Vancouver Business Coach | Tips for Building Customer Relationships

Vancouver Business Coach | Tips for Building Customer Relationships

Great companies monitor their social media accounts according to Vancouver business coach. And it helps people become raving fans of your brand. And once they are fans, they will help spread the word, and be loyal to your business for years.

One of the most asked questions by companies who are looking to become more active on social media. Is what does their audience want to know about?

Ultimately, Vancouver business coach says customers want to know what the business is about. And who the person is behind the business. People want to buy from other people, and not faceless organizations.

And so when business owners share information on social media about their values. As well as their mission and vision in the business. Then people will be very interested to know that there are people behind the business.

As well, business owners also need to be very mindful. About what their ideal and likely customers are saying on social media as well.

Because when they pay attention, they can use that information. To deliver content that is valuable to your ideal and likely customers. That way, they will pay attention to what you are saying.

When business owners create a social media presence. They also need to understand. That those customers are going to reach out to them on that social media platform.

And when they do, knowing how fast to respond is very important. And the ideal timeframe. In which to respond to a customer who has made an inquiry. On a social media site is one hour.

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And while some business owners think that they can automate their communication on social media. With a bot, or automatic, canned responses. And that can work for the first point of contact.

The business owners also need to be very mindful, about getting a human to respond to them very quickly. Because most people will want to communicate with a real person, and not a chat bot.

And while customers love seeing the human side of businesses. Vancouver business coach says many business owners are not sure how they can show their company’s human side, especially on social media.

A great starting point for many businesses. Is to introduce their staff on social media. And have biographies available on their website and social media as well. They can share company stories for example.

As well as take part in discussions that their customers are having. And pay attention to trends. However, one of the most important ways that companies can show their human side.

Is to make videos, so that customers can see the people behind the business, and feel a part of it. That way, they can put it on all of the different social media channels. As well as their website.

And video is simply the strongest way to show customers human side of their business. When customers know that there are real people behind the business. Not only will they be more likely to buy. They will be more likely to become raving fans as well.

Vancouver Business Coach | Tips for Building Customer Relationships

When business owners are trying to create customer relationships through social media according to Vancouver business coach. They often want to know how to go about forging those relationships.

A great way to do that, is for businesses and business owners. To show customers that they are appreciated. And the best way to do that is to get them to engage.

Pay attention to what customers are saying on social media. And share their content. So that their ideal and likely buyers will notice that the brand is noticing them.

Other engagement tools include competitions or contests. To get customers to engage with the business. With a prize as an award. Contests can be big or small, as long as it gets people interacting.

Also, businesses can use polls to get feedback and hear from customers. In a way that is very easy to do. Whether it is about a new product, a promotion, or about some recent trends.

As well, when business owners get active on social media. Vancouver business coach recommends watching that feedback from customers very carefully and effectively.

And the reason why, is because studies have shown that 70% of unhappy customers use social media. To raise awareness of the problem they had with the business.

So when businesses pay attention to social media. And see that there is a problem. Responding quickly is the key to turning that problem into an opportunity.

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The best way to address the problem. Is to respond quickly, and on the social media channel. And fix the problem. To the customers satisfaction. Because when business owners believe those pain points.

And fix the problem, it turns a disgruntled customer. Into a raving fan. That often will go out of their way to share how happy they are with the solution.

Ultimately, customer relationships is all about creating a community within the brand. And then get people wanting to be a part of it.

One of the most important things to keep in mind. Is that customers expect exceptional customer service. Therefore, businesses have to go over and above expectations.

Just to be considered typical. Therefore, to get that wow factor. That customers need, in order to become raving fans. Businesses need to go out of their way.

And offer something that is unusual, other than just great customer service. Ultimately, it is all about the K L T factor when it comes to customers. And if businesses can get that, they will start to attract raving fans.

And K LT stands for know, like and trust. When customers know the business, like the business. And ultimately trusts the business. They will be loyal customers, that help spread the news of how amazing the business is.

Businesses who are not on social media are missing a large opportunity says Vancouver business coach. However, just like any other aspect of their business. It is important to do it well. Otherwise, they might suffer the consequences.