Vancouver Business Coach | The Opposite of Multitasking

Vancouver Business Coach | The Opposite of Multitasking

Many people equate feeling busy to productive says Vancouver business coach. Which is why so many people fall into the trap of multitasking. It feels like they are busy, because they have many projects on the go at the same time.

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Without truly considering, if this is an efficient way of working or not. In fact, when people think of other professionals, such as pilots and surgeons. They would be horrified to think about those people multitasking.

Such as a surgeon, who is answering emails while performing life-saving surgery on their loved one. For pilots, who is texting, while flying their plane. If people do not want to think about these professionals.

Multitasking, why did they think they are the exception to the rule? Studies have shown that multitasking is ineffective. Because it does not allow people to reach their brains peak productivity level.

This is reached, when people are working for twenty-three minutes on one task, uninterrupted. Since multitasking requires people to constantly switch tasks. They cannot reach that peak productivity level.

Which means no matter how many things a person gets done. They are getting less done, then if they were simply focusing on one task at a time. In fact, studies have also shown.

That the people that say that they are better at multitasking than the average person. Are actually worse at it. Which means no one really should be multitasking if they want to get things accomplished.

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But also, another reason. Why multitasking should be avoided. Is because while people are working on these tasks. They are also getting things done to a poor quality. Because they are not concentrating on one task at a time.

However, many business owners. Are simply not sure how to avoid multitasking in their business. Which is why, when they start with Vancouver business coach. One of the things that they will learn about, is how to time block their schedule.

So that they can stop multitasking. And start focusing on one task at a time until it is complete. Time blocking means they will set aside time in the future. For all of the tasks that they need to get done.

And one important benefit of time blocking. Is that people will be able to see if there is enough time in their day. In order to get everything accomplished. Chances are, if business owners are trying.

To get everything in their business done in an eight hour workday. There is not enough time. Most successful entrepreneurs work twelve hour days, six days a week. And creating this schedule.

Will show entrepreneurs, why successful business owners keep this schedule. And how if they add these extra hours to their week. They are going to be able to get more accomplished themselves.

When business owners are ready to start being productive in their business. So that they can be successful and grow, if they want to work with Vancouver business coach. All they have to do is reach out for a consultation, and find out what they can do, to get started.

Vancouver Business Coach | The Opposite of Multitasking

It is very easy for business owners to get stuck in the trap of multitasking according to Vancouver business coach. Because there are so many distractions, that pull their focus away from what they should be working on.

One of the most important lessons that many business owners should learn. Is that it is okay to let their phone go to voicemail. And why they should not start each day, by looking at their emails.

Business owners often think that they have to answer the phone every time it rings. Because that could be a customer, looking to buy something. However, if they answer the phone every single time it rings.

The important tasks that they need to work on. May not get done at all. And then they will not have a business, in order to answer the phone for. As long as they set time in their calendar every day.

Devoted to checking voicemail and emails. And then returning those calls. They will be able to focus on the important tasks at hand. It also reach out to those clients in a timely manner.

Vancouver business coach wants entrepreneurs to consider. Reaching out to a successful entrepreneur like Warren Buffett. And how likely it is that a successful business person like that, is answering their own phone every time it rings.

This is because successful business owners know. That they must focus on strategic priorities uninterrupted. And when business owners learn how to do this for themselves, they will start to be more successful.

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However, saying they will not answer their phone and doing it are two different things. One thing that Vancouver business coach will help entrepreneurs accomplish. Is how to avoid those distractions.

By simple things, like turning their phone to silent, and leaving it in a drawer. Because even hearing the notification that they have got an email, or phone call coming in. Can be enough of a distraction.

To cause their brain to be pulled out of their peak productivity level. And require the business owner to start again, to try to regain those twenty-three minutes, to get their brain back to being productive again.

In fact, smartphones were not invented to help people be more productive. And all of the notifications, or simply designed. To help keep people addicted to those phones in their pocket.

Therefore, by turning off those notifications. Can be significantly beneficial to entrepreneurs. They were trying to avoid distractions in their business. When they are able to get enough done.

Eventually, they will be able to hire people, that can do things like answer the phone. So that they can work uninterrupted. But getting there, can be the difficult part.

People are ready to start working with Vancouver business coach. They should choke by phone or email to inspired method marketing and coaching. In order to set up a consultation. The find out more about how they can help businesses grow.