Vancouver Business Coach | Showing the Human Side of Business

Vancouver Business Coach | Showing the Human Side of Business

The reason why it is so important to show the human side of a business says Vancouver business coach. Is because customers want to do business with people they know, like and trust. And not a faceless corporation.

And when way to do this. Is to be active on social media. Because people go to social media in order to interact with other people. Therefore, when businesses become active on this platform.

They should show their humanity, in order to get their ideal and likely buyers to engage with them. So they can start showing photos of the owners and their staff. Telling the story of how the company started.

And sharing the bios of the business owner and their staff. So that ideal and likely customers can see human side of the business. And be more likely to buy products and services from them.

And while photos and biographies are great. Vancouver business coach says videos are actually the strongest and most important way to show the human side.

That will allow their customers to feel like they are getting to know who the people are. And will make them more likely to use them and by their products and services in the future.

Another way that businesses can be active on social media. Is when they share their passion for their business and their brand. As well as share the business is core values.

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As well as their mission, vision and purpose. Because when they share those things, the people that share those same values, will naturally be drawn to their brand and the business.

Therefore, when people believe in the values of the business. And they know the people behind it. That is the perfect recipe for getting them to become their customers.

However, another important aspect of social media says Vancouver business coach. Is the fact that it is a place for people to engage, and be engaged. And they need to utilize this in order to create a community.

They should start discussions, discuss trends. And ultimately, find out what is most important to their ideal and likely buyers. So that they can share content that is the most important to them.

And when they start to see meaningful content. Being shared from a brand that they know and like. They will be more likely to listen to what that business is saying.

However, to inspire those ideal and likely buyers engage. The entrepreneur needs to inspire them to not just passively view the contents. But to share it, and be involved in conversations about it.

Therefore, they can share those customers content. To show that the business values what they have to say. And inspire them to become involved in conversations. With contests to inspire engagement.

Hold poles, that can help ideal and likely buyers give their feedback. And through this, the business owner can create a community. Where people will be more likely to be engaged, and listen but the business has to say.

Vancouver Business Coach | Showing the Human Side of Business

It is important for businesses to show the human side of their business says Vancouver business coach. Because they want their ideal and likely buyers to get to know them, like them, and trust them. In order to get them to become customers who buy from them.

Therefore, many business owners think that social media is the perfect way to show that. And while it can be a great tool. Business owners also need to common mistakes.

That can turn a social media experience into a negative one. That costs customers their businesses customers. Or even causes people to say negative comments about them the business.

One of the most important things that business owners need to know. Is that in order to give customers what they want. They have to go above and beyond what they expect.

And what they expect, is actually exceptional customer service. Having great customer service is no longer enough. Because this is what people expect when they walk into a business.

Therefore, with that businesses deliver. That is not enough to impress. And when they do not give great customer service, that can cause customers to feel negative about their experience.

Therefore, business owners need to come up with a plan on how they are going to exceed those expectations. And be very good at it. Even before they start becoming active online.

The reason why, is because if people have a negative experience. And they found the business online. They will go back online, to share how negative their experience was says Vancouver business coach.

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However, business owners are going to have to know. How to handle negative comments. No matter how exceptional their customer service is. And how they deal with those negative comments is important.

The reason why they have to deal with negative comments. Is because if they do not, persist online. Because many ideal and likely buyers. To not give that business a chance.

Therefore, responding to problems quickly, publicly. Can turn that negative experience into a positive one. And when they fix that pain point for that customer.

It can be used as a positive tool. To show other potential customers. Help for customer satisfaction is. And increase the chances of those potential customers into becoming buyers.

However, something else that business owners need to keep in mind. Is that how fast they respond to comments on social media. And messages that people send them on social media. Is important.

The reason why, is because 32% of customers expect response from businesses on social media. With half an hour. But studies have also shown that there is an ideal timeframe to respond to messages.

If a business takes longer than an hour to respond to messages. Customers will feel ignored. And they will not only go to a competitor, but probably never return to the original business.

While social media can be a great tool. It needs to be used thoughtfully, and properly. In order for businesses to be able to increase sales and grow their revenue because of it. For more help on finding customers, and growing a brand, contact Vancouver business coach today.