Vancouver Business Coach | Standing Out In a Crowded Market

Vancouver Business Coach | Standing Out In a Crowded Market

Standing out is very important says Vancouver business coach. Because it helps entrepreneurs be different from their competition. And help get the attention of their ideal and likely buyers.

Vancouver Business Coach

Without standing out, entrepreneurs businesses are virtually invisible. And being invisible, is not going to help them generate the sales they need. To grow the revenue in their business.

The reason why many businesses start up, without a clear idea. Of who their ideal or likely buyers are. Or how they are going to stand out in the marketplace.

Is because they often think that is going to be far easier to attract customers. Then ends up being, which results in not enough sales. They believe that they can focus on marketing after they open the doors to their business.

And after they learn how to run that business. Then they are going to have the time on their hands to focus on marketing. But by then, it is often too late for that business.

Vancouver business coach recommends entrepreneurs research their differentiation factors early on. What they are going to focus on doing better than their competition.

By identifying their ideal and likely buyer. And then finding out what aspects are most important to them. So that they can appeal to their customer base. And stand out from the competition.

The reason whites important to research their ideal and likely buyer. Is because you often, entrepreneurs choose a differentiation factor that is not important to their target market.

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An example of this is when they choose price as one of their most important differentiation factors. Despite the fact that very few customers actually have this as their main consideration.

Customers often value other things such as customer service, convenience, speed. Rather than price. And while price can be a part of the factor. It is not usually the main or only one.

To prove this point, entrepreneurs should think of their own consumer experiences. And how often they chose something on price alone. When they made a purchase in their own life.

If price was the absolute most important consideration. They would be driving the least expensive vehicle, eating in the least expensive restaurants. And wearing the least expensive clothing and shoes.

The chances are, they had other factors that were more important. And while cost may have factored in their decision. It was not the most important thing that they took into consideration.

Therefore, for their own business. They should not tried to compete on this alone. Especially once they realize. That customers will typically pay a little bit more, for great experience, or exceptional customer service.

For help on figuring out there differentiation factors. Entrepreneurs can contact Vancouver business coach. And set up a meeting, to find out what information they need to know in their business.

Even if an entrepreneur has not yet opened the doors to their business. They still should reach out, because coming up with a great marketing plan before they open the doors to their business. Means that they can be prepared to start generating sales as soon as they open.

Vancouver Business Coach | Standing Out In a Crowded Market

It is often much more difficult to stand out then entrepreneurs believe says Vancouver business coach. And without focusing on this early, and often. Business owners may not generate enough sales to stay open for long.

In fact, industry Canada did a survey. In order to find out how many small businesses in Canada were succeeding. And they found some truly shocking results. Discovering that 15% of small businesses in Canada.

Actually ended up closing the doors to their business in the first year of business. 30% failed by their second year of operations. 50% of small businesses in Canada failed by their fifth year.

While these are extremely high failure odds. What is more shocking says Vancouver business coach. Are the reasons why entrepreneurs were failing most consistently.

The number one reason why small businesses close their doors. Causing 42% of all failed businesses to fail. Is that they could not find enough customers to buy their products and services.

Whether it is because they thought it would be easier to find customers. Or whether they thought they would be able to focus on marketing later. This is a recipe for disaster.

Of not thinking about the marketing plan early on in the business. This is why it is so beneficial for entrepreneurs to hire a business coach. Because they can help entrepreneurs develop the plans they need.

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To find the customers, have a great marketing message. And reach out to them often enough. To get them to purchase, and then keep coming back. When they do this, they are going to increase their odds of success significantly.

There going to be able to help the business develop a plan. On how they are going to exceed the customer’s expectation. In customer service and in the experience that they have at the business.

It is no longer good enough to provide excellent customer service. Because excellent customer service is expected now. Therefore, they must exceed those expectations.

And when they work with Vancouver business coach, they will figure out what is most important to their ideal customers. And then deliver that at a very high level consistently.

Whether that is engaging as many senses as they can with their experience. Such as pleasant music, that is going to enhance the shopping experience. And is something that their target customers are going to love hearing.

Or whether they want to have soothing sounds playing, or even engaging their sense of smell and a sense of taste. For an immersive and amazing experience.

Even things like when people phone in, and must be placed on hold. Having great hold music. And employees that have pleasant phone manners. Can enhance that experience, even before the customer arrives.

This might be overwhelming for entrepreneurs to try to do on their own. But hiring Vancouver business coach means that they are going to have the help they need. To develop a great plan to help them stand out.