Vancouver Business Coach | Understanding Social Media

Vancouver Business Coach | Understanding Social Media

Even though many business owners think it is necessary to be on social media says Vancouver business coach. This is not actually true. And even if business owners want to be on social media. Specially when they have a social business. There are several things that they should do first instead.

First, they should create a Google my business listing. And then generate forty Google reviews. So that they can appear on the first page of their Google search results. And the reason why this should be first.

Is because 88% of all people who buy from a business. Google them first, before they do business with them. And if a business does not have a business on the first page of Google.

It does not matter how great their advertising campaigns are. Whether it is on social media, online. Or even on billboards, flyers or television for example.

If customers Google them before they go visit them. They will not look upon the business favorably. If the customers are not able to find them anywhere.

Therefore, business owners should actually sit down with Vancouver business coach. And come up with an effective marketing strategy. And after they are able to achieve several things.

It will be valuable for them to start a social media presence. If that is something that is going to add value to their business. By allowing them to build a community. That will have people wanting to be a part of it.

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And then once they are ready to start their social media presence. Doing it in the right way is very important. To ensure that they are finding their ideal and likely customers.

And then building trust, so that they can generate sales for the business owner. The first thing that they need to do, is show the human side of their business.

Quite literally, with pictures of the business owners, and the people that work in the business. To show customers. That there are people that are attached to the business.

Because it is hard to build trust with a business that is a faceless corporation. And it is also hard to interact with a business that is a faceless corporation.

And much easier to interact with the business owner, that shares the same values as a customer. Therefore, the second thing that a business coach recommends entrepreneurs sharing.

Is there story. Why they got into the business that they are in. Their core values, their purpose. And the mission and vision of the business. They will attract people who share those values.

And will naturally be drawn to the business. And these are the businesses ideal and likely buyers. And they should figure out what is important for those people to hear. And that is the social media message that they can share.

It can be complex to come up with a social media campaign. Guided with Vancouver business coach. Business owners can ensure that not only are they creating a great campaign. But that they are also creating a marketing and advertising strategy that is effective for them.

Vancouver Business Coach | Understanding Social Media

Business owners do not necessarily have to be on social media says Vancouver business coach. However, if they really want to be. There are things that they need to remember to do. And things to remember what not to do. So that they have an effective online presence.

One of the first things that business owners need to keep in mind. Is the fact that as soon as they are on social media. They will have the ability to receive messages from people.

Wanting to know about their business on social media. And when this is the case, they need to respond fast enough. Because unlike emails. Social media messages should be answered much faster.

Studies have shown that 32% of people who send messages on social media sites. Expect an answer within half an hour. And while it is not necessary for an entrepreneur to respond that fast.

They do need to respond within one hour. In order to be seen as caring about that customer and what they have to say. It will build trust, and help close the sale when they respond this quickly.

Some business owners think that there going to be able to use automatic response tools. As well as chat bots. In order to answer inquiries from customers says Vancouver business coach.

And while this can close the gap between when a customer sends a message. And when human the business can respond to them. They should not depend alone on these automatic tools.

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Because people can tell when they are talking to a robot. And they will not want to be talking to a robot for a long period of time. So while it can bridge the gap.

Business owners will want to ensure that they get people answering those messages sooner rather than later. And just as how important it is for business owners to respond to inquiries.

It is important for entrepreneurs to respond to comments that are left on social media. Even when they are positive. Such as think you so much for supporting us be appreciated.

Can go a long way in ensuring that those customers know that they are appreciated. As well, negative comments need to be commented on as well. So that business owners can show that they try to make bad situations good.

It is as simple as responding to a negative comment as quickly as possible. And offering to fix the problem. In a way that relieves a customers pain points.

When they do this, they will show the customer and anyone watching the interaction. That the business does what they can to fix situations. And if they can turn that upset customer into a happy customer.

They can also use that interaction. To show others, what their dedication to customer service is. Vancouver business coach says social media is very important to be used properly. And they can help business owners learn how to do that.