Vancouver Business Coach | How to Engage on Social Media

Vancouver Business Coach | How to Engage on Social Media

When business owners want to be involved with social media online says Vancouver business coach. Their goal should be to create a community.

Where their ideal and likely customers are engaging with them in conversation. So that they can build trust. However, to many businesses think that it is simply a place. To advertise their products and services.

Because so many people are on social media every single day. However, far from being a captive audience. People are on social media in order to be social. Just like the name implies.

And they do not want to be mindlessly advertised to. Like a commercial in the middle of their favourite television program.

However, they may not know the best way to advertise on social media. Which is why before any businesses do this. They should sit down with Vancouver business coach.

And find out just what they need to know. To make this effective. Ultimately, because people are on social media to be active socially.

A business needs to show their human side. So that people who do engage with them. Know that there is a human behind the brand. And that is who they are communicating with.

Therefore, showing pictures of the staff and business owners. As well as sharing their stories, and giving their biographies. Can go a long way to showing who the people are behind the brand.

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However, videos can actually be very beneficial. And even more valuable says Vancouver business coach. Because not only will they show the people.

They can show their passion, as they talk about why they started their business. Why they are passionate about it. What their core values are. And what their goals are as well.

What this will do, is attracted the people that share those values. And identify with their mission, vision and purpose. That way, the people that are naturally drawn to the business.

Can start engaging with the business in ways that are meaningful. However, this also takes planning. By finding out what those people that are now following them find important.

And then creating content around that. So that they can get high-value from the posts that people in a business are making on social media.

However, just giving high-value content is not enough. They also needs to inspire engagement. And that is not going to come from the people following the business.

It needs to start with the business owner. With liking, and sharing content from the people who are following them. To show them that the business values what they think. And values what they have to say.

Next, they can encourage engagement. Through contests, poles and competitions. That will entice them with a reward for their participation.

And while this is going to be the start. It is important that businesses do this well. In order to start building that community. That will help them sell their products and services to their contacts.

Vancouver Business Coach | How to Engage on Social Media

Social media can be a great tool agrees Vancouver business coach. However, it can be a very good way for businesses to alienate their customers. Therefore, it needs to be used very carefully.

For example, business owners that simply use it as an advertising tool. Putting out ads, and sharing their products and services. Will not go over well. Because if there is one thing that people do not want.

And that is a mindless add that pops up in the middle of their favorite activity. Think about how happy people are to see commercials in the middle of their favorite television show.

Therefore, the best way that people can advertise their products and services on social media. Is simply show who they are as a business. And engage people in conversations and discussions.

So that people will get to know, like and trust the business. And naturally, sales will follow once they do this. However, business owners can make many mistakes.

That will cause their potential customers to get a bad feeling about the business. And leave without ever purchasing any products or services. In a that they may never come back.

Such as if business owners are not responding to inquiries online as quickly as they should. Studies have shown that 32% of people who send businesses messages on social media.

Want to hear back within half an hour. And while this is very quick. Vancouver business coach says the magical amount of time. That business owners need to respond.

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Or risk losing those potential customers. Is one hour. Within one hour. People will be happier, it will increase the closing rate. Which will also increase the trust between the business and their customers.

And is an important way that they are going to increase their revenue. If entrepreneurs think that are going to be able to use an automatic response system. Such as a chat bot, or an automated response.

This can help bridge the gap. Between when they first get the message. And when an actual human can talk to them. However, it should not replace the human altogether.

Because people can tell when they are talking to something that is not human. And they are on social media because they want to interact with humans. Therefore, chat bots should not be utilized all the time.

As well, Vancouver business coach says entrepreneurs also need to keep in mind. That if they get negative feedback on the social media. That how fast they respond.

And how they actually respond is important. Ideally, what they need to do is respond to that comment as quickly as they can. And in the same place that the comment is made.

So that it shows the customer that is unhappy. As well as the people watching the interaction happen. How important customer satisfaction is to the business.

There are a lot of good things about social media. But also a lot of pitfalls that business owners need to carefully navigate. The sooner they are able to learn these things from their Vancouver business coach. The more success they will eventually have.