Vancouver Business Coach | Using Social Media Well

Vancouver Business Coach | Using Social Media Well

It is not enough for business owners to be on a social media says Vancouver business coach. They need to use it, and use it well. In order to generate the results that they expect.

Ultimately, the reason why business owners will want to be on social media at all. Is to help convert people into customers. As well as find their ideal and likely customers.

Therefore, they need to know the best ways to do this. So that they can utilize social media as a tool. Instead of using social media, and not generating the results that they expect.

Or worse, creating problems that need to be fixed. And while more and more people are becoming active on social media. They are there, in order to be social, as the name implies.

Therefore, business owners can simply push products and sales. And expect they are going to get people responding at all. But it is a great opportunity, to show the human side of the business.

Studies have shown that customers do not want to buy from faceless corporation. And they want to know who the people are behind the business. So this is a great opportunity for that type of information to be shared with customers.

However, Vancouver business coach offers piece of advice. That when business owners are going to be active on social media. They also have to commit to responding quickly to people who send queries on these sites.

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Studies have shown that 32% of customers expect a response. To their inquiry sent on social media within thirty minutes. However, if business owners do not respond within an hour.

Not only will they most likely lose a sale. But they also will be more likely to have their customers share how upset they are with the people on their social media. For the business not getting back to them soon enough.

Ensuring that they have enough staff to be able to respond to people contacting them through social media. Can help them turn those customers into buyers. Which is the point of being on social media.

And while some business owners say that they are going to use chat bots, and automated responses. In order to deal with any communication that comes in over social media.

Business owners need to be very wary about this type of use of automated responses. And it can help bridge the gap between receiving the first message, and when a real human can respond.

However, people need to ensure that they get a real person on the social media response very quickly. Because customers can tell. When they are talking to a robot. And they want to talk to a real person as quickly as possible.

There are many things that they need to learn about being on social media. If they are going to use it as a tool to help them grow their business. And that is something that they can get help with. When they hire Vancouver business coach to help them grow their business.

Vancouver Business Coach | Using Social Media Well

Ultimately, social media is great for showing the human side of a business says Vancouver business coach. Because as the name implies. People are on social media, in order to connect with people.

A great way for a business to show the company’s human side. Is to introduce the business owner, as well as the staff. In photos, bios, and stories. They can use this on social media, and on their website.

However, while these things are extremely positive. Videos are the best way. To show the human side of the business. Because people get to see how they act, and interact.

And business owners can use, and reuse those videos in a wider variety of ways. To attract their ideal and likely customers. And while many entrepreneurs are very shy or nervous about using videos.

If they want to truly grow their business. And be successful on social media. They should take the plunge, and get over their fears. So that they can start attracting their ideal customers.

The next thing that Vancouver business coach recommends entrepreneurs talk about on social media. Is there story, or their core values. Because this is something that their ideal customers can identify with.

When customers see a business owner’s passion. And can identify with their values, their mission and their vision. They will naturally be drawn to the brand and the business.

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When they have those customers now following their social media. Entrepreneurs are going to want to create a community around those people and their brand. And get them to want to be a part of it.

This includes engaging them on social media. Not just showing them things. But getting them to respond. And share the information with others in their circles.

Whether this is through competitions or contests. Or setting up a pole in order to get feedback. But as much as the ideal likely customers need to engage with the business.

They also need to engage back. And entrepreneurs who share their customers responses, and their own posts. Will start to build that relationship, that turns those ideal and likely buyers into raving fans of their business.

Then, by continuing to build that community. They can go the extra mile for those customers. By offering them things like exclusive discounts, exclusive promotions. And even events that are for the community only.

A great example of this, would be to have a social event. Only for the community that they have created. That offers them high-value, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. To let them feel special and valued in the business.

Ultimately, great customer service is not extraordinary. But it is actually expected. Therefore, Vancouver business coach says they should use those interactions with customers.

Two go above and beyond. And turn those potential customers into fans of their brand. So that they can sell more products and grow their revenue.