Vancouver Business Coach | Why Conduct Group Interviews

Vancouver Business Coach | Why Conduct Group Interviews

Business owners struggle with finding people in their business says Vancouver business coach. So much so, that it is the third most common reason why businesses fail in Canada.

And while 23% of all failed business owners say this is the reason they had to close the doors to their business. It is a problem that can be overcome, by learning how to conduct a group interview.

The reason why many business owners utilize the one-on-one group interview method. Is because that is typically the only interview method they know. And so, they feel that there are no other options available.

And while large corporations can utilize a one-on-one method easily. It is because they have the time and the resources. To have an entire HR department spend as much time as they need.

To interview as many candidates as it takes. The find the best one for their business. Which is why large corporations can find the most talented employees. And why small business owners struggle.

At finding someone who is the right fit for their business. However, business owners can maximize their time. And find higher quality candidates by utilizing group interviews in their hiring process.

How this works says Vancouver business coach. Is having all of the candidates who applied for a job opening arrive at the same time. And if anyone cannot make it to the interview start time or date.

Then they most likely were not a good fit for the business in the first place. Because if an entrepreneur is flexible with the start time. They could set a precedent that they might be flexible with other aspects as well.

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Therefore, starting the group interview on time, every time. Sends a message to the candidates who continue to be interested. That the business values punctuality.

And if they remain interested in the position, they will know how important it is that they must arrive on time to work as well. However, Vancouver business coach says group interviews are valuable for other reasons.

The next thing that business owners should do during the group interview. Is reading out loud the job description. To ensure that everybody remembers why they are there.

And to remind everybody about all of the requirements for the job. So that nobody can claim that they did not know what they were therefore, or that they misunderstood anything.

Business owners can follow this up by stating the problem, mission, vision and values of the business. This way, business owners are already building the culture that they want their business.

Even before people start working for the company. And the employees who remain interested after hearing the problem, mission, vision and values. Likely going to be a great fit.

It is actually very important for business owners to have polarizing values. Because this way, I not appealing to everybody. They know that the people who stay, share the same values.

So not only will they be able to meet more candidates. But also they are going to be able to meet the quality of candidates that they want to employee.

Vancouver Business Coach | Why Conduct Group Interviews

There are many things that business owners struggle with says Vancouver business coach. And hiring people is one of those struggles. In fact, it is one of the common reasons why entrepreneurs fail in Canada.

And while it is hard to find the right person for the business. If business owners are utilizing a one-on-one interview method.

They should expect that process would take an average of twenty-two point nine days according to glassdoor. Which is a huge waste of time for small businesses to hire one person.

In fact, business owners are struggling with this more often than ever before. Because employees are changing jobs faster than they ever have. Years ago, the average employee stayed five years with a job.

But now, employees are leaving jobs on average two point three years after starting them. Which means small business owners are faced with a higher turnover rate than they ever had to deal with before.

And while many business owners only know how to interview utilizing the one-on-one interview process. Not only is this a huge waste of time for small businesses says Vancouver business coach.

But also, it will not allow a business owner to find the best or most talented staff. Which is why business owners should utilize a group interview method instead.

Not only is it more efficient, but it also can identify better people faster. As long as business owners know how to conduct a group interview.

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The first thing that they need to do, is ensure that they are holding group interviews every single week in their business. Whether they are hiring staff in their business at the moment or not.

The reason why, is because an employer needs to meet hundred candidates on average. In order to have met one person who is the right fit for their business. So having a regular group interview.

Means that business owners can continue to meet great people. And by the time they need to hire someone in their business. They will have likely met one good candidate who would make a great hire.

It is also very important to note says Vancouver business coach. That business owners never know when an employee is going to give notice. Even when the relationship is extremely positive.

Which means if a business owner waited to start interviewing people. Until after they got notice that employee was leaving. They would be wasting time, not identifying those important 100 candidates.

Therefore, business owners need to be conducting group interviews consistently. And if they find the right candidate. Before they have an immediate job opening. That means they will have a list.

Of suitable candidates that they can call upon. When the time arises, that they need to hire someone in their business. To minimize the amount of time between receiving notice, and hiring of replacement.

Utilizing a group interview method. Not only can help a business owner save time. But it can help a business owner higher most talented people for their business.