Vancouver Business Coach | Setting Up Group Interviews

Vancouver Business Coach | Setting Up Group Interviews

When business owners struggle at finding or keeping staff in their business, Vancouver business coach recommends group interviews. Not only are group interviews a way of finding staff more efficiently.

But it is also going to help a business owner find the most qualified staff. Who will be able to fit in best with their business, because they share the same values. And believe in the mission and vision of the business.

However, it may be difficult for business owners to understand why group interviews should be structured a certain way. But is very important that they do this.

So that they can have the results they need. The first thing that they should do when starting group interviews in their business. Is set aside time in their calendar each week to conduct these interviews.

They need to be conducting these group interviews on a weekly basis. Even if they are not immediately hiring staff. So that they can meet high quantity of people on an ongoing basis.

A business owner also must ensure that they have help wanted ad running regularly. In order to result in resumes coming into the business every week.

However, instead of reading each of the resumes. And trying to decide which candidates to bring in for the interview. Vancouver business coach recommends inviting every applicant to the interview.

That way, business owners can already save themselves an immense amount of time and work. By not having to read resumes. Especially since reading resumes is not an effective way of finding qualified candidates.

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And since a large percentage of applicants by their not show up to the interview at all. Or not show up on time. That results in a lot of wasted time in a on one interview.

However, in a group interview setting. It is not a big deal. Because those who do not show up, are not taking a spot that somebody else could have been interviewed in.

And a business owner will likely have many other applicants at the group interview as well. So they will never know if someone was intending to come who never did.

It is also very important that business owners right in the invitation. That the time will start promptly. And that latecomers will not be admitted into the interview.

This sets a precedent that the business values punctuality. And is not flexible either, so that the people who excess will candidates. Know what to expect from the business.

The interview process itself should take an hour. And whether that means two or three people show up to the group interview. Or they have many people like twenty or twenty-five or even more.

And while traditional one-on-one interviews would take one hour per candidates. This method allows business owners to meet a large number of people in the same amount of time.

This can be very beneficial to entrepreneurs. As long as they know how to set up and run the group interview. And if they have any other questions, they can contact their Vancouver business coach for more help.

Vancouver Business Coach | Setting Up Group Interviews

Even though one-on-one interviews rarely work at finding the best candidate’s, Vancouver business coach says business owners still use this method. Mostly because they are not aware of any other interview style.

In fact, it can take a lot time that a business owner does not have. From the very start of the process to the end. According to glassdoor, the average one on one interview can take twenty-three days to complete.

This is time that small business owners do not have. They needed to learn how to maximize their time in almost every area of their business. And the same should apply to their interview process.

This is why Vancouver business coach recommends group interviews. Because as opposed to a twenty-three day process just to hire one person. The group interview takes only a single hour each week.

And can result in several people being hired, if that is what the business needs. However, many people have a lot of questions about how to conduct a group interview effectively.

Once they have the answer to these questions. They will be able to conduct group interviews in their own business. And start finding more qualified staff more efficiently.

The first thing that business owners should do once the group interview starts. Is read the help wanted ad and job description at the beginning of the interview.

While many business owners may not understand why. The reason is not only so that everyone who shows up to the interview, can remember exactly why they are they are.

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Which is especially helpful for applicants who may have been applying for several different jobs. And may not remember exactly what this one is says Vancouver business coach.

But mostly, so that all applicants can be reminded of the job description and requirements. So there is no questions about what is involved in the job or their expectations if they are hired.

The next thing that business owners should do after they read the job description. Is read out to the company’s mission, vision and values of the business. This is how they set company culture early on.

Ideally, their values will be somewhat polarizing. And will not appeal to every applicant in the room. Therefore, the position will tend to only appeal to those people who share the same values.

And to the applicants who feel good about the mission and vision of the business. And want to help the business owner accomplish those goals.

By reading out all of this information at the start of the interview. Can help a business owner find the people who are going to be the best fit for the business. And set company culture early on.

And if it is not successful, and they do not find anyone during this interview. A business owner also will not feel pressured to hire anyone who does not fit.

Especially because they will be holding another group interview next week, which might yield people who are better fits for the business.