Vancouver Business Coach | Minimizing Interruptions In Business

Vancouver Business Coach | Minimizing Interruptions In Business

Who wants to think about their surgeon multitasking, while performing life-saving surgery on them asks Vancouver business coach? Nobody would think a surgeon multitasking is a good idea.

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Opening up someone, performing delicate heart surgery. While checking and responding to their emails. Or, while having a heated argument with their spouse. As well, when people think of pilots.

Flying the plane that they are in. Thousands of miles above the ground, and over the ocean. Nobody would want to think that there pilots. Our multitasking, while texting, reading a book or watching a movie.

So why do business owners think that it is okay for them. To multitask in their business. In order to get more done? It does not make any sense, and that is because nobody is good at multitasking.

However, many people think multitasking is effective. Or, they acknowledge that it is not. But they believe that they are the exception to the rule. When science shows that nobody is actually good at it.

It takes a person twenty-three minutes of uninterrupted work. In order to reach their brains productivity. Every time they are interrupted. With something big, like a phone call that they are taking.

Or something small, like their smart phone notification. Indicating that they have a new social media message waiting for them. It will take that person’s brain twenty-three minutes. To reach peak productivity again.

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When people are multitasking. All it is, is a constant string of starting new tasks. Therefore, people are never able to reach their brains productivity zone. Which means they are working, unproductively.

Because they are not working productively. They are getting less done. Then if they simply focused on each task separately. Until each one was done. And then moving on to the next.

But, the added complication with multitasking. Is because they are not working efficiently. Not only are they getting less done. But the quality of work that they are getting done is poor, then if they had simply focused.

This is why nobody is a good multitasker. But studies have even shown says Vancouver business coach. That people that think they are good at multitasking. Are the worst offenders at this inefficient method.

And while business owners are quite capable. Of creating a schedule, of all of the tasks that they must do in a day. And time for them to be completed. If they do not eliminate distractions.

They still are not going to work in their peak productivity. In order to get tasks accomplished. Eliminating interruptions and distractions. Is going to be a lot harder than it sounds.

Because there are so many things to distract the average person. Let alone an extremely busy entrepreneur. One of the most important rules that Vancouver business coach teaches the businesses they work with.

Is that it is okay to let calls go to voicemail. And then check voicemail at a predetermined time. As well as return the messages that are necessary to return. By eliminating distractions. And creating a schedule. Businesses can avoid the multitasking trap.

Vancouver Business Coach | Minimizing Interruptions In Business

When business owners want to get more done in their day says Vancouver business coach. They need to focus more on individual tasks. And avoid multitasking completely. This may seem counterintuitive.

Since so many people have been programmed to believe. That multitasking is the way that they can get more done. And it certainly seems that people are very busy when they multitask.

The have several things on the go, and they will intermittently. Be able to check an item off thereto do list. However, other than feeling busy. It is an inefficient way of working.

Rather than trying to do many things at once. And not getting anything done particularly well. Vancouver business coach teaches their businesses. About scheduling, and minimizing interruptions.

When they create a schedule. And then adhere to that schedule strictly. They will be able to ensure that they have time set aside for every task that they need to do. And when they focus on that task alone.

They will be able to do it efficiently, and to a very high degree of excellence. That way, they can swiftly move to the next task. And get much more accomplished in their day. However, it is extremely important.

That they adhere to the schedule. But also, that they eliminate distractions. It can be very tempting to want to answer that phone that is ringing. Or to start each day by opening up their email inbox.

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However, a person can get caught working all day out of their email inbox. And never get any of their strategic priorities accomplished in their business. Therefore, they need to create a time in their schedule.

Where they are devoting time to their emails. Devoting time to checking messages and returning calls. But for the most part, they must work on their strategic priorities. If they want to grow their business.

The best time to work on the most difficult tasks. Will be first thing in the morning. And is the most important time. To avoid these distractions that can derail a business owner’s entire day.

The reason why the mornings are best says Vancouver business coach. Because people will be working at their brains best. Because they just woken up from a restful sleep.

This is why most offices should adhere to solitary work in the morning. To eliminate as many interruptions and distractions as possible. While the afternoon, can be for collaborative work.

This might seem very foreign to many businesses. However, if entrepreneurs truly want to grow their business. They should try scheduling and eliminating distractions.

When they are able to go home every day on time. And see their family. That may convince them, that this is truly the way to go. By unlearning how to multitask. And learning how to time block. Entrepreneurs will be able to have more success at growing their business.