Vancouver Business Coach | Social Media Tips for Businesses

Vancouver Business Coach | Social Media Tips for Businesses

Often, people think that social media is required as Vancouver business coach. And so they are not passionate about doing it, and do not have a great social media presence.

While it is not necessary in order to find ideal customers for a business. It is important to do well. Therefore, if business owners are not going to take the time in order to do it well.

They are best not doing it at all. However, a well done social media presence. Can be very beneficial. Especially if the business itself. Has a bit of a social aspect to it.

Such as a restaurant, and event company, or a place like a library, museum or art gallery. However, the goal will not be to simply advertise their products and services. The goal instead will be defined their ideal customers.

And engage them, and create a community based around their brand. That will allow people to have trust in the business. To buy their products and services.

Vancouver business coach says this can take time. But when it is done well. Is extremely effective. However, the very first step that they need to do. Is show the human side of their business.

And the reason why this is so important. Is because when they are on social media. Just as the name implies, there is a social aspect to it. And people are not going to want to interact with a corporation.

As well, people do not want to buy from a corporation. They want to buy from businesses they know, like and trust. And showing the human side is going to be how they do that.

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Starting with sharing pictures and stories of their staff. As well as pictures of the owners, and the story about why they got into business. And why they are passionate about doing it well.

And while pictures and stories are great. Videos are actually the most important medium. And can show a story very quickly and effectively.

And it will help people feel connected to the business owners, their staff and ultimately their business. So business owners need to get over being camera shy if they are.

So that they can show the human side of their business. And show the passion that they have for products and services that they sell. As well, they do not have to be worried about a high-end production.

In fact, a low budget video. Such as two or three minutes that are shot on someone’s cell phone. Can be far more valuable, and give a higher return on investment.

Then a business owner that spends thousands of dollars on a well produced video. That looks corporately produced, that does show the heart of the business.

This also takes planning. And to ensure that their social media works well with their other advertising and marketing campaign.

They should sit down with their Vancouver business coach. And create a great campaign. That will help them find their customers.

Vancouver Business Coach | Social Media Tips for Businesses

When business owners want to engage their ideal and likely customers, Vancouver business coach says social media can be effective. However, knowing what to do is just as important. Is knowing what not to do, that can cause a business to lose customers through inaction.

One of the most important things that business coaches want to share with their customers. Is that they need to have a plan in place. For how they are going to respond to social media inquiries.

Because whenever they have a social media presence. It is going to be important that they have a to answer those inquiries. In order to ensure that they inspire goodwill with their potential customers.

Studies that actually shown that 32% of customers actually expect a response from businesses on social media. Within half an hour of sending their inquiry.

But there is actually a amount of time that business owners should be getting back to their customers. Otherwise, they might be upsetting customers through their inaction.

That amount of time is one hour. And when business owners respond within that timeframe. They will create trust with those potential customers. Which increases the closing rate, and increases the customers satisfaction.

In fact, when it comes to customer service in general. Vancouver business coach says exceptional customer service is actually not exceptional at all. It is what customers expect.

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Therefore, they cannot impress their customers. Or their potential customers through great customer service. They have to go above and beyond farther, in order to impress.

And the same scenario is true on social media. Because when they go above and beyond, that will allow their ideal and likely customers. That they are reaching on social media to share that experience.

However, just like an inquiry sent on social media. A business owner must respond to that comment in a timely fashion. To show customer that they are appreciated. And their feedback is valuable.

Therefore, positive comments should be liked, as well as commented. Such as think you, we love helping you. Or we hope you appreciate your purchase, and that it brings you joy. It does not have to be complex.

However, when it comes to a negative comment. Business owners also need to respond quickly. To ideally fix the problem. Because 70% of customers who are unhappy. Shares that message with their social network.

They should ideally fix the problem on the same comment that the original customer made. So that people can see that if there is a problem. The business owner is dedicated to fixing it, and fixing it quickly.

When they fixed the problem, note only will they turn that customer into a fan of the business. But that entire interaction can stand as a testament other potential customers. How important customer satisfaction is. As well as what lengths they will go to to solve the problem.

Social media can be a double edged sword. But meeting with Vancouver business coach. Can help ensure that people are able to use it as a tool to gain business.