Vancouver Business Coach | Understanding How SEO Works

Vancouver Business Coach | Understanding How SEO Works

When entrepreneurs open the doors to their business for the first time, Vancouver business coach says it is important. For them to understand how important it is to market their business.

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In fact, it is a common mistake that business owners make. Unfortunately, it is one that typically will cause them to go out of business. Even though it is completely avoidable with the right marketing strategy.

This is why business owners should set up a free consultation with Vancouver business coach. Even when they are new in business. So that they can learn strategies. That can help them overcome this obstacle and succeed.

And when entrepreneurs are first starting out. They typically have very little money. So utilizing all the most inexpensive strategies first. Is something that is going to help them find the customers they need.

To make their first sales inexpensively. One of the first things that they will talk to their business coach about. Is search engine optimization. This is all about helping their website rank as high up on search engine results as possible.

Especially because even if they are on the second page. They may as well not be there. Because customers will not look at the second page. And they are looking for a business to buy from.

Therefore, learning how to get on the first page as quickly as possible. Is going to be their first goal as new entrepreneurs. The reason why this is so important.

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Is because the majority of customers actually do searches. Before making a purchase from a business. In fact, 88% of customers will do a search before making this decision, no matter how big or small it is.

By keeping in mind how many customers do a search. And how many customers will go to the second page of their search. Should inspire entrepreneurs to learn about how to do search engine optimization.

So that they can help their business attract as many of their ideal and likely customers as possible. At a time when those customers are ready to make a purchase immediately.

The reason whites important to do this early on. Is because to help businesses appear higher up in organic search results. It takes a while, and so entrepreneurs need to optimize the results quickly.

So that they can see results before it is too late in their business. But also, once they have utilized search engine optimization. They can then move on to other strategies that can help them succeed.

Such as content creation. Because websites will rank higher on search results. When they have more pages, that has applicable content. So learning how to do that quickly will be very helpful.

As well as how to utilize a Google my business page. That will help entrepreneurs be found on the first page of Google immediately. Without spending a single dime doing it.

There so many things that entrepreneurs can learn. Setting up a free consultation with Vancouver business coach early on in their business. Can give them the edge that they need to succeed in business.

Vancouver Business Coach | Understanding How SEO Works

When entrepreneurs want more customers to find them sooner, Vancouver business coach says. They should focus on search engine optimization. While there are many different ways that entrepreneurs can market themselves.

The reason why search engine optimization should be the first thing that they focus on. Is because it will help more customers find them. With no additional effort on behalf of the business owner.

Therefore, gives an incredibly high return on investment. That can help an entrepreneur. And help the rest of their marketing efforts, no matter what those marketing efforts are.

One thing that entrepreneurs should keep in mind. Is that 88% of customers will do a search on Google. In order to find a business to buy products and services from.

The only businesses that they will look at. Will be the businesses that are on the first page of that search results. If an entrepreneur happens to be on the second page, but extremely high up.

That is just as bad as not showing up at all. And search engine optimization, is helping business owners rank on the first page of Google. So that those 88% of customers that are doing a Google search can find that business.

When it comes to search engine optimization, Vancouver business coach recommends. Optimizing for Google. And not the other search engines that are out there. Because of how popular Google is.

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96% of all mobile searches happen on Google. While 94% of all searches on mobile and desktop combined. Happen on Google. With the remaining 4% happening on all other search engines across the globe.

Therefore, when they utilize search engine optimization. To rank higher on Google’s searches. They are going to rank higher on the majority of the searches that are done. But also, there most likely.

Going to get ranked higher with the other engines. Such as a Yahoo, or bing. Therefore, it is not a wasted effort, in order to do search engine optimization for Google alone.

The reason why Google is so popular. Is because not only is it a very clean, user-friendly site. That is extremely easy to use. But mostly, because the results that it generates are good results for what people are looking for.

This is because of the way they index the websites. In order to find that information quickly. And recommended as a result for customers who are looking. Therefore, businesses that have their websites information.

Organized in such a way that makes it easy for Google to find the information. Those of the websites that are going to rank higher. Simply because Google finds the information faster and easier.

Entrepreneurs can talk to Vancouver business coach about specifically what those are, such as having the right number of keywords, headers. As well as pictures that are named properly. Can help their website.