Vancouver Business Coach | How to Host Group Interviews

Vancouver Business Coach | How to Host Group Interviews

One of the most common reasons why business owners utilize one-on-one interviews according to Vancouver business coach. Even though they are not effective at finding qualified staff for small business owners.

Is because that is the only interview method that they know about. Even though they often struggle with using that method to find staff. And they have a high turnover rate in their business.

According to the website glass door, the average interview process takes approximately twenty-three days from start to finish. Which can be a lot more time than a business owner has to use.

In fact, the only reason large corporations can use the one on one interview method. Is because they have an HR department at their disposal. That can spend as much time as they want.

To interview as many candidates as it takes to find the right fit for their business. And because they can afford that time, they succeed in finding the most talented candidates consistently.

If business owners had that time themselves, they would also be able to find the most talented candidates. However, time is something that business owners do not have.

This is why Vancouver business coach recommends group interviews. Because it can maximize a business owner’s time. By allowing them to meet a larger pool of candidates in a shorter amount of time.

Not only do group interviews help a business owner made a larger amount of people, to increase the chances that one of them will be the right fit for the business.

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But the interview process itself is much more efficient at finding people who would be a good fit. Than the traditional one on one interview. Which is why it is very important that business owners learn how to do it properly.

One of the first questions that by Vancouver business coach gets from business owners who are learning. Is widely have to conduct group interviews. Even when they are not immediately hiring in their business.

The reason why this is so important, is in order to meet a large pool of candidates. Business owners need to be meeting people every week. Chances are, by the time they meet the one good candidate for their business.

They will either have grown, and need to hire someone. Or one of their staff members have given notice. And it can help them minimize the amount of time it takes to hire their replacement.

But more specifically, since a business owner never knows exactly when one of their staff members is going to give notice. They need to always be ready, to be able to fill that position with the most talented candidate.

If a business owner does not have an opening by the time they have found a good candidate. They can always create a list of great people to call upon. When an opening does come up in their business.

Therefore, is owners should time block a spot for group interviews every week. And have an ongoing and for the position. So that they can bring resumes into their business regularly.

By doing this, business owners will be able to post effective group interviews. To help them find the most talented people for their business.

Vancouver Business Coach | How to Host Group Interviews

It is very important for business owners to learn how to conduct a group interview effectively says Vancouver business coach. Because it will help them avoid the third most common reason why business owners fail.

According to industry Canada, half of all small business owners in Canada will eventually fail. And third most common reason why business owners fail in Canada. Is because they cannot find or keep staff.

And while turnover rate is higher than it ever has been, with the average employee staying just under two and a half years. While employees use to stay approximately five years before moving positions.

This means business owners are not only having higher turnover rate than they have ever experienced. But if there trying to fill those positions with one-on-one interviews, they are more likely struggling than not.

Group interviews are much more effective way of interviewing for people in their business. Because it allows a business owner to meet a larger pool of candidates.

However, being able to determine their suitability is about what the business owner does during the group interview. And it is very important that business owners learn how to conduct a group interview properly.

The first thing that they should do according to think Vancouver business coach. Is to be firm with the start time of the interview. And warn applicants that latecomers will not be admitted.

That way, they are setting the precedent for employees early on. That the business values punctuality. And they are not flexible. Because if they are flexible in interview start time, maybe they are flexible in other areas as well.

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Then, at the start of the interview time. Vancouver business coach recommends business owners lock the door. And then start the interview, so that latecomers will not be able to come late.

This also ensures that business owners are not considering people for their business. That are not even be able to show up to the job interview on time. Which means they probably would not show up to twork on time either.

The next thing that business owners should do, is read out the job description. So that not only are they letting everybody know what is involved in the job.

But because that way they are setting expectations in the future, if anyone is hired for the position. Doing this can help make all applicants aware of what is involved.

After that, they will read the mission, vision and values of the business. In order to help weed out the people who do not share the same values as the business.

And after letting all the candidates ask as many questions as they want. Business owners will ask just one question. Which is why do you want to work here?

This is an important questions as Vancouver business coach. Because it will give candidates an opportunity to explain what about the business they like. Whether it is the values, the mission and vision.

And if they do not mention any of those things during the answer, business owners should understand that they are not the right fit for the business. And that they can keep looking until they do find the right candidate.