Vancouver Business Coach | Timeblocking For Efficiency

Vancouver Business Coach | Timeblocking For Efficiency

While many is is owners think multitasking is the key to efficiency says Vancouver business coach. The opposite is actually true. Instead of trying to do many things at once. The key to productivity is doing one thing at a time until it is complete. Before switching tasks.

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This might be very strange for many people to wrap their head around. Especially as multitasking, is heralded as important skill. That many businesses look for. And people put on their resume.

But the truth of the matter is, the science of multitasking. Proves that it is inefficient, and should not be used. For example, studies have been done. That show people need to work uninterrupted for twenty-three minutes.

In order to reach their brains be performance. When people are multitasking. They are switching tasks so often. That they can never reach that peak performance. Which means they are working inefficiently.

As well, since they are not focusing on one task. The work that they do, is more likely to be sloppy or poor. And chances are, they have to redo it. Or can have negative impacts on their business.

Which is why people should avoid multitasking. However, people do not know how to get out of multitasking. Especially as they are constantly interrupted. And when they are running a business.

The interruptions somehow seem more urgent. And more difficult to avoid. One of the first things that businesses should learn that says Vancouver business coach. Is that it is okay to let the phone ring to voicemail.

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If they were to answer the phone, every single time it rang. They might get distracted from some of their most important strategic priorities in the business. And it can keep them from adding anything done some days.

While many business owners know that they are paying to make their phone ring. And they do not want to waste any phone call. By having some times of the day, that they are completely inaccessible.

Followed by times, that they can then check their voicemail. And return calls. Can help ensure that a business owner manages their interruptions effectively. But also, take the time to ensure.

That they respond to all of the phone calls that they receive. Is very important to do this. Because if entrepreneurs do not take the time for their strategic priorities.

They might not be able to grow a successful business, to answer the phone in later. While it can be very difficult to learn how to do this. Taking the ringer off, and putting all cell phones on silent.

Can be all that it is necessary to do. In order to eliminate distractions. And ensure that a business owner can devote the time necessary. To working on strategic priorities in their business.

While this is one effective business strategy. There are many other things that Vancouver business coach can help entrepreneurs with. If they want to find out more, they can set up a consultation to find out how they can get started.

Vancouver Business Coach | Timeblocking For Efficiency

When entrepreneurs start their business, they may not realize says Vancouver business coach. How many tasks are going to need to get done in a day. They will quickly learn that they will have to put more time in.

Then they did as an employee. And who have to work more than eight hours a day, and more than five days a week. The sooner they learn this, the sooner they can create a schedule to help them manage their time.

The best way to manage a time as a business owner says Vancouver business coach. Is simply to create a time block to schedule. Time blocking, is the act of creating a schedule with time set aside in the future.

For all of the tasks that need to get done. No matter how big, or how small they are. There will be time devoted to them. This schedule can repeat every day, every week or every month.

But it is important that after the schedule is created. That the business owner adheres to it strictly says Vancouver business coach. They might need to play around with the schedule as they are finalizing it.

But once it is made, and it works. Adhering to the schedule. Is the only way that a business owner will be able to ensure. That all of their strategic priorities get done.

It is also going to be an effective way. Of seeing exactly how many tasks there are that they have. And that it is not going to be possible. To get it all done in an eight hour day.

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Which can help them see that a twelve hour day, is necessary. And while they might be tempted, to start their day at eight or 9 o’clock. And work twelve hours from there. That kind of schedule.

Will ensure that they never see their children or their spouse. Or never have any leisure activities with their friends. While it might be very hard to get used to. Starting their workday at six in the morning.

Means that they will be able to leave work at a decent time every day. After having everything accomplished. To spend time with their spouse, their children. And feel rested and relaxed.

So that they are ready to come back the next day, and work another twelve hour day in their business. If they were to start late, and leave work late. There family may not tolerate their entrepreneurial endeavour for long.

What is even more beneficial. Is that the few hours of work before their business opens. Will be uninterrupted, while their brain is at its best. To get even the most difficult tasks done.

That way, they can minimize the amount of interruptions they have. Get more done in their day. And still have time devoted for their family. When business owners are ready to learn about how a business coach can help them in their business. All they have to do is set up a consultation to find out more.