Vancouver Business Coach | Why Host Group Interviews

Vancouver Business Coach | Why Host Group Interviews

Even though many entrepreneurs struggle with finding and keeping staff in their business according to Vancouver business coach. This is something that is avoidable, with the right knowledge.

According to industry Canada, half of all small businesses in Canada eventually fail. And the third most common reason why, is because businesses cannot find or keep staff in their business.

However, it is important to note. That most small businesses utilize a one on one interview process. In order to find people to work in their business. Typically, because that is the only method business owners know about.

And this is a very time intensive process. Taking twenty-three days on average higher just one person according to glass door. Therefore, business owners with very little time struggle with this.

The reason why large corporations are able to utilize a one-on-one strategy much more easily. As well as find more talented candidates to work in their organization. Is because they have huge HR departments.

They have the time as well as have the resources at their disposal. To be able to interview as many candidates as they need. In order to find the one right fit for their business.

Therefore, if they need to interview hundred people, they have the means to do so. Whereas small business owners do not. Therefore, business owners struggle with finding the right people.

This is why Vancouver business coach likes to teach entrepreneurs how to conduct group interviews. Because it can help people save time, meet more people. And hire more talented people in their business.

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The first thing that business owners need to keep in mind. Is that in order to meet the right number of people. They must conduct group interviews on a weekly basis whether they are hiring or not.

The reason why, is because in order to meet enough people. To ensure that they are hiring one good candidate for their business. They need to always be looking. Even when they are not hiring.

In addition to that, Vancouver business coach says that entrepreneurs never truly know when an employee is going to give notice. Even when they have an extremely good relationship.

Whether an employee leaves because they got sick or injured, or starting a family. Or perhaps someone is leaving because they are retiring, or their spouse got a promotion and are moving to a different city.

Because any of these circumstances can happen at any time. When a business owner is constantly holding interviews. They are regularly meeting people, increasing the chances of meeting the right ones.

If they managed to find a great potential employee. They are not yet hiring in their business. They can create a list of people to call upon first. To minimize the time between needing someone and hiring.

When business owners learn how to conduct group interviews. Not only will they increase the quality of people that they can find for their business. But they will likely have to place people less often.

Because they will be a better fit for the business, which means they will not want to leave the business. Unless they absolutely have to, and that will give business owners longevity.

Vancouver Business Coach | Why Host Group Interviews

Many business owners struggle with finding great people in their business according to Vancouver business coach. And this is often because business owners have more turnover now than ever before.

According to the statistics, the average employee used to stay about five years with their employer. Before leaving the position to pursue something else.

However, that statistic is dropping rapidly. With the average employee staying with an employer for approximately two point three years. Before moving to something different and leaving the company.

Because of that, business owners are having to deal with a higher turnover rate than they ever have. Which is one of the reasons why business owners struggle at finding and keeping staff.

However, business owners can help themselves find higher quality staff. By implementing group interview in their business. So that they can meet more people in a shorter amount of time.

As well as increase the quality of person that they are meeting. As long as they know what to do. By contacting Vancouver business coach. Business owners can find out what they need to learn.

The first thing that business owners must do, is be very rigid in the start time of the interview. And when they send each candidate and invitation to the interview.

They should make it very clear that the interview starts on time. And no latecomers will be admitted. And then lock the door, so that nobody can actually come in late.

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That way, business owners will already be weeding out the people who cannot make it to the scheduled interview. Or people who are often going to be late. Because they have a hard time being punctual.

By not being flexible with the start of the interview time. Is already setting a precedent for the potential employees. Making it clear to them that punctuality is important. As is sticking to a schedule.

The next thing that Vancouver business coach recommends, and that is reading out the job description. To remind everybody why they are there. And to ensure everybody is in the correct place.

Following that, business owners should read out there problem, mission, vision and values to the applicants. Because this is going to be how the business owner builds culture.

And when employees know at the interview what is most important to the business. It will tend to attract the applicants who share the same values. Or who will be drawn to the business because of it.

In fact, Vancouver business coach recommends company having polarizing values. So that they do not necessarily appeal to everyone. And the people that the values are attractive to.

Will want to apply to the company because they share the same values. And will want to stay at the company longer, because they feel very strongly about what they do.

When business owners conduct group interviews, they will be able to meet more candidates, and better candidates. So that they will have a better chance at hiring the right people in their business.