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More Than Digital Marketing Edmonton & Vancouver

Inspired Method Marketing & Coaching is more than a digital marketing Edmonton company. We are a full service web developer, internet marketing & business coaching agency.

The #1 reason businesses fail is due to their inability to attract enough customers.

We go beyond the typical digital marketing Edmonton agency or business consultancy. Our business model was developed to provide key strategies AND help implement those strategies.

2021.08.26 Graphic Design


Great graphic design is extremely important for a business, but can be pricey. We include it in our services to help your business stand out & win.

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Online presence is more than web design. Having an ongoing SEO strategy is vital to getting more traffic to your website.

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We provide online ad management to our clients without any extra costs or management fees. Your ad budget should go towards your ads, not management.

Ads Management


We have effective social media management solutions and strategies to help your brand become omnipresent.

Weeekly Strategy


Business consulting services are critical to the ongoing success of a growing business. Business coaching keeps the business owner on track.

Hr Team Building


Business growth is determined by your ability to attract and keep the best people. We will show you how to build the best team.



Developing effective scalable systems is vital for any business to grow beyond the solo-preneur stage to operating a profitable business.

Sales Training


Without sales, your business will die. Let us help you develop sales systems to make it seem almost automatic.

Helping You Find Your Ideal Customers to Grow Your Business

  • Did you know that 96% of businesses fail and the most common reason for failure is the inability to attract enough customers? 

  • Do you often feel overwhelmed trying to learn digital marketing AND run your business at the same time? 

  • Do you feel that the only way to get customers is to reduce prices and deal with difficult people?

At Inspired Method we can fully manage your online marketing so you can focus on what you do best – Serve Your Customers!

We know how difficult it is to build a small business

Look at these testimonials from some of our clients

Take a look at some of our other videos here! Were we help small business owners become successful in their local industry.

Digital Marketing Edmonton | Owner And Client Discussing

You Need a Business Coach

Most business coaches are solo-preneurs who offer to help you grow your business, but haven’t been able to grow their own team.

Many business coaches will discuss business strategies, but offer no help to implement those strategies.

Most digital marketing companies recommend vague, “feelings” based strategies. Unfortunately, you can’t deposit feelings at the bank.


Inspired Method Digital Marketing & Business Coaching is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs and business advisers who have helped every type of business from construction to medical practices.

We have proven our ability to grow multiple small businesses using the same practices used by other successful businesses.

Our method to helping businesses grow is to provide the ongoing digital marketing Edmonton support through our in-house development team.

All for one low monthly fee!


Graphic Design
Logo Creation
Website Design
Online Advertising
Ad Creation
Ad Maintenance
Regular Updates
Strategy Sessions


The most common reason for business failure is the inability to attract customers.


To help one thousand businesses to grow for over a 5-year period.


To inspire businesses to tell their
unique story & attract raving fans.


• Bring professionalism, coach-ability, enthusiasm, & empathy.
• Create & stick to a schedule for work and fun activities worth sharing.
• Pursue excellence using proven strategies & continually improve.
• Communicate in-person or by phone first, then confirm details in writing.
• Establish the big picture, execute the plan, review, repeat.
• Eliminate distractions. Don’t let your smart phone make you dumb.
• Be resourceful in finding the best ways to figure things out.
• Always make the client’s life easier by over-delivering.
• When things get difficult, keep going.
• Always be learning, developing people, and promote from within.
• Schedule time for focused solitary work & collaborative work separately.
• Advocate health and wellness of our team and their families.
• Be a leader. Rally the team when they get distracted or discouraged.
• Show ongoing progress and communicate it to all relevant parties.
• Celebrate your wins and learn from your losses.
• Use accurate & concise written communication that addresses all issues       completely.
• Relentlessly maintain organization and eliminate clutter.
• Take the calculated risks. If you choose not to decide, your decision is already made.
• Be contrarian. Go left when everyone else is going right.
• When you get knocked down, get back up and keep going.


• March 2016 – Trevor Samons began freelance digital marketing.
• June 2016 – Karen Samons joined the family business.
• November 2017 – Adopted the trade name Inspired Method.
• March 2018 – Trevor Samons left his day job as a Red Seal Electrician to pursue helping businesses full time.
• April 2018 – Hired Spurrell & Associates.
• May 2018 – Incorporated Inspired Method Inc.
• November 2018 – Partnered with Josh Spurrell to leverage combined knowledge on marketing initiatives & business strategies
• April 2019 – Changed name to Inspired Method Marketing & Coaching Ltd. to reflect the necessity of coaching to increase
success rates of business growth initiatives.
• May 2019 – Began Co-Presenting at the Beat The Odds At Business Boot Camp.
• October 2019 – Gathered more Google reviews than any other business coach in Canada.

Inspired Method Is Everywhere To Help You Succeed!

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