Vancouver Business Coach | Multitasking Is a Trap

Vancouver Business Coach | Multitasking Is a Trap

Despite the fact that many people herald multitasking as a skill says Vancouver business coach. Actually is ineffective, and should be avoided by everyone. There are many reasons why it should be avoided.

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When people look at exactly what multitasking is. It is working on many different tasks. Jumping from one to the next. Before they finish the task. Which means there attention is fragmented.

The work that they do get done, is likely to be a much poor quality. Then if they had simply focused on one task at a time. But also, when people work uninterrupted. They are able to reach their peak productivity level.

That only happens, when they are working on something for twenty-three minutes, with no interruptions. Switching from one task to the next, counts as an interruption. Each means when people are multitasking.

They are getting less work done. Then if they were concentrating on one task at a time. Therefore, when entrepreneurs utilize multitasking. To help them get more done. Their efforts are actually backfiring.

In fact, while many people brag about how good they can multitask. Most people inherently know that it is a poor idea. Especially when they look at other professions. And how would be a terrible idea for them to be multitasking.

Take a pilot, flying a plane for example. Nobody would want to hear about their pilot watching a movie, or texting as they were flying an airplane. Full of hundreds of people across an ocean.

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Or, a surgeon multitasking while they were performing life-saving surgery. If these professionals should not be multitasking. Because it would cause them to not pay enough attention to their job.

And likely make mistakes. The same should apply to any person, in any career. Particularly entrepreneurs, starting their new business for the first time. Therefore, helping and entrepreneurs.

How to unlearn how to multitask. Is one of the first things that Vancouver business coach will do with their new clients. While it can be very difficult, one skill that can make it easier.

Will be for entrepreneurs to create a time block to schedule. This schedule, takes blocks of time, devoted in the future. For all of the tasks that a business owner needs to get done.

There are many benefits of time blocking. From ensuring that no task. No matter how small, or how infrequently it needs to get done. Will ever be overlooked. Because this schedule will be repeatable.

But also, it will help entrepreneurs see. If they have enough time in their day, week and month. To accomplish all of the tasks they have outlined in their business plan. And if not, they either have to scale back their plan.

Or work more hours in their day. In fact, Vancouver business coach says that successful entrepreneurs. Work twelve hour days, six days a week. And knowing this ahead of time. Can help entrepreneurs get out of the employee mindsets. And start thinking like a successful business owner.

Vancouver Business Coach | Multitasking Is a Trap

When people think of a successful entrepreneurs, they often have an image of someone multitasking says Vancouver business coach. However, this is not an accurate image.

Because if people think of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Such as Warren Buffett for example. They are less likely to be working on many projects at once. And instead, working solo, on one task at a time.

People like multitasking, because it helps them feel like they are busy. And people have been taught that busy is productive. However, when looking exactly at multitasking for what it is. It is easy to see.

That it causes people to fragment their attention. So that they have a poor quality of work done. But also, that because they are fragmenting their time over and over. They can never get into a flow.

And reach peak productivity. Because they are constantly switching tasks midstream. However, because people typically have been multitasking their entire life. They do not know how to avoid multitasking.

This is one of the things that Vancouver business coach will work with their clients. Teaching them not only how to time block. That can help them figure out exactly when they are going to do all of their most important tasks.

But also teaching business owners how to avoid the distractions. That are going to cause them to stop working on their important objectives. One of the first things that they will learn.

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Is when they create their twelve hour day schedule. Is that they need to start at 6 o’clock in the morning, and work at twelve hour day. The reason why, is because if people think that there going to be able to work at twelve hour day.

But start later on in their day, they are not going to have that uninterrupted time. Early in their day, to work on their most important strategic priorities. In fact, they will start the day, with their business open.

Wasting all of their time. Whether brain is at its peak performance. By starting at six in the morning, they will have several hours before their business is open. That they can work on all of the most difficult tasks.

Before their phone starts ringing, or customers start walking into their business. Another thing that they will learn by working with Vancouver business coach. Is that it is perfectly acceptable. To turn their phone off.

And let people leave voicemail. If it allows them to work uninterrupted on important objectives. As long as they set time in their calendar for listening to and responding to voicemails and emails. It is going to be necessary at times.

To let the phone go to voicemail instead of answering it. When business owners can avoid the trap of being distracted, any time they get a phone call or email. They will be able to get more accomplished.

When business owners want more help, on how to get more done. Or what they can do to help grow their business. By contacting Vancouver business coach for consultation. Is the first step to getting the help they need.