Vancouver Business Coach | Search Engine Optimization With Google

Vancouver Business Coach | Search Engine Optimization With Google

It is very important that business owners find their ideal and likely buyers quickly says Vancouver business coach. Because when entrepreneurs think that this is something that they can worry about later. They typically run out of money, because they have not been able to make enough sales.

Vancouver Business Coach

And while business owners think that it is not going to be an issue that happens with them. They need to understand, that this is actually one of the most common reasons. Why Canadian small businesses fail.

According to an industry Canada survey. 50% of all Canadian businesses eventually fail. And there are only three reasons why. These small businesses are closing their doors, after only a few years of operation.

And the most common reason why small businesses are closing their doors. Is because they are unable to find enough customers. To sell enough products and services to remain viable in business.

Therefore, marketing needs to be an important thing to think about. Even before business owners open the doors to their business. However, many business owners do not even have good business plan.

Or a business plan at all, so it stands to reason that they also do not have a good marketing plan. Which is causing many great businesses to fail. Even though it is completely avoidable with the right information.

This is what Vancouver business coach is dedicated to. Helping entrepreneurs find the customers that they need. To buy their products and services, and remain viable in business.

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One method that they use, is called search engine optimization. Which is making their website as attractive as possible. To search engines, so that they can be found in more search results.

And when business owners are utilizing search engine optimization. They should optimize to the Google search algorithms. Because Google is quite simply, largest search engine in the world.

96% of all searches done on a mobile device. Our done on the Google website. And 94% of all searches done on a desktop will be done with Google. The remaining 4% of all searches are done.

With all of the other search engines in the world, including the YouTube search engine. Which is the second largest in the world and is owned by Google. Therefore, optimizing for googles algorithms.

Will help businesses find their ideal and likely customers more easily. One of the first things that their business coach will share with entrepreneurs. Is how the information on their website is organized is important.

This means the headers need to be in the correct places. The pages, and the pictures being named appropriately. And having enough keywords on each page.

This is something that their Vancouver business coach can help them with. Business owners just have to be willing to let them work with their website. In order to make it more easy to find by Google.

However, there are many other things that they can do for search engine optimization. That they can find all about when they set up their first consultation with a business coach. The first consultation is free, and can help business owners succeed.

Vancouver Business Coach | Search Engine Optimization With Google

If entrepreneurs discover that they are not finding enough customers through their website, Vancouver business coach says. They may not be appearing in enough search results. For customers to be able to see their website.

In fact, business owners should understand. That in order to be found by customers at all. They have to be on the first page of Google. The reason why, is because while 88% of customers do a Google search.

In order to find the businesses that they are going to purchase products and services from. But if a business is not on the first page. Virtually no customers will go to the second or third pages.

In order to find businesses that they want to purchase from. They will either use the businesses that they do find on the first page. Or if there search results do not generate the results they wanted.

Instead of going to the second or third pages of Google. Vancouver business coach says they will simply do another search, or a bad in their efforts altogether. This is why it is vital for businesses to appear on the first page of Google.

They can do this through search engine optimization. In order to get into the organic search results. To find their ideal and likely buyers. This will take some work, and some time.

And many business owners might be tempted to utilize different methods. In order to end up on the first page of Google sooner. Which means they may end up paying for ads on Google.

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And while this is a great technique. That business owners can eventually use. When businesses are new, they typically do not have the money it will take. To end up on the first page of Google with paid ads.

In addition to that, Vancouver business coach says business owners may not realize. How many customers actually bypass the paid ads, in order to look at the map results, or organic search results.

Therefore, it is much more beneficial. For new business owners to work on search engine optimization. So that their website can rank on the first page. In organic search results first.

Because that work that they do, will pay off for a long time. While paid ads will only pay off for as long as they are paying. Only once they are at the first page in the organic results for a while.

Will they talk about paid ads with Vancouver business coach. And when they do, it will be very strategic about what keywords they choose. Because they will only rank with paid ads on the keywords that they pick.

This means organizing the information on their website. The way that Google likes to have it. Making sure that it looks and works well on a mobile device. And having a lot of content.

All of these strategies can be discussed with their business coach on the first meeting. And setting up a consultation with inspired method marketing is absolutely free for the first consultation.