Vancouver Business Coach | The Structure of a Group Interview

Vancouver Business Coach | The Structure of a Group Interview

Business owners are very familiar with how a one-on-one interview is held says Vancouver business coach. And this typically is the only way that business owners have looked for staff in their business.

However, it is not the most efficient way to find people. Nor is it the best way to find the most qualified staff. Which is one reason why business owners struggle at finding as well as keeping employees in their business.

And while many business owners want to learn how to conduct group interviews effectively. They have a lot of questions for their Vancouver business coach about how to do it well. To get the results they need.

The first thing that business owners should understand about the group interview. Is that business owners no longer have to read the resumes of the candidates before the interview.

Traditionally, business owners would read the candidates resume. In order to for grow to the best ones to interview. Which would result in dozens of hours spent even before the interviews begin.

And even then, business owners may not even be interviewing the best candidates for the job. Because 85% of applicants lie on their resumes.

During a group interview however. Business owners can avoid reading resumes, and instead send every single applicant an invitation to the group interview. Even if they do not know whether they qualify for the position or not.

In fact, Vancouver business coach recommends they ask all applicants to bring a copy of the resume with them. So that a business owner is only worried about having the resumes of people who actually show up for the interview.

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And if they do not have the resumes when they attend. Then they clearly cannot follow directions. And can be one of the reasons why they are not considered for the position.

During the group interview. It will be very easy for business owners to be very firm on the start date of the interview. Especially because that is the time that all other applicants will be expecting the interview to be at.

During traditional interviews, business owners would have to contact each candidate directly. To arrange an interview time. Which might give the impression.

That a business owner is flexible in other areas of the business as well. And can result in the candidate being hired that thinks that they can show up or leave when they want for example.

By being very specific about letting applicants know that the interview will start promptly. And that applicants who are late will not be admitted. Can set the precedent that punctuality is important.

But also, can help a business owner figure out who are good candidate is. Because they will be on time for the interview. This is why it is important to have a rigid start time for the group interview.

If business owners have any other questions about how to conduct a group interview. They can always set up a meeting with Vancouver business coach. Who can help them in several areas to help them grow their business.

Vancouver Business Coach | The Structure of a Group Interview

In order to have success finding skilled candidates during a one-on-one interview, Vancouver business coach says a lot of time must be dedicated to this process. Which is something that most small business owners do not have.

This is why a lot of small businesses struggle and finding or keeping staff. And is actually the third most common reason. Why small businesses in Canada fail each year.

However, business owners continue to conduct one-on-one interviews. Because they do not know any other way to find people in their business. Even though it is not always successful.

However, Vancouver business coach says businesses are learning how to conduct group interviews. More now than ever before, because not only are they efficient and help save time.

But because they are much more effective at helping a business owner. Find the most qualified people for their business. So that they do not have to replace staff when they do not work out.

One of the first things that business owners can do to ensure successful group interview. Is by having time blocked in their schedule every single week. Whether they are actively hiring in their business or not.

The reason why they need to continue to look for people. Even if they are not immediately hiring. Is partly because they never know when an employee is going to give notice.

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And always looking can help ensure that when this eventuality happens. They will be more prepared to fill that spot sooner. Then if they had been conducting group interviews.

But also, it is important for business owner to hold regular group interviews. In order to meet the right number of people. To have met the one will be the best candidate for the business.

According to studies, businesses need to meet 100 candidates. Before they will have met one who will be the best fit for their business. Group interviews will ensure that they can meet that 100 candidates.

In fact, having group interviews can help the existing staff feel confident and happy. Knowing that because the business owner will only hire the best people. Her going to be the best fit in the business.

Any coworkers that they get will be very talented, and fit in with the office and other staff. And they will not have the problem of having a co-worker hired, that is in very good at what they do.

There so many good reasons why business owners should conduct group interviews says Vancouver business coach. That once they learn the reasons, they will be able to set aside that one hour in their week.

And start meeting candidates, in the hopes that one will be the right fit for their business. And if not, they can continue the search, without feeling pressured make a decision quickly that might not be the right one for their business.

The sooner business owners can start conducting group interviews in their business. The sooner they can ensure that they have the ability to hire the best for their business.