Vancouver Business Coach | Successful Entrepreneurs Avoid Multitasking

Vancouver Business Coach | Successful Entrepreneurs Avoid Multitasking

Many business owners think that the only way they can get everything done in their business is by multitasking says Vancouver business coach. However, the truth of the matter is that the only way to get more accomplished. Is to focus on one task at a time until it is complete.

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The reason why multitasking is not effective. Is because it requires people to jump from one task to another quickly. Without getting focused on one activity. And productivity is lost because of it.

Science has shown that it takes twenty-three minutes for person to reach peak productivity. After starting work on a task. And any time they switch tasks, or are interrupted. It takes another twenty-three minutes to get productive again.

When people are multitasking, it guarantees that they never work for twenty-three minutes on a task. Because they keep switching through all of the tasks they are working on. Which means they are never reaching their productive best.

In fact, when people multitask. What happens is they work slower. Because of this lost productivity. But also, the quality of work that they do is poor. Because they are not concentrating on one task at a time.

This is why you when businesses hire Vancouver business coach to work with. One of the first things that they learn about is how to time block their schedule. So that they can focus on one task at a time.

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Until it is complete. It might seem like it is very opposite. Of being productive. Because people are taught from an early age. That if you are very busy, then you must be very productive.

However, with the sheer number of tasks that a business owner needs to complete. Time blocking is truly the only method that will ensure they can get everything done on time.

In fact, when Vancouver business coach walks through the time blocking exercise. With the businesses that hire them. They will learn how many hours in the day they need to work. In order to get all of their tasks done.

This is very important, because they will realize that they will have to work a twelve hour day. And work six days a week, instead of eight hours a day, and five days a week. That they were working as just an employee.

This is so that they can get everything done that they need to get done. And grow their business as well. The hope will be as the business grows, the business owner can hire more staff. You can help with the tasks in the business.

So that the business owner may be able to take a vacation, or a day off. However, it is recommended. That they keep their twelve hour workday for the most part. So that they can work on priorities that will grow their business.

It may be very uncomfortable. To do the opposite of what they were taught their whole life. But successful entrepreneurs must do the things that are different. So that they can be the ones to succeed.

Vancouver Business Coach | Successful Entrepreneurs Avoid Multitasking

Many people believe multitasking is productive says Vancouver business coach. Because it feels like they are very busy. However it is actually unproductive. And people who multitask, typically get less done.

This is because when people are constantly jumping from one task to the next. They lose the productivity that they would get. From focusing on one task at a time.

And while it is easy to create a schedule. That will help people avoid multitasking. The obstacle that many business owners face according to Vancouver business coach. Is being constantly interrupted.

Interruptions are extremely detrimental to business owners. Because it pulls them off the tasks that they need to focus on. And while they are distracted, they are not working on what their business needs.

Some interruptions that are very difficult to avoid. Include emails, and phone calls that come into the business. But this is also why Vancouver business coach teaches entrepreneurs.

That they need to put a time to check emails and check voicemail. In their time block calendar. So that they can let their voicemail pick up phone calls. And then dedicated time to listening to and returning those calls and emails.

In fact, a business owner can get so distracted answering phones and emails. That it is the only task that they get done in a day. Which means they will not have accomplished anything. That their business required of them in that day.

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The reason it can be so tempting to let phone calls and emails the distracted business owner. Is because they can sometimes seem very urgent. But when business owners are tending to the urgent, they will let the important slide.

As long as they are getting back to phone calls, and emails once a day. It can help them prioritize what is truly important. And avoid getting stuck in the trap of working out of their inbox.

As well, business owners smart phone can be a huge distraction. Which is also why Vancouver business coach recommends putting the phone on silent. And then leaving it in a drawer for the day.

Even the notification that they got a message or like on social media. Can be enough of a distraction. To destroy business owners productivity. And smart phones are designed to keep people addicted to them.

And are not designed to help business owners be more productive. By resisting the urge to look at a phone all day. Business owners can avoid a lot of the distractions that can cost them.

And get a lot more done in their day. So that not only can they get all of their strategic priorities in their business done. But they can also leave work on time, and go home to their spouse and children.

It may be very difficult for business owners to learn how to do this. But when they do learn it, they will realize that not only can they get more done in their business. But they will be able to grow their business. As well as have time for their family.