Vancouver Business Coach | Multitasking Is a Waste of Time

Vancouver Business Coach | Multitasking Is a Waste of Time

Despite the fact that many people think multitasking is efficient says Vancouver business coach. And how many professionals actually multitask every day in their business. Not only is it not efficient. It is quite the opposite according to science.

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Many people think that multitasking is great. Because they feel very busy. And people often equate busy to productive. However, this is not the case. Rather than getting more things done efficiently.

Studies have actually shown. That people work slower, when they are constantly jumping from one task to another. Part of the reason, is that scientists have discovered. That it takes every person’s brain.

An average of twenty-three minutes to reach its maximum productivity. Every time they start a new task, the clock starts back at zero. And they must work for twenty-three minutes.

Before reaching that productivity level once again. When people are interrupted, whether it is a phone call, an employee asking a question. Or even just an email notification pinging.

That productivity clock is stopped, and people must work again for twenty-three minutes. Before they can reach their productivity level. This is why Vancouver business coach recommends to every business owner.

To avoid multitasking in their business at once. But not only are people getting less work done. Because they are not working as productively as they should be. The quality of work that they are accomplishing is much poorer.

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Therefore, there are many businesses out there, who are multitasking. That are getting less done, and a poor quality work. Then they could, or should be.

However, while many business owners agree that multitasking is actually a waste of time. They do not know how to get out of the trap. Particularly when they are very new in their business. And are trying t compensate.

For the fact that they do not have the money to pay staff. And therefore, must do all of the tasks in their business themselves. The answer to that says Vancouver business coach is quite simple.

They create a time block to schedule. With time set aside for every single task that they need to get accomplished. This is actually, a very efficient way. Of a business owner finding out.

If they have too many things scheduled, or their business plan, or marketing plan is too lofty. Keeping in mind, that they will be able to get more things accomplished. If they work on each task until completion.

Business owners will find, that it is quite necessary. To work twelve hour days, and work six days a week. In order to get just the bare essentials done in their business. But when they can adhere to this schedule.

Not only can they get more done. But now, it is possible to grow their business. And to become quite successful. When business owners are ready to start working efficiently.

All they have to do, is contact inspired method marketing and coaching. For their free consultation. And find out what they can do next.

Vancouver Business Coach | Multitasking Is a Waste of Time

Many business owners fall into the multitasking trap says Vancouver business coach. And while they know that multitasking is not actually efficient. They do not know how to avoid doing this.

They start each day with the best of intentions, but then they get an angry phone call from a customer. Or they check their email, only to discover two hundred messages.

They start answering phone calls. And returning emails. Only to realize that the entire day has passed. And they are no farther ahead on their strategic priorities. Then they were when they first arrived in the morning.

This is why one of the keys to multitasking. Is avoiding distractions. This can be easier said than done says Vancouver business coach. So there are some very easy steps that business owners can do.

To avoid falling into this multitasking problem. First, they should dedicate the morning to solitary work. By working as long as they can in the morning. Without any interruptions from anyone. They are going to be able to get more accomplished.

It is going to be a hard lesson to learn. But it is okay to let their phone call go unanswered. As long as they have time in their schedule each day. To listen to voicemail and return those calls.

As well, they should set some time aside in their schedule. To look at emails. It is very easy to waste an entire day responding to emails. Because as soon as the business owner has completed all of the emails currently in their inbox.

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There inbox updates, and there is another hundred messages. Waiting for responses. As well it is extremely easy to get stuck in what they call the email doom loop. Which is every email that comes in.

Will have another email following it. And what could have been a five minute conversation on the phone. Is now three weeks of emails. And no one any closer to the answer then they were at the beginning of the email conversation.

This is why it is far more efficient. For business owners to simply pick up the phone, and answer question. Or have that conversation. Instead of trying to work in their inbox all day long.

Eliminating interruptions. Can also be as easy as turning off their cell phone notifications. And putting their phone in a drawer. So that they do not get that distraction to derail their progress.

Another way to eliminate interruptions. Especially when a business owner starts hiring staff. Is to put everyone on the same schedule. Dedicated, solitary work in the morning. Where nobody is answering the phone.

The business owner can also dedicate time, to answering their staff’s questions. So that they do not feel compelled to interrupt them. Whenever they need to ask a question.

There are many different strategies that business owners can use. And by working with Vancouver business coach, they can learn all of those strategies. To help their business be efficient and grow.