Vancouver Business Coach | Time Blocking Is The Key

Vancouver Business Coach | Time Blocking Is The Key

When business owners start their business, they have an extremely large amount of things to get done says Vancouver business coach. And they may not have any clue how to get it all accomplished.

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They often fall to multitasking, as an attempt at getting as much done as possible. Without realizing, that multitasking is the least effective thing that they can do.

The reason why, is because it ensures that people are not focusing on one task. When they are multitasking. Which means that not only are they getting poor quality of work done.

But also, multitasking ensures. That people never reach their brains peak productivity level. Studies have been done, that shows it takes a person an average of twenty-three minutes.

In order to reach their brains peak level of productivity. Every time they are interrupted, or start a new task. They need to start over at the beginning. And work another twenty-three minutes. In order to be productive again.

This means that when people multitask. Not only are they getting less done. But the work that they are getting, is to a poor quality than what they are capable of. However, many business owners do not know how to avoid multitasking.

Which is why when they hire Vancouver business coach. One of the first things they learn about is time blocking. Time blocking is setting aside blocks of time in the future. For all of the tasks that a business owner needs to get done.

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Not only will it ensure that there is time for everything. But it will also show business owners. The kinds of hours that they will need to keep. In order to make their business successful.

Many business owners try to work eight hour days, five days a week. And only realize after it is not working. That they need to work more hours. But when they put together a time block schedule along with their Vancouver business coach.

They will realize that it is not a good idea to work eight hour days. Because they will not get everything done. Also, business owners tend to overestimate what they are going to be able to get accomplished in one year.

And by creating a time block schedule. This will help them realize what they will likely be able to get done in a year. And why it is important that they adhere to the schedule. So that they can at least get that done.

However, when they do get their time block schedule done. The next step, is adhering to it. Which can be quite difficult. Since it may be very tempting to change the schedule from time to time.

And while there is going to be a certain amount of adjusting. That a business owner is likely going to do while creating this schedule. Once they have created this schedule. Being very strict in adhering to it.

Is the key to ensuring it will work. For this, and other things that can help entrepreneurs grow their business. People can reach out to their business coach for a free consultation. The find out how they can get started today.

Vancouver Business Coach | Time Blocking Is The Key

Often, when business owners start their first business, they are overwhelmed says Vancouver business coach. They realize that there are many tasks that need to get done. And they are the only ones who can do them.

Simply because they will not have the money. To hire staff yet. It can be too easy, to fall into the trap of multitasking. In order to try to get more done. However, business owners should avoid multitasking at all costs.

The reason why, is because even though it feels like it is effective. Because people feel busy. And they have been taught to equate busy to productive. But the opposite is actually true.

When people multitask, they are not able to get as much done. Then if they were focusing on one task at a time. This is because they are not working in their brains peak productivity level.

Every time a person is interrupted, or switches tasks. It takes them twenty-three minutes, in order to be productive again. Therefore, when a business owner is multitasking. They are always switching tasks.

And not ever working in their peak productivity level. But also, because they are not focused on one task at a time. The quality of the work that they do accomplish is poor.

Therefore, when people start working with Vancouver business coach. They will learn about how bad multitasking is for their business. And how to avoid this. The first step is to create a time block to schedule.

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That will allow business owners the opportunity to schedule all of their most important tasks in their calendar. However, the key to ensuring that time blocking works. Is avoiding distractions.

Things like answering the phone every time it rings, can be a distraction. Especially when the task a business owner is working on. Requires a lot of their brainpower. And when business owners start their day.

By answering their emails. They can get caught in a trap. Of working out of their inbox all day long. And not actually getting to their important tasks. Therefore, one of the most important things they will learn.

From their Vancouver business coach, is that it is okay to let their phone go to voicemail. And that they can turn off their email notifications. As long as they have time set aside in their day.

Devoted to checking voicemails, and answering emails. It will free up their time, to work on interrupted on their tasks. So that they can get those important strategic priorities done, and to a high quality.

This often feels very foreign to many people. Who have been multitasking as a way of life for years. But when they realize that eliminating distractions. And time blocking allows them to get more done.

So that they can go home on time, and spend time with their loved ones. It becomes easier, to adhere to. And help them grow their business.