Vancouver Business Coach | Why Search Engine Optimization is Helpful

Vancouver Business Coach | Why Search Engine Optimization is Helpful

When business owners are starting their business, Vancouver business coach has some words of advice. They should start marketing their business as soon as possible. So that they do not and up making critical mistakes.

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Marketing is something that many business owners assume. That they will have time for later on in their business. While they are learning things. Such as sales, training staff and bookkeeping.

Unfortunately, the statistics show that this is not a valid strategy. Since 15% of all businesses. Fail in Canada within the first year of operations. While 30% fail in year two.

With 50% of all small businesses that start a company in Canada. Failing within five years. And the most telling reason is that they are unable. To find the customers they need to sell enough of their products and services.

The reason why is not because they simply did not have a customer base. For the products or services that they were selling. But rather, they were unable to find those customers. Due to a lack of marketing.

This is why search engine optimization is so important. So that business owners will be able to be found more easily. By their ideal and likely buyers at a time when they are ready to purchase those products and services.

Many businesses might not think that their ideal customers are actually going to be using search engines. In order to find that business, or their products and services.

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However, statistics also show that this is incorrect as well. Not only do 88% of all consumers across Canada. Use search engines to find either the products and services they are looking for.

Or find the business that they want to buy those products and services from them. But those statistics also show. That these consumers are influenced by what they find on that search engine.

Search engine optimization is the skill. Of getting the business on the first page of the search engine results. So that their ideal and likely customers will be able to find them when they inevitably do those searches on their computer.

Vancouver business coach says the first key to search engine optimization. Is ensuring that a business owner has a website that is friendly for mobile devices.

The reason why a mobile friendly website is so important. Is because 96% of all people who use a search engine, are using the search engine on their mobile device. And if an entrepreneur’s website is not mobile friendly.

They might be driving traffic to their website. And then having customers leave, right before purchase. Because their website is not easy to use. There are many other steps to search engine optimization.

And if entrepreneurs want to find out this information. All they have to do is reach out and contact Vancouver business coach. Not only is the first consultation absolutely free.

That they will help business owners develop a great marketing strategy. So that they can find their ideal and likely buyers, when they are ready to purchase.

Vancouver Business Coach | Why Search Engine Optimization is Helpful

There are many things that entrepreneurs should be doing early on in their business says Vancouver business coach. But they should not overlook the importance of marketing. In fact, without marketing a business, that businessman might not be around for very long.

While there are many different types of marketing that a business can do. Vancouver business coach says entrepreneurs should first focus. On marketing strategies that are either free, or very inexpensive.

Many of the tactics for search engine optimization are absolutely free. It just requires the business owner finding out what those are, such as from their Vancouver business coach. And then implementing them in their own business.

An example of this, is that business owners should ensure that they have what is called a Google my business place. What that is, is a free listing. And once entrepreneurs have it set up in their business.

They can immediately show up on Google searches, on the first page. Under the map listings. Since many customers bypass the ads in order to look at the map, or organic listings.

This is going to be a great way for business owners to get found by their ideal and likely customers. Early on in their business. Another search engine optimization technique that they can use for themselves in their business.

Is creating content for their website. The reason why Vancouver business coach teaches this strategy to entrepreneurs. Is because they can very quickly and easily create a lot of content for their business.

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By utilizing videos, where they speak for about ten minutes on a subject in their business. Where they are the subject matter expert. Ideally, business owners should be creating one of these videos every week.

Without worrying too much about production value, or ensuring that the videos are very high quality. In fact, customers tend to respond better to more homemade looking videos.

And each of these videos can represent a new page of content on their website. And utilize that content in a variety of ways as well. Such as putting transcriptions of their video on their website in addition to the videos.

The reason why content creation is so important. Is because search engines see websites that have many pages. As experts in their field, and more relevant result to show customers who are searching.

However, this is just one of many different strategies for search engine optimization. They can learn more at Vancouver business coach. However, many entrepreneurs often wonder.

If they can bypass all of this work, in order to buy ads, in order to appear on the first page of searches. And while this can be a strategy. It should not be one of the initial strategies for a new entrepreneurs.

Simply because they typically will have less money. To spend on ads when they first open their business. They should utilize all of the inexpensive or free methods first. Before they start paying money for anything.