Vancouver Business Coach | Productivity Hacks For Entrepreneurs

Vancouver Business Coach | Productivity Hacks For Entrepreneurs

When business owners open the doors to their business for the first time says Vancouver business coach. They start to realize, the magnitude of growing a business. And all of the things that they needs to get done.

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This can be overwhelming, which is why many entrepreneurs. Fall into the trap of multitasking. Inking that is going to help them get more done in their day. Although, most people realize on some level.

That multitasking is inefficient. The science actually backs this up. Showing that it requires a person working twenty-three minutes. On a task uninterrupted, in order to reach their peak productivity.

And multitasking ensures this productivity level is never reached. However, many business owners do not know what they should do instead. In order to help them get more accomplished in their day.

The answer might seem simplistic says Vancouver business coach. But truly, the answer is working longer hours. Then they were working, as an employee. In fact, most of the successful entrepreneurs.

Work twelve days, and six days a week. Because they know that is the time required. To get everything done necessary. In order to grow their business. However, it is not just enough.

For business owners to simply show up for a twelve hour day. And wonder what they are going to do. For this reason, many business coaches teach entrepreneurs. How to create a time block to schedule to adhere to.

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What this will do, is show entrepreneurs exactly how many hours they needs to work. Every day, in order to get all of their strategic priorities done. It is quite common For entrepreneurs to overestimate.

Exactly what they are going to be able to accomplish in their first year of business. But doing this time blocking exercise. Can make it a little bit more realistic for business owners. And if they want to come close to accomplishing what they want.

They will have to work twelve hour days in order to get everything done. As well, they will be able to organize what they should work on and when. For example, putting all of the things that require uninterrupted focus.

In the early morning hours. Between 6 o’clock in the morning, and when their business opens. They can put things like working on their financial statements, and business finances. So that they are less likely to be interrupted.

During this extremely important task. Because they will not have staff, at least in the beginning. To help them do all of their tasks. Working these long hours. It will be necessary, to help a business owner get off the ground.

As they grow, they will be able to hire staff that can take on some of the tasks that they used to. But then, a business owner can devote their newfound free time. To other tasks that will need to be done in order to continue growing.

If business owners need any help with this. Vancouver business coach will be more than happy to help them. All they have to do is reach out for a consultation. And find out how they can get started.

Vancouver Business Coach | Productivity Hacks For Entrepreneurs

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs can make according to Vancouver business coach. Is thinking that in order to be productive, they will needs to multitask in their business.

Multitasking can seem attractive. Because it helps people appear busy. However, it does not really work. In helping people get more done. That is because as they focus on many things.

They do not actually focus on any one thing. Which means their focus is fragmented. And they cannot accomplish anything well. As well, because it takes working for twenty-three minutes and interrupted to reach peak productivity.

Multitasking ensures that people are not working as efficiently or as effectively as they could be. The hack that they are looking for. In order to get more done in their day says Vancouver business coach.

Is easier then they may realize. It is setting aside time in their schedule. For every single task that needs to get done. No matter how big or small. And ensure that this schedule is repeatable. Either every day, week or month.

So that they do not have to think about what they are doing every day they come into their business. And so that they have time set aside for everything that needs to get done.

The only thing that they have to avoid. Once they have created their time block to schedule. Is the distractions, that can cause them to pull their focus away. From the tasks that need their attention.

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For example, business owners need to learn. That it is okay to let their phone go to voicemail. Especially when they are working on extremely important objectives. And as long as they set time aside in their schedule.

For listening to voicemails, and responding to them. They do not have to pick up the phone every time it brings. If they do, business owners could very easily get stuck doing nothing in their business except answering phones.

And then, their business is doing nothing at all. Another thing that business owners should learn. Is that all distractions, can cost them their productivity. Therefore, they should turn all notifications on their cell phone off.

As well as turn off their email notifications from their email program. So that they do not fall into the trap. Of answering emails and not getting their tasks done. It can be very tempting to want to respond to the emails in an inbox.

But as soon as an entrepreneurs has cleared their inbox. There will be more messages waiting for them. In an unending task. By only responding to emails at a set time every day.

Business owners will be able to stop the distractions. But also, Vancouver business coach recommends that when they do respond to emails.

Whenever possible, pick up the phone to respond. So that they are not caught in that dreaded doom email loop. By doing this, they will be able to get even more done in their day.