Vancouver Business Coach | The Myth of Multitasking

Vancouver Business Coach | The Myth of Multitasking

One thing that almost everybody gets wrong says Vancouver business coach. Is that they are not good multitaskers. Even though many people believe this to be true. They often believe that they are also the exception to the rule.

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However, when it comes to life or death situations. Such as a surgeon performing surgery. Or a pilot flying the plane that someone is on. People would demand that these professionals avoid multitasking.

Because they know it is a way that they will stop paying close attention. Therefore, business owners should apply the same logic. Their own business. When people realize that multitasking is not only inefficient.

But it also helps people accomplish a poor quality of works is Vancouver business coach. They may not know what they have to do in their business. In order to avoid this multitasking trap.

This is why working with Vancouver business coach is so beneficial. They will learn ways that they can avoid multitasking. And also, what they can do to get even more done in their day.

One of the first things that they will learn about. Is that they need to have a very strict schedule. And adhere to that schedule every single day that they are at work. If they can avoid distractions.

And accomplish everything on their schedule. Not only will they get more done in a day. But they also will be able to go home, when the workday is done. And spend time with their family and loved ones.

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The reason why so many business owners multitask. Is simply because there are so many things that they have to get done in a single day. It is recommended that entrepreneurs adhere to a strict schedule.

Of twelve hour days, six days a week. This is so that they can get everything done. And when they are no longer trying to multitask. Which is splitting their attention, forcing people to get less done.

But also, the quality of what they get done is to a lesser quality. They are going to be able to get everything done with this new schedule. However, that is not necessarily enough.

To get people to stop multitasking. One very important rule. Is that if business owners and entrepreneurs truly want to avoid multitasking, they also have to eliminate distractions.

Even a business owner’s phone can be a huge distraction. If they think about truly successful entrepreneurs. Such as Warren Buffett. They would realize that it would be impossible to reach them through the phone.

And that is because they have put systems in place. To ensure that they cannot be interrupted. So that they can get their tasks done as well. This means letting the phone go to voicemail.

When it comes to the business owners own smart phone. Removing as many alerts as possible. And then turning the phone to silent, and putting in a drawer. Can help business owners avoid wasting time.

And getting out of the flow of solitary work. When people are ready to get more done in their day. They can create a schedule and eliminate distractions.

Vancouver Business Coach | The Myth of Multitasking

Despite many people thinking that they are good at multitasking, Vancouver business coach says. That multitasking is actually a myth. The reason why, is because people cannot get more accomplished. But trying to work on more tasks at a time.

Especially because it takes a brain twenty-three minutes to reach its peak productivity after starting a task. And multitasking is just constantly changing tasks over and over. Which means when people multitask.

Their brain never reaches peak productivity. And they are unable to get more accomplished. As well, because their brain is not reaching its peak productivity. The quality of the work that they do complete.

Will be extremely poor. This is why people should never multitask. And when people think of extremely difficult jobs such as surgeon or pilots. They would agree that multitasking is bad.

Because they would want their own surgeon or pilots. To solely be concentrating on their surgery, or flying the plane. So business owners should apply the same logic to their own business.

However, the reason why so many business owners fall into the trap of multitasking. Is because when they start their business. They have very little money. And so they cannot higher staff to help them with tasks.

Therefore, they are extremely busy. Doing everything in their business. However, Vancouver business coach says the answer is not multitasking. But creating a schedule. To help people work uninterrupted.

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Since multitasking is nothing but a giant string of interruptions. When people can dedicate all of their time. To working on one task until it is complete. And then moving on to the next task.

Not only are people able to get even more done. Because they are working in their peak productivity zone. But they are going to be able to leave work on time. And spend a restful and relaxing evening at home with their loved ones.

That will allow them to return to work the next day, refreshed. And ready to tackle another batch of tasks. Another way that business owners can avoid multitasking.

Is simply by turning off their phone, and email notifications. It is okay to let their phone go to voicemail. This is so that they can continue with staying productive. But then schedule a time later on in their day.

To check their voicemail, and return messages. This way, nothing gets forgotten about. But people will be able to get their most urgent tasks done. Because they are dedicating time for it.

As well, since the mornings are the time. Where people are thinking the best. This is the best opportunity. To let phones and emails go unanswered. And get as many of the difficult tasks done during this time.

And the afternoon can be for collaborating, returning phone calls and emails. For more tips on how business owners can be more productive. They should set up a consultation with Vancouver business coach.