Vancouver Business Coach | Schedules Minimize Distractions

Vancouver Business Coach | Schedules Minimize Distractions

Even though many entrepreneurs dream of time freedom according to Vancouver business coach. It takes a lot of hard work. To grow business that will allow them to take time off eventually.

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However, many business owners struggle. To get everything done that will help them grow their business. Simply due to the sheer volume of tasks and work they need to accomplish.

One of the first problems that business owners have. When they are new in their business ownership. Is that they are not working enough hours. In order to get everything accomplished.

They may start out by thinking that they can work the same number of hours. That they worked as an employee. Or even, being prepared to work slightly more hours. Like working ten hours a day, instead of eight. Five days a week.

Unfortunately, this still is not enough time. In order to get every task done that they need. Particularly, because a business owner needs to leverage their time. To make up for their lack of money.

Therefore, creating a schedule. Can help an entrepreneur see. Exactly how much time they need to put into their business. In order to get every task done. A time block schedule involves.

Grading blocks of time in the future, for every task they need to accomplish. Which can put it into perspective. What hours a business owner must put into their business. But help keep them on task as well.

They will see that they need to work twelve hours a day, six days a week. Just to get the bare minimum done. And even then, they will have to resist distractions. And figure out how to work more efficiently.

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Even having a schedule itself. Can help entrepreneurs avoid distractions. The reason why, is because a business owner will know how much time they need. To accomplish the task, and when they need to start working on another one.

However, many entrepreneurs struggle according to Vancouver business coach. Because they get distracted with things that seem business related. But do not help them grow their business.

Things like problems from customers, questions from employees. And even suppliers, wanting the employer’s time. As well as calls, and reading emails. Can seem like legitimate interruptions.

And this is where schedules can help entrepreneurs. If they are working on important business initiative. That is designed to help them grow. They should not allow yourselves to be interrupted.

Even by these scenarios that seem very important. Instead, they can have a schedule. Where they will have the time. To deal with unexpected scenarios that pop up. As well as time to read emails.

And respond to them, as well as time to listen to voicemails, and return calls. When a business owner knows that there is time to deal with those things later says Vancouver business coach.

They can concentrate on the task at hand. And get it done, instead of having an entire day of distractions. And then not getting the tasks done that will help them grow their business.

Vancouver Business Coach | Schedules Minimize Distractions & Increase Productivity

Grading a schedule, is of paramount importance to a new business owner according to Vancouver business coach. This is because it will help them know what tasks need to get done. And it can help them avoid being distracted.

One question that many entrepreneurs have for their business coach. Is that they wantto know if it is truly important. For them to have a schedule, when they are solo-preneur. And do not have any employees in their business.

The answer to this question, is that not only is it as important. But it is in fact even more important for a single business owner. That has no staff to have a schedule. Because they will not have anyone helping them.

The roots reminding them what tasks need to get done. Doing things for the business owner. Or just helping avoid distractions. a schedule is going to help even the smallest business owner get more done and succeed.

However, no matter how important schedules are. One of the most common reasons. Why entrepreneurs do not have one. Is because they do not know how to create one.

Vancouver business coach recommends writing down a list. Of all of the tasks that ever need to be accomplished in the business. And how often they need to be done. Whether it is daily, weekly or more.

As well, they need to write down beside each task. How much time it will take to complete each task. They will start to see, how monumental this list is. And they will never get it done, if they are only working eight hours a day.

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They can then start scheduling all of their tasks into a calendar. Scheduling the most difficult tasks for first thing in the morning. Their brain is going to be able to work at its best efficiency.

As well, when they are deciding. That it is important to work twelve hour day. Vancouver business coach recommends starting their day at six in the morning. And working until six or seven in the evening.

First of all, because starting several hours before they open their business. Means uninterrupted time. While her brain is working at its best. Which means they are likely going to get a lot more accomplished in their day.

But also, starting at six in the morning. Means that they are going to be able to be finished their day. In time to be able to go home, have dinner with their family. And see their spouse and children before they go to bed.

When they are scheduling their tasks in. Entrepreneurs also need to ensure. That they are leaving room for unexpected events popping up. Like problems with customers. To give the entrepreneur time to deal with those scenarios.

If business owners would like more help creating a schedule. Having an accountability partner. Or learning how to to grow their business. All they have to do is reach out to Vancouver business coach for consultation today.