Vancouver Business Coach | Save Time With Group Interviews

Vancouver Business Coach | Save Time With Group Interviews

When business owners are struggling to find staff in their business, Vancouver business coach recommends trying group interviews. Not only can this save a business owner time. Can also help business owners identify the most qualified candidates for their business.

In fact, many business owners struggle to find and keep staff in their business. Especially as the turnover rate doubles from previous years. With the average employee staying only two point three years with each employer.

The first thing that business owners need to do with the group interview. Is ensure that they host one every week in their business. So they need to time block an hour in their calendar on ongoing basis.

And ensure that they are running help wanted ad regularly. In order to have a regular group interview, with candidates. They need to do this even when they are not specifically hiring people in their business.

The reason why they need to do this says Vancouver business coach. Is because in order to meet the right one person for their business. Business owners need to increase they number of people that they are interviewing.

So meeting people even when they are not hiring. Is how they are going to meet enough people. To find the most talented person For their business.

It also can save business owners a lot of time says Vancouver business coach. Because they no longer have to read each resume. And instead, send an invitation to each candidate to come to the group interview.

Since they have an ongoing interview slots, they can send applicants a list of three dates that they can come to. So that candidates can choose which one that works best for them.

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And whether they decide to not show up, will not end up wasting a business owner’s time. Because the have many other candidates as well. And rather than meeting only one person in a one-hour timeslot.

Which is what would happen during a typical one on one interview. A business owner can meet as many people as show up to the interview. Which could potentially be just a few.

But business owner might also have twenty or more candidates in the group interview. Which can help them meet a large number of candidates at the same time in that same one-hour timeslot.

The next thing that they do during this group interview according to Vancouver business coach. Is read out the job description. To ensure that everybody who is there in the group interview is there for the right reasons.

Next, the business owner should read out the businesses problem, mission, vision and values. In this will help set the company culture, and attract the people who share the same values themselves.

This way, even before any employee is hired. They will have been aware of the company culture, and the values. Ideally, the company values will be polarizing. Because the values do not appeal to everyone.

Only the people that share those same values will be drawn to the organization. The people who do not like those values, typically take themselves out of the running for the job.

When business owners are able to choose candidates. Based on who shares the same values as they do. They will be able to have more dedicated employees. Who will be happy to work for an organization they truly believe in the mission of.

Vancouver Business Coach | Save Time With Group Interviews

Many business owners struggle at finding the right people to hire in their business says Vancouver business coach. That it is one of the most common reasons why businesses in Canada fail.

However, the problem is with how most people conduct interviews. Because not only is it not very efficient. It also does not result in the most qualified candidates being found, or interviewed.

In fact, 23% of all businesses that fail. Say that being unable to find or keep staff is the reason why they were not successful. Which shows Vancouver business coach why it is so important to change the way businesses find staff.

The first thing that group interviews will do. Is help business owners save time by not requiring them to read the resumes. Instead, they can send all applicants an invitation to the group interview.

Business owners will typically spend dozens of hours or more. Depending on how many resumes they receive in their business when they advertise a position.

And since 85% of all people lie on their resumes. Resumes are very poor way of choosing a candidate to interview. Especially when business owners are usually able to tell if a candidate will fit in their business.

In the first few seconds of the interview, so if business owners can meet all applicants first. They will be able to see who is likely to fit in their business. Without having to spend time reading lots of resumes.

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They also will save a lot of time, when business owners open the floor to questions. Allowing all the candidates to ask as many questions about the company and the job as they want.

Since many of the candidates will have the same questions. A business owner does not have to waste a lot of time that the cement and one-on-one interviews. Answering the same questions over and over.

The end of the question, business owners need to only ask one question to the candidates. And that one question is: why do you want to work here?

Pin the answer that they are looking for says Vancouver business coach. Is not about why they want to job, or why they want to work in the industry. Business owners are looking for specific answer.

About why they want to work for that company specifically. Candidates might answer what about the company inspires them, something they appreciate about the company culture.

Or how the mission and vision of the business speaks to them. And how any other answer is not the correct one. That can help business owners identify the people who will be the best fit in the business because they believe in what the business does.

By utilizing this group interview method. They cover business coach says business owners can meet the people who are going to be the best fit for their specific business.

And because of that, will have less turnover in their business. And have the best and most qualified staff to work with.