Vancouver Business Coach | Social Media Strategies That Work

Vancouver Business Coach | Social Media Strategies That Work

The reason why many business owners think they need to be on social media according to Vancouver business coach. Is because it is a great way to advertise to thousands of people at a time.

However, this is not an effective strategy. And just because thousands of people are on social media. Does not mean that they are ready to buy anything. Or even that they want to hear from a business at all.

Because they are typically online on social media to be social. Therefore, the way businesses engage with their ideal and likely buyers. Is very important. To get them to know, like and trust the business.

And be more likely to buy their products and services when they are ready to buy. However, saying that businesses should engage with their ideal and likely buyers. Is easier said than done.

And it means that they have to stay on top of not only who is listening to their messages. But also keeping track of what those customers find important. To be continually shifting what their content is.

To ensure that it is always in line with their ideal and likely customers and what they value. As well, encouraging them to engage. Means that business owners need to make the first move.

By liking, and sharing the content that their ideal and likely customers are putting out first. To show them that the business values their opinion. Before inspiring them to get involved with discussions.

They have to stay on top of trends. And inspired them to be part of a conversation that they care about. And they can also do this through uphold, that asks them their feedback or opinion. And contests.

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That reward them for their engagement. Through time, they will build a community within their brand. And have people wanting to be a part of its. And then they can start rewarding that community.

For their loyalty, their feedback and their business. With exclusive discounts, free products and services, or even things like special events. That give them high-value, that is something that is important to them.

A great example of this is a radio station that rewards their listeners. With exclusive events. Such as a intimate concert with an artist that they value and love advises Vancouver business coach.

By creating this highly engaged. And high value community. They can encourage the people in that social media community to share the message with their network of people. And that is the true value of social media.

That they are going to be able to find more of their ideal and likely customers. Through their ideal and likely customers sharing information. However, this takes time and a consistent message.

If business owners want more information about how to have a successful social media campaign. They should simply make an appointment with their Vancouver business coach.

And learn about all of the different ways that they cannot find their ideal and likely customers. In a that will help them sell more products and services and grow their business.

Vancouver Business Coach | Social Media Strategies That Work

While social media can be an effective tool says Vancouver business coach. Just like any tool, when used improperly. Will not help business owners grow their business.

But instead, can cost them. When they upset customers, or do not know how to deal with negative comments appropriately.

Ultimately, social media is a place for entrepreneurs to engage with customers as a human face of their business. In order to get them to become fans of their brand.

When business owners use it. Simply as a of sharing their products and services. Hoping that someone will see, and then buy from them. They will have less success warns Vancouver business coach.

And can actually turn many people off of their brand. Because social media is a place for people to be social. And they may not be ready to buy anything.

In fact, this is why so many people are advertising on Google AdWords. Because they are able to advertise to their ideal and likely customers. At the exact moment they are ready to purchase those products and services.

Therefore, entrepreneurs who advertise on Google AdWords. Are able to simply share their products and services. And generate sales. However, social media is entirely different.

And they need to not only share human side of their business. But share their core values, and their mission and vision. And then engage those ideal and likely customers.

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Before they will know, like and trust the business enough. To think about buying those products and services. And the reason why it is so important for business owners to keep in mind.

That they should use it properly. Because as soon as they are on a social media platform. They are going to start getting people to send inquiries through that social media. And if they do not respond fast enough.

They can cause customers to become frustrated. And go to their competitor, with a bad taste in their mouth. Even though the business owner might feel that they did nothing wrong at all.

And how fast they need to generate a response. When someone sends them an inquiry on a social media platform. Is at least within an hour. But ideally within half an hour.

Many business owners think that they can simply use a chat bot or an automated response system. To respond to the customers. So that they do not have to have a human watching their social media at all times.

Unfortunately, while a chat bot can bridge the gap. And reduce the amount of time between getting an inquiry, and human responding. Customers know when they are talking to a robot.

And do not want to be, especially when they are on social media. Therefore, when business owners are thinking about becoming active on social media. Then Vancouver business coach encourages them.

To ensure they have the systems and processes in place. To respond timely to those inquiries. Or risk upsetting clients. That they did not even know they had.