Vancouver Business Coach | How Businesses Can Use Social Media

Vancouver Business Coach | How Businesses Can Use Social Media

Just as any tool to a business, social media can be used well or poorly says Vancouver business coach. Therefore, before business owners start using the tool. They need to know what they should do. In order to be effective. And find customers.

First, they should sit down with their Vancouver business coach. In order to come up with an effective advertising and marketing plan. Because this way, they can ensure that whatever they do on social media.

Will complement what they are doing in other forms of advertising. And while 42% of entrepreneurs in Canada fail because they are unable to find customers. This is not because they have no customers at all.

But because they were not successful. In identifying who those customers were. And getting the message about their business to them in a way that matters.

This is why social media can be important. Because when they can identify who their ideal and likely customers are. And tell them the message about their business, and away that matters.

They will be able to create an online community. Where people to call their network about the business. And create an exclusive place, for people who care about the same things.

This is why one of the first things that Vancouver business coach recommends entrepreneurs do. Is share their core values, share the passion that they have for their business.

And share their vision, mission and purpose. They can do this effectively through posts of words or pictures. Or, they can share this over video. And while video might seem very scary.

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It has the highest return on investment when it comes to social media. Showing people that there is a human face behind the business. And clearly demonstrating their passion.

And before people start to protest, saying that they cannot afford high-end video equipment. It does not need to be high-end. And in fact, the lower and it is, the more relatable the business can seem.

Therefore, they can take five-minute video with their cell phone camera. And have a better return on investment. Then trying to hire a production company to do a well thought out video.

When their ideal and likely customers see their passion. As well as what their core values are, their mission and vision and purpose. They will be drawn to the business themselves.

And all an entrepreneur has to do is tell that message very carefully, and in a well thought out way to those customers. However, it is not just enough for business owners to tell that message.

They will want to create gauged community members. By asking them to contribute their thoughts to discussions. And to share their feedback with their network.

So that they can feel valued and contributing members to the community. And that is going to create raving fans in a business. There are many things that business owners can learn about social media.

And when they sit down with Vancouver business coach for their free consultation. They can learn a few more things.

Vancouver Business Coach | How Businesses Can Use Social Media

Even though social media may seem very daunting to business owners according to Vancouver business coach. Using it in a well thought out way. By creating an advertising and marketing plan.

Can actually help entrepreneurs find their ideal and likely customers. However, learning how to use it may take a bit of time.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs should keep in mind. Is that people are on social media. In order to be social with other people. And not to have mindless advertised being spewed at them.

Therefore, business owners are going to have to take a different approach. Then creating a social media account. And advertising their products and services.

Instead, they need to create a community around their values. And engage that community. And inspire them to be called to action. And develop trust with the business.

One way that business owners can inspire trust. Is by responding quickly to inquiries that will come in on their social media accounts. And unlike email, that a business owner can only look at twice a day.

When people send a message on social media. The idea is that they will want to response very quickly. And studies have shown that 32% of people who send messages on social media.

Will expect a response within half an hour of sending the message. With the remaining 68% of people. Expecting response within one hour. What will happen if an entrepreneur does not respond fast enough.

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Is that business owners will lose sales. As customers will go elsewhere. Feeling as though they are not valued in the business. Or that the business was too busy to deal with their inquiry.

Therefore, business owners need to have systems and processes in place. To ensure that they can respond to those inquiries fast enough. To avoid accidentally alienating their ideal and likely customers.

And while some business owners think that they can set up automatic response on social media. Or chat bots. Use of these tools should be quite limited.

And the reason why they should be limited to says Vancouver business coach. Is because people can tell when they are talking to a robot. And they want to talk to a person.

Which means when they are talking to her bought, they will want to have a human get in touch with them quickly. Otherwise, they again will feel undervalued.

While business owners can use chat bots as a way of bridging the gap and closing the amount of time between a person sending an inquiry. And getting a response. It should not be the only method.

In fact, learning about social media is complex. If business owners want to learn more. They should contact their Vancouver business coach for a free consultation.

And learn about all of the ways they can help entrepreneurs. Find the customers they need to buy their products and services. And succeed by growing the revenue in their business.