Vancouver Business Coach | Why Utilize Group Interviews

Vancouver Business Coach | Why Utilize Group Interviews

Group interviews can be very useful tool says Vancouver business coach. Helping business owners find qualified staff easier, and faster than traditional one-on-one interviews.

In fact, business owners need to take into consideration. That the average interview process. From advertising the position. To hiring the successful candidate.

Takes approximately 23 days according to the website glass door. Which is difficult for business owner to do, because they do not have a lot of additional time in their schedule to look for people.

The reason why large corporations can do this. Is because they have an HR department. That will give them the ability to interview as many people as they need. Find the right person for their job.

However, business owners not only do not have this time. But they also do not have an HR department. Which means they will be less likely to find qualified people in a shorter amount of time.

Which is why Vancouver business coach recommends starting group interviews instead. Because not only will they save a business owner time. They will also help identify the most qualified people.

While the average one on one interview process takes approximately twenty-three days from start to finish. Group interviews will only take an hour a week for a business owner.

And will allow a business owner to meet several people each week. Depending on how many people show up for the group interview. While that might mean just a few people show up.

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That also might mean that a business owner would have twenty or thirty people at their group interview. Which means they could meet a large number of people in a very short amount of time.

To increase the chances of one of those people being the right fit for their business. This is why business owners should start implementing group interviews in their business.

However, while they might be behind the concept. They have a lot of questions for their Vancouver business coach. About implementation in their own business, to help them do it correctly.

One of the first things that they want to know the answer to. Is why do they have to hold a group interview. In weeks where they are not looking for someone in their business immediately?

The reason why they ask this question. Is because they think they are going to be able to save time by not holding interviews when they are not looking for people.

Unfortunately, business owners may not know exactly when one of their staff will give notice. So having group interviews year round. Means that when that eventually happens, and it will.

Business owners will be prepared, by meeting enough people. That chances are they have met the right candidate already. Or that they have someone identified as the replacement already.

Shortening the time between an employee giving notice, and hiring the replacement. Means that a business owner can spend more time training, and not being short staffed.

So that they can continue to run their business as well as grow their business. And not havenot being able to find or keep staff the one reasons why they are not successful in business.

Vancouver Business Coach | Why Utilize Group Interviews

There are many benefits to group interviews says Vancouver business coach. But many business owners are not aware of this interview technique. Which is why they are still using one to one interviews.

However, this is not a method that is beneficial to small business owners. But rather, a technique that is best used by large corporations. Who have HR departments that can spend as much time as they want.

For small business owners however, they need to make a much more efficient use of their time. And up interviews will allow them to maximize that time. By meeting several candidates at once.

One reason why this is so beneficial according to Vancouver business coach. Is because business owners typically know within the first few seconds interview. If the candidate is not suitable.

Whether that is based on mannerisms, being prepared, or how they are addressed. And in a group interview setting. This means that a business owner can still take into consideration all of the other candidates.

In addition to being able to make decisions quickly about some candidates. A group interview also ensures. That a business owner can see all the candidates at the same time.

During the one on one interview process. By the time business owner has interviewed the last one of five or six candidates. They may have forgotten the first two.

But in a group interview setting, a business owner can see all candidates together. Which will allow them to make comparisons very easily. To help them make the right decision.

However, business owners should also be going over there mission and vision of the business during the group interview. So that they can not only set the company culture and expectations.

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But this will also allow business owners to identify who aligns with their values. As well as the mission and vision of the business. Because those candidates should indicate somehow during the interview.

At the end of the group interview, Vancouver business coach suggests business owners always ask the question. Why do you want to work here?

And the answer to the question should be about why the candidates want to work with the business specifically. Either because they hold the same values. Or they are passionate about the same mission and vision.

If the candidates to not answer this way. And instead answer why they want to work in the industry. Or why they want a job. Then a business owner knows that they are not the right fit for the business.

Because those who are passionate about what the business does. Will make it known. And stand out from their competition in the interview.

Business owners find someone who indicates this in the group interview. They should contact them within fifteen minutes of the interview being over.

To ask if they are interested in coming in flow shadow day. This will truly give the business owner an idea if they will fit in with the culture of the business, the office and the rest of the team.

And make it much more likely that a business owner will be able to make a decision on who the best person to hire in the business will be. And if no one stands out in the group interviews.

They do not have to hire anyone because a new interview will be happening the following week.