Vancouver Business Coach | Hosting Group Interviews

Vancouver Business Coach | Hosting Group Interviews

There are many reasons why business owners should start hosting group interviews according to Vancouver business coach. Especially because a large percentage of business owners struggle with finding and keeping staff.

In fact, according to industry Canada, 50% of all small business owners in Canada fail within five years. And 23% of those failed entrepreneurs, fail because they are unable to find and keep staff.

One of the reasons why business owners struggle so much with this. Is because the method that most business owners use defined people. Is the traditional one-on-one interview.

Which does not help identify the most qualified candidates for the position. Or the people who will be the best fit within the business itself. Therefore, business owners struggle and fighting people.

Another reason why the one on one interview style is not effective for small business owners. Is because it is so time-consuming. And according to glass door. The average interview process to hire one person.

Takes an average of twenty-two point nine days. Which is a lot more time than a business owner can afford to spend. Business owners can maximize their time by learning how to conduct group interviews.

However, there are many questions they have for their Vancouver business coach. That will help them find the most qualified candidates in the most timely fashion.

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One of the first things that business owners will learn, is that they need to conduct group interviews on an ongoing basis. Even when they are not looking for someone immediately in their business.

That way, they will be able to meet enough people on an ongoing basis. That they will eventually meet the one candidate that will be the right fit for their business.

Studies have shown that in order to find one good candidate, businesses have to meet one hundred candidates first. And a group interview is how business owners are going to be able to do that.

Vancouver business coach recommends time blocking one hour at the same time every week. Dedicated to these group interviews. And then advertising the position so that they can get resumes into the business.

While most business owners are used to reading resumes. In order to figure out which candidates they want to beat. But in a group interview, business owners should invite all applicants that they can meet them all.

Not only are resumes a terrible way of finding the most qualified candidate. But a business owner will be able to tell a lot more about each applicant by meeting them.

And seeing how they interact, answer questions and how prepared they are. If they pass the group interview, and a business owner still interested in hiring them.

They can read the resume then, to find out their qualifications. But reading the resume beforehand would be a huge waste of time. Especially since a very low percentage of people in the group interview will ever be contacted.

By learning this group interview method. Can help business owners significantly avoid going out of business. Because they are unable to find or keep the right staff in their business.

Vancouver Business Coach | Hosting Group Interviews

Business owners struggle with finding staff according to then Vancouver business coach. But even after they find someone, they struggle at staff retention. And this is for many different reasons.

If they are not finding the right person for their business in the first place. That person is not compelled to stay there, which can contribute to those employees leaving the position quickly.

However, if a business owner find someone whose values are similar to the businesses. And someone who feels good about the mission and vision of the business.

They will be happier in their role, and want to stay in the position longer. Which can help minimize employee turnover. To help business owners retain as many staff as possible.

Therefore, it is not just about finding most qualified person. It is also about finding someone whose values align with the companies.

And this is exactly why Vancouver business coach asks business owners to read out there and vision of the business. As well as the company’s values.

This way, the people who agree with the values will be attracted to the job because they want to work with the company. And this is even more effective when a business owner’s values are polarizing.

If the values do not appeal to everybody. The ones who do share the same values will be even more striking. Allowing a business owner to truly see how this person fits into the culture of the organization.

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Therefore, before a business owner starts hosting group interviews. They should reread their company’s values. In order to see if they are too broad, or if they truly reflect what is important to the business.

At the end of the group interview. Business owners should ask one question in order to figure out if these candidates would fit into the business. And that one question is why do you want to work here?

The answer that business owners are going to be looking for. Is specifically why candidates want to work with the company. And not why they want to work in the industry, or why they want to job.

A lot of candidates may also answer the question is why the business would benefit from having them. And this is also not the answer that they should be looking for says Vancouver business coach.

But should hear specifically something about how they appreciate the values. Or how the mission and vision of the business is something that is close to their own values.

If business owners identify candidates that can articulate that. They know that they would be a good fit in the business. And they are worth contacting again to see if they would be interested in doing a job shadow.

A job shadow can help business owners see truly if they fit in with the culture of the business, rest of the team. And if they have the right attitude, skill level and are coachable.

By understanding how to host a group interview. Business owners will be able to hire a better quality employee, that will allow them to keep that staff member for a longer time.