Vancouver Business Coach | Multitasking Is Not Productive

Vancouver Business Coach | Multitasking Is Not Productive

The trap that many business owners follow into says Vancouver business coach. Is thinking that multitasking is productive. And a great way to help entrepreneurs get more done in their day.

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This is because many people have often been multitasking at work for years. And have been taught to equate be busy, to being productive. When this is not true at all.

In fact, when people are multitasking. Not only are they not getting more done. There actually getting less done, and the work that they are doing. Is being done to a poor quality then they are capable of.

The reason why, is because scientific studies have shown. That the average person requires twenty-three minutes of uninterrupted work. To reach their peak productivity level. Whenever they switch a task.

Or are interrupted, they must work another twenty-three minutes. In order to reach their peak productivity again. Therefore, multitasking is a way of ensuring. People never become productive.

In fact, while many people can agree. That multitasking is a bad idea. Some people think that they are the exception to the rule. And studies have shown. That not only is this not the case.

But people who think they are better at multitasking than most. Are actually the worst offenders. And are getting less accomplished than anyone. Therefore, anyone multitasking should stop immediately.

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However, telling an entrepreneur to stop multitasking. And having them do that, are two separate things. This is why when Vancouver business coach starts working with entrepreneurs.

One of the first things that they teach them, is how to create a time blocked schedule. Because this will help them stop multitasking. By ensuring that they have time set aside every week. For each of the tasks they need to accomplish in their business.

One of the most important things that happens. When business owners start time blocking. Is that they realize how long it is going to take them. To get everything done. And that they will have to work more than eight hours a day.

In fact, Vancouver business coach says that most successful entrepreneurs work twelve hour days, six days a week. And by time blocking, entrepreneurs can see this, and be ready to put in that time.

This is better than trying to get everything accomplished in an eight hour day. Getting frustrated when it does not work. And having family members. Being upset, that they never see their loved one.

Because they are constantly working longer and later than they promise. When people start utilizing their time blocking. And work at twelve hour day. Starting at 6 o’clock in the morning.

Not only will they be able to get everything done that they need. But they will also be able to leave on time. So that they can get home, and spend time with their family.

It will also ensure that they are not tempted to try to bring work home. And that they can be present for their family. So that their family can continue to support their entrepreneur endeavour.

Vancouver Business Coach | Multitasking Is Not Productive

Many business owners think multitasking is the key to productivity says Vancouver business coach. However, the opposite is true. And business owners need to actually avoid multitasking in their business.

How to do this, is by creating a time block to schedule. With time set aside every day and every week. For every important priority that needs to get complete. This will ensure that business owners can focus on one thing at a time.

And focus on it until it is done. So that they can avoid multitasking. Unfortunately, if they do not know how to eliminate distractions and interruptions. This time blocking may not be as efficient as it could be.

When businesses start working with Vancouver business coach, they will learn how detrimental distractions are. And how to avoid them every day in their business.

One of the first things that they will learn. Is that it is perfectly okay, to let their phone go to voicemail. As long as they have time set aside in their day. Devoted to checking their messages and returning them.

In fact, business owners that answer the phone whenever it rings. Even if they are working on a very challenging task. May not to get that task done. Depending on how often the phone rings.

And while the phone is typically important. Being a customer, or supplier. If they do not finish their strategic priorities in their business. They will not have a business in order for customers and suppliers to call.

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At the same time, Vancouver business coach will also share with their business owners. That they should avoid reading emails as soon as they come in. And in fact, turn off the email notifications.

The same reasons that answering the phone every time it rings. Is not a good idea. Business owners should set aside time in their day devoted to reading emails, and returning messages.

Because if entrepreneurs start their day by looking at other emails. They may never get onto their important priorities that they need to work on in their business.

In fact, turning their phone to silence and putting it in a drawer. Is also important way that businesses can avoid distractions. Vancouver business coach says those notifications are designed to keep people addicted to their phone.

And are not a tool of productivity, like so many people have been programmed to believe. By avoiding all of these distractions. Business owners will be able to adhere to their time block to schedule.

And get more accomplished in their day. So that they can get all of the important things in their business done. While it might feel a bit unusual or foreign to business owners. The sooner they can do this.

The more likely they are to succeed sooner in their business. Which will allow them to hire people. So that they can have someone answering the phones and answering emails. So that the business owner can continue to work on the most important priorities in their business.