Vancouver Business Coach | Social Media is for Building Relationships

Vancouver Business Coach | Social Media is for Building Relationships

If entrepreneurs think that the only thing that they are going to have to do on social media says Vancouver business coach. Simply advertise their products and services. Not only will they not be successful. But they might have people thinking negatively about their brand.

The reason why, is because it social media is a platform. For people to stay connected to other people. And while advertising on this platform can be successful.

It needs to be done in a specific way. To cause customers to build that trust, and grow relationship. With a business. So that they will be more likely to buy products and services in the future.

But building trust and a customer relationship. Takes time. And if entrepreneurs are not willing to put this time in. It may not be the best place to advertise.

Unlike Google AdWords that advertises to their ideal and likely customers. On a website where they are ready to buy the products and services that a business is selling.

Social media will be more about creating a community. And creating engaged customers. So that they can build that trust. That will eventually help them sell more products and services.

To a wider variety of people. Then they would actually have access to before. However, how they do this is going to be very methodical. Which is why people should always sit down with Vancouver business coach.

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In order to plan how they are going to do this. That way, they will figure out who their ideal and likely clients are. What is most important to them. And what message they are going to put out to them.

And that is just the first steps. How business owners are going to be able to get their ideal and likely buyers to engage with them. Is to show the human side of their business.

By showing pictures of the business owner, and the staff. As well as sharing stories about the people, and about the company. As well as sharing in their mission, vision and core values.

Can be a great start. However, videos are some of the most important tools that business owners can do this with. Because videos can show the people, how they interact.

And their passion, knowledge and expertise can come through very easily in the video. Without having to put a lot of time or effort into it. Business owners should get over being camera shy if they are.

And they do not have to worry about a high production value video. Something that is shot in a morning on their cell phone. Can be enough to show their ideal and likely buyers the human side of them.

To help them want to engage with them on a social media platform. This is a multistep process. That business owners need to know how to do well.

Which is why they should always approach social media with a plan. To get that plan contact Vancouver business coach. To start working with the experts today.

Vancouver Business Coach | Social Media is for Building Relationships

Many people may not realize how important it is to show the human side of their business on social media says Vancouver business coach. And they may end up turning off their potential customers.

If they are simply peddling their products and services. Without engaging the people in their network. As well, business owners need to keep in mind.

That is soon as they are on social media. They are going to be getting comments, and requests on this platform. And how they respond is important.

For example, studies have shown that 32% of customers. To send messages to businesses on social media. Expect a response within half an hour.

However, the rest of them expect a response within an hour. And if entrepreneurs think that they can get away with only responding to social media inquiries. Once a day.

Are going to end up angering a lot of potential customers. Therefore, Vancouver business coach says that entrepreneurs should ensure. That they have a system and process in their business.

That allows them to respond to social media inquiries quickly. Whether that is a person that does it, someone that they outsource this to. Or whether the business owner is going to take care of it themselves.

Responding within a timely fashion actually builds trust. Which increases customer satisfaction. And increases sales. However, it is not just the positive comments that they need to respond to.

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Any time a business is on social media. They are going to get negative comments as well. And how they respond to these comments. Will have a huge impact on how effective their sales is online.

And when business owners do not have great comments online. They may not realize how negatively that is seen by other people. And they will want to address it very quickly.

How they can do that, is making a comment right with in that negative read. So that they can address the issue. In a visible to everybody. Then, people will see how important that customer service is.

And customer satisfaction to that business. And when they finally relieve that customers pain point. They will be able to encourage other people to use them for business.

Because they will make things right if they go wrong. And to do it publicly on the thread where a negative comment was made. Will show everyone, that the business is dedicated to fixing problems as well.

Building relationships takes time. And building relationships with strangers online will take even more time. And as long as business owners are not expecting overnight results from their social media campaigns.

There going to be able to have a lot more success in their business. However just like anything. It takes time, consistency and effort. As well as knowing what to do. Like hiring Vancouver business coach to help them.