Vancouver Business Coach | How to Get Good at Multitasking

Vancouver Business Coach | How to Get Good at Multitasking

Many people think that multitasking is the key to productivity says Vancouver business coach. However, multitasking is actually a myth. And nobody is good at it.

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In fact, studies have shown time and time again. That while nobody is good at multitasking. People who think that they are good at it, or in fact worst than most at this time wasting activity.

The reason why people think they are good added. Is because it feels productive. They have many things on the go. And they can finish tasks at regular intervals. However what they do not take into consideration.

Is not only the quality of work very poor. When people are multitasking. This is because they are not really concentrating on the task at hand. But also, studies on the matter indicate.

That it takes twenty-three minutes for person’s brain to reach peak productivity. And when they switch tasks, or are interrupted. It will take another twenty-three minutes to get back to that peak productivity level.

And since multitasking is a string of changing tasks. Vancouver business coach says they will never get to operate. And their peak productivity zone. Which means they are never working as efficiently as they could.

This is why when business owners are trying to get more accomplished in their day. Instead of trying to get better at multitasking says Vancouver business coach. They should instead create a schedule.

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Dedicated to solitary work, and working on one task at a time. Until that task is completed. That way, they will be able to get far more done in their day. Because they can concentrate on each task.

As well as allow themselves to get into their brains peak productivity zone. And stay there as long as possible. When they do that, they will be able to get more done in their day.

But also leave work on time, so that they can go home and spend time with their spouse and children. So that they can feel rested and relaxed. And ready to face another hard day of entrepreneurship in their business.

The key to creating a schedule. That is going to help them get more done. Is knowing that people tend to work better in the mornings, rather than in the afternoons. Because their brain is simply functioning better.

Therefore, mornings should be dedicated to all of the business owners most difficult tasks. And, the best time to eliminate all distractions. Therefore, this might be the best time to work on their financial statements.

Or come up with the copy for their advertising. But no matter what they work on, the key to success will be eliminating distractions. It is okay to let their phone go to voicemail.

As long as they find time in their schedule. To listen to messages and return calls. It is also important that they turn off the notifications to their email. So that they can actually achieve this uninterrupted time.

Vancouver Business Coach | How to Get Good at Multitasking

When people try to get good at multitasking says Vancouver business coach. What actually happens, is that the quality of their work suffers. And they get less done. It may seem counterintuitive.

To think that the best way to get things done in a business. Will be to focus on one thing at a time until the task is done. However, according to science, this is the most efficient way to work.

The reason why, is because multitasking is nothing more. And then a long string of constant interruptions. Studies have shown scientists, that it takes a person approximately twenty-three minutes.

To reach their peak productivity zone. And every single time they are interrupted. No matter how big or small that interruption is. It takes their brain twenty-three minutes once again to reach that peak productivity.

When people are multitasking, even if the tasks are very similar. All they are doing is constantly interrupting themselves. And interrupting themselves so often, they can never reach their peak productivity.

Which means not only are they getting less done. But because they are not focusing on each task well. They are getting less done, to a poor quality. This is why Vancouver business coach teaches all of their businesses.

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To avoid multitasking at all costs. What happens when people try to multitask. Not only did they get less done in their day. Forcing them to work longer hours, or simply not to get important tasks done in their business.

But it also causes them to lose productivity and waste time. The best schedule for businesses to get on. Is twelve hour days, six days a week. Because truly, that is as much time that a business owner needs to work.

In order to get everything necessary done. In time, they will be able to hire staff. They can take on some tasks. So that business owners do not have to work twelve hours every day. Or six days a week.

However, by this time Vancouver business coach says an entrepreneur. Should be getting ready to grow their business. And they will simply take the newfound time that they have. And put it into the growth of their business.

However, when they are at this stage. It is also the time that they can work in a day off here, or a vacation there. But it is going to take a long time of working these twelve hour days, six days a week to achieve that.

When people are ready to stop working inefficiently in their business. All they have to do is ask Vancouver business coach how to help them set up an efficient to schedule. And what they can do to stop being interrupted in their day.

Whether it is turning off notifications. Letting their phone go to voicemail. And putting their smart phone in a drawer. Business owners that are able to stop multitasking. And stop being interrupted. Will win, more often than business owners who cannot do this.