Vancouver Business Coach | Who Should Be Multitasking

Vancouver Business Coach | Who Should Be Multitasking

Even though many people are proud to say they are multitaskers says Vancouver business coach. Deep down, most people would agree that it is not an effective way to work.

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Also one has to do, is think about professions such as a surgeon, or pilots. And envision them multitasking on the job. Nobody wants to think about their surgeon, doing a life-saving operation.

Answering emails at the same time. Or be horrified to realize that there pilots, is writing a book while they are flying a plane full of hundreds of people. However, somehow in their own life they think they are the exception.

The studies behind multitasking. It shows that it is never effective for anyone. The reason why, is because it prevents anyone from reaching their brains peak productivity.

This happens, when someone is able to work for twenty-three minutes on one task, without switching or being interrupted. The longer someone can work in this peak productivity. The more work there going to be able to get accomplished.

Since multitasking, is nothing but a string of people switching tasks. They never actually reach that peak productivity. And are not able to get more accomplished because of it.

What is even more interesting. Is when people are switching between tasks so often. They lose focus, and are not able. In order to get a high quality of work done. Which means when people multitask.

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They get less work done, and the work they do finish is a poor quality. However, there are the people that still maintain. That they are the exceptions to the rule. And that while the world should stop multitasking.

They are actually proficient at it. Vancouver business coach says science has also proven. That the people who think that they are very good at multitasking. Or some of the worst. Which is why the argument is made.

That nobody should ever be multitasking. However, business owners, are still looking for ways. To get more accomplished in their business. And are looking for great time hacks to help them.

Unfortunately, there are no such time hacks that exist. But when they work with Vancouver business coach. They will realize that working more hours, and working without interruptions.

Will help them get more done in their day. So that they can grow their business successfully. The start of this, will be eliminating distractions and interruptions. That can rob people of their productivity.

This means business owners will have to learn. That sometimes, they will have to let their phone go unanswered. So that they can continue to work and get their strategic priorities done.

They can always set aside time every day. To check messages, and return important calls. But if they are answering the phone every single time it rings. They may never get the most important tasks done.

There are many things for businesses owners to learn. When they are growing their business, and working with a business coach can help them learn these things quickly so that they can succeed.

Vancouver Business Coach | Who Should Be Multitasking

The reason why people fall into the trap of multitasking says Vancouver business coach. Is because they feel that they are productive. Because they are busy. But busy does not always equal productive.

And in fact, the opposite is true. If they can work on last. They can improve their focus. And get things done more efficiently. When multitasking has been studied. The findings conclude that multitasking is not efficient.

Which is why when businesses work with Vancouver business coach. They will hear about time blocking. And how it is the opposite of multitasking. And is very effective at getting more accomplished in a day.

When people time block, what they do is set aside blocks of time in the future. For tasks that need to get done in their business. One of the benefits of this exercise. Is that business owners are able to see.

Exactly how many tasks they need to do in their business. And they will not leave any task out. Even if it is something that they do not think about very often. But also, when they are creating their time blocks.

It becomes very apparent to them. They are not going to be able to get everything done that is necessary. If they continue working eight hours a day, and only working five days a week.

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Vancouver business coach recommends that entrepreneurs. Work twelve hour days, starting at six in the morning. And work six days a week. Because they will be able to get everything done that they need to.

While many business owners can accept a twelve hour workday. They often struggle with the concept of arriving at work at six in the morning. However, the reason why this is important is very easy to understand.

Business owners will be able to get several hours of solitary work done. Without the risk of interruptions. Because it will be done before their business is open. Their phone is less likely to interrupt them.

And they are not likely to have any urgent emails requiring their attention this early in the day. Also, early in the morning is when everyone’s a brain is working the best. So they will be able to get a lot of difficult work done as well.

While getting up at five in the morning, in order to be at work by six. Is not something that everybody wants to do. Business owners are going to need to do what is necessary.

In order to do something that very few people are able to do. When business owners are able to create time block schedule. And put the necessary hours into their week. In order to get everything done.

Then they will be able to be much more successful. In getting their business off the ground. And then eventually growing it. Which is why is very important that they need to learn this, early on in their business.