Vancouver Business Coach | Is Anyone Good at Multitasking

Vancouver Business Coach | Is Anyone Good at Multitasking

A lot of people consider multitasking a valued skill says Vancouver business coach. Even putting it on their resume, and bragging about their ability to do this. However, the truth is, nobody is good at multitasking.

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Because the act is in and of itself inefficient. And should be avoided by everyone, all the time. Multitasking can feel very productive. Because it will help people feel busy.

And many people have been taught, that busy is productive. Although, since it does not help people get more done in a day. It is not something that people should be bragging about.

In fact, multitasking is a great way. To help people get less accomplished. And ensure that the quality of their work is poor. This is because multitasking ensures that people are not focusing on any one task.

Which means they cannot do it well. If people want evidence of this. All they have to do is look at a surgeon for example. How many people would be happy. To know that there surgeon was multitasking.

When they were performing life-saving surgery on their loved one? In addition to doing surgery, they were perhaps reading and answering emails, or watching a movie. This example, makes people realize.

How ridiculous multitasking actually is. And something that they should avoid. But also, business owners should know that it helps people get less accomplished. Because they are not able to work efficiently.

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Scientific studies show, that it takes a person twenty-three minutes on average. Of uninterrupted work. In order to reach their peak level of productivity. And when people multitask, they never reach that.

This is why it is a bad idea for anyone to multitask. If they want to get more done. And ensure that the quality of the work that they do is good. They should unlearn how to multitask. And how to work focused instead.

One Great Way. For people to avoid multitasking. Is to create a time block to schedule. That ensures that they can set aside time in their schedule. For every single task that they need to get done.

It will also give them the benefit says Vancouver business coach. Of seeing that it will be virtually impossible. To get everything done that they need. Working an eight hour day, five days a week.

In fact, successful entrepreneurs work twelve hour days, six days a week. Starting at six in the morning. And it will be easy for new entrepreneurs to see why. Looking at all of the tasks that need to get done.

And how much time it takes to finish them. One of the benefits of time blocking. Is that entrepreneurs will be able to see the hours they need to put into their business says Vancouver business coach.

So that they can be prepared to put that time in. Instead of trying to work eight hour days. Only to find out that they cannot be successful doing that. When entrepreneurs want to be successful. On learning how to multitask will be vital to their success.

Vancouver Business Coach | Is Anyone Good at Multitasking

When entrepreneurs start their business, they realize how many things need to get done says Vancouver business coach. It can be very overwhelming. With entrepreneurs not sure how they are going to get it all done.

They often turn to multitasking, as a way to help them get it accomplished. Without realizing that multitasking is a bad idea. Not only is multitasking inefficient. But nobody is actually good at it.

When looking exactly at what multitasking is. Jumping from one task to another very quickly. Without finishing any of them before moving to the next. Means that people will not be able to dedicate their thought process.

To one task, and so the quality of work that they do will suffer significantly. But also, because they are not able to focus. Their brain never reaches its peak productivity.

And that means that not only are people getting poor quality work done. But they are getting less work done. Then if they had simply focused on one task until it is complete.

And while many people can agree that multitasking is a bad idea. There are some people, that think that they are exceptions to the rule. That they can multitask, while the rest of the world cannot.

Science is also shown, that the people that think they are better at this. Are actually worse than most. She is a great argument for everyone to simply stop multitasking completely.

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And while it is easy for Vancouver business coach to tell and entrepreneurs. To stop multitasking. This includes minimizing and eliminating distractions. Which is easier said than done.

Business owners are often programmed. To pick up the phone every single time it rings. And especially, when they are new businesses. They do not have the funds, to hire staff to help them.

Which means they have to do everything themselves. Including answering the phone. But that does not mean they have to answer it every time it rings. Vancouver business coach says it is perfectly acceptable.

To let the phone go to voicemail. So that they can concentrate on their important task. Such as reading their financial statements, for example. And how many mistakes they could make in their business.

If they could not devote uninterrupted time to this activity. Therefore, there are times in the business. Where not only is it acceptable. But simply necessary. For businesses to not answer the phone.

That something that they can put into their schedule. Time devoted every day. For reading emails, and listening to voicemail. And responding to the messages. But to set aside time to do that.

Instead of being distracted, every time the phone rings or message comes in. This is easier said than done, but with some practice. Business owners can avoid multitasking. And get more done in their day. And be more successful at growing their business.