Vancouver Business Coach | Social Media Can Be a Great Tool

Vancouver Business Coach | Social Media Can Be a Great Tool

Often, when companies go to Vancouver business coach. To help them grow their business, they often want to know if they should be on social media. And the answer is not as simple as a yes or no.

While social media is a great tool. It is a tool in order to find ideal and likely customers. And get the message of the business is, and why they should buy from the business.

So that they can generate more sales and increase the revenue. Therefore, they need to keep that in mind if they are going to use social media at all. Because the most important part about social media.

However, business owners are not going to be able to just get on social media. And then start showing pictures of their products, and advertising sales.

Is the fact that people are on it in order to be social. Therefore, this is the opportunity for a business owner to show who they are, and that there is a person behind the business. Ultimately, what their brand is.

This can actually be very beneficial according to Vancouver business coach. Because customers will not buy from a faceless business. So showing the human side on social media. Can actually endear businesses to their ideal and likely customers.

And how they can do that, is starting by showing the business owner, and telling the business owners story. Because many people will identify with other people.

And if they see something familiar, they will be more likely to follow the business closer. Next, they can introduce other staff members, share their bios on social media and on their website.

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This is a great place to start telling company stories, and start discussions. As well as take part in discussions. However, when people ask Vancouver business coach what the best way to show the human side would be.

They mention that nothing can replace video. For showing the human side of the company. By allowing people to almost interact with the business owner, and their staff. And get to know them on a much different level.

Not only can they show videos on their social media channels. But they can put them will on their website, and use the videos in a variety of different ways. For a number of different reasons.

However, once they are on social media, and are starting to attract customers. They need to also engage with those ideal and likely customers. In order to get them to become customers.

They can do that through talking to customers, and engaging them in discussions. Such as asking their opinion on online discussions. Taking polls, an evening holding contests.

That will help customers want to be a part of the community. Especially if they feel that there is some exclusive benefit to it. They can hold contests, where they get a prize.

Have exclusive discounts in the business. Or even come to exclusive events. That are intimate, and are of high value to a customer. This way, they will become highly engaged. As well as start talking about the business to their connections.

Vancouver Business Coach | Social Media Can Be a Great Tool

Often, when people talk to Vancouver business coach about being on social media. They think it is going to be as easy as setting up some social media profiles. And putting some content up occasionally.

However, this will be a great way to get their ideal and likely customers to become frustrated or disenfranchised. Because studies have shown that customers expect a certain response on social media.

Vancouver business coach says that there was a study that was conducted. That shows that 32% of customers. Who send inquiries on social media. Expect a response within thirty minutes.

And ultimately, if business owners are not responding within an hour. They are losing out on the sale and an opportunity. And instead of just losing a sale.

They are turning someone who could have been a customer, and a raving fan. Into someone who has negative thoughts about the business, for not responding in what they think is an appropriate amount of time.

Therefore, Vancouver business coach says business owners need to keep in mind. That if they have a profile on social media. They need to have the resources to be able to respond to customers in a timely fashion.

And while many business owners think that they can also use automated communication tools. Such as chat bots, robots. As well as automated responses to people who are communicating with them on social media.

That can work, but to a point. Customers can generally tell when they are talking to a robot or a chat bought says Vancouver business coach. And while it can help bridge a gap.

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By helping customers get a response within that expected amount of time. They also need to transition that customer to a real person in their business quickly.

So that customers do not get upset at talking to a robot for a long time. And then leave, disgruntled and go to their competition. Therefore, if business owners do not have the means.

In order to have a real life human communicate with customers during business hours. On their social media sites. They might want to rethink having social media as a sales tool.

Once they can commit to that response. The next thing, is to help those customers. Want to be a part of that businesses community. And how business owners can do that.

Is by engaging them in discussions, asking their opinion. Sharing their own content, so that they feel important and valued. This needs to be done in a mindful and thoughtful way.

Because if they do not have a good interaction with the customer. They will use social media to communicate that with their network of people. And that can be more damaging.

However, if business owners get negative feedback on social media. They can simply respond on social media to fix the problem for that customer quickly. And turn them into their own raving fans.