Vancouver Business Coach | What is a Unique Sales Proposition

Vancouver Business Coach | What is a Unique Sales Proposition

Understanding what makes a business unique is not just important says Vancouver business coach. Is actually vital to the success of the business. And entrepreneurs should put some thought to this before they even open the doors to their business.

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The reason why, is because as Seth Godin says: in a crowded marketplace fitting in is failing. Not standing out is the same as being invisible. Boring is invisible, remarkable people and products get talked about.

It is extremely important for entrepreneurs to stand out from their competition. So that they can attract customers to their business. And while some entrepreneurs think that they can get around to this.

It actually is a common reason why businesses fail. Which is why business owners should think this early on. And incorporate it into their business as quickly as possible after opening.

According to an industry Canada survey. Not only do 50% of small businesses in Canada fail. But the single most common reason why they fail. Is because they are not able to find enough customers.

This causes 42% of the failed businesses to close their doors. Which is why business owners need to know what makes them unique early on. And market that their ideal and likely buyers.

And while it can be extremely overwhelming for business owners to try to figure out their unique sales proposition. As well as who their ideal and likely buyers are.

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This is why people should hire Vancouver business coach. Before operating their business. Because when they start with a clear idea.

Of who they are, what customers they serve. What makes them unique, and special in the marketplace. They will be more likely communicating that message consistently. To the people who care most.

Without hiring a professional business coach. Entrepreneurs make the mistake of either not figuring this out. And not finding a customer base at all. And being forced to close their doors.

Learning how to differentiate themselves is extremely important. And defining who their ideal and likely customers. because this will help them know who they are marketing to, and what message they want to say.

While many business owners think everybody is their ideal customer. Vancouver business coach says when they really think about it. This is not true.

But instead, should think about who they would want their customers to be most. And that is going to be the answer of who their ideal and likely customers are.

Because while everybody might be able to buy the product or service. Not everybody will. In understanding this distinction will help a business owner find those customers.

And ultimately sell more products and services. And when they have figured out to their ideal and likely customers are. Then they will be able to find out what is most important to those customers.

And they can focus on delivering that in their products and services. As well as their customer experience. That customer experience is extremely important in giving customers value for their purchase.

And when customers feel taken care of. They do not mind paying a bit of extra money. And will come back over and over, because of the value that they get to themselves.

Vancouver Business Coach | What is a Unique Sales Proposition

There are many things that entrepreneurs need to think about when they open the doors to their business says Vancouver business coach. But if they do not think about their unique sales proposition.

Thinking about all of the other things in their business. May be moot point, because they will have failed. Because they were not able to find enough customers. That will allow them to sell enough products and services to remain viable.

This is a much more common problem then most new small business owners realize. Something that they should hire Vancouver business coach to help them avoid. So that they do not and up having to close the doors to their business prematurely.

A mistake that business owners make, is thinking that they can differentiate themselves on price alone. Thinking that they will be able to attract enough customers to be viable. By having the lowest possible price.

And while this might seem like an effective strategy. Because everybody likes a deal. And they often think that price is such an important consideration for most people.

When entrepreneurs actually consider their own consumer experiences. They would probably be very shocked to find out how seldom they actually are price driven.

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Choosing other things such as experience, features and quality. Over price, even though they think that they might be extremely frugal or price conscious. They should look at their own life as an example.

What car they drive, what shoes and close they wear. And even things like what restaurants they eat in. Are all decisions that they make as a consumer, based on what is most important to them.

If price was the most important consideration. They would be driving the least expensive car, wearing the least expensive shoes and clothes. And always eating in the least expensive restaurant.

Since business owners do not do this themselves. They should immediately get themselves out of the mindset. That price consideration is what is going to be most important to customers.

By having the best pricing than their competition. And by hiring Vancouver business coach, business owners can learn how to set their business apart. In a way that is truly meaningful.

By knowing who their ideal and likely buyers are. As well as what makes them unique to their competition. And delivering great customer service and a great experience.

Is so important, that without it. A business owner may not survive. But if they can accomplish all of these things, then Vancouver business coach can help them get their business to the next level. So that they can continue to grow their business. And accomplish all of their goals.