using your gifts.

Yeah. I live a lot of years just looking for the weekend and hoping to get away on vacation once a year. Um, that was a horrible way to live you as just a bleak existence. And yet, I know there’s a lot of people out there who live that way and I applaud you. You know, I was there for most of my life. It’s just at the end of the day, if that’s all you’re living for, his weekends and the occasional holiday you need to do something to, to build into your life some time freedom and financial freedom. So start, start going down that I’m wanting to do the next one.

Quote #7 – Mary Kay Ash

“Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ‘Make me feel important. ‘ Never forget this message when working with people.”

Hmm. Yeah. So true. Yeah. Make everybody feel important, Edmonton business coach. Grant Cardone says, every person that walks in your door, imagine they have $1 million slapped on their forehead. They’re worth $1 million to even treat them that way. Yeah. Because then no matter who walks into your store or who comes into your life, they have that million dollar valuation or it can be worth $1 million to you. You will speak to them differently. You treat them differently. Sure. And, uh, if you can make other people feel important and your presence, then I think you, you will win.

Not just in sales, but you’ll win in life like Mary Kay ash said there.

Quote #8 – Seth Godin

“A lifeguard doesn’t have to spend much time pitching to the drowning person. When you show up with a life buoy, if the drowning person understands what’s at stake, you don’t have to run ads to get them to hold onto them. Right?”

Yeah. This is what we’re talking about when we say and no brainer offer Edmonton business coach. Yeah. We, you need to create a no brainer offer that once it gets seen by your ideal and likely buyer, they are clicking that link.

There’s no need to explain anything. They just know it. Right.

They get it. They know what they want it. They need it. You don’t have to convince them. Yeah. That’s what you need to create and build into all of your marketing and into your web page for sure.

And nothing’s going to stop them from getting it. So. Exactly.

Quote #9 – Abraham Lincoln

Edmonton Business Coach | 10 Marketing Quotes

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the ax.”

Being ready, being ready before you have to do a task is so important. And building in that the habit of discipline, right? Yeah. A lot of people would just spend so much time whacking away at that tree with that, with a dull axe and tire themselves out. And if you spend time on focusing on the right things first, Edmonton business coach, getting the right things in place, then when it comes down to chopping that tree or creating that website or speech or whatever it is that you’re doing, it is a lot better than kids. And you’ve done taking the time to prepare, right? Yeah. So do you want to do the last one? Sure.

Quote #10 – Jim Collins

Edmonton Business Coach | 10 Marketing Quotes

“While you can buy your way to growth, you absolutely cannot buy your way to greatness.”

No, that is an absolute truth. So going from, from good to great, you can, you can pay for growth, right? You can pay to get to the next level, but when you want to become greater, you want your company to become great. That’s, that takes discipline. It takes commitment and it takes you never giving up. That to me go from, from being good to great. Um, we’re going to talk more about this in another video, but that’s all we have for today. I hope you guys enjoyed the best marketing quotes.

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