Vancouver Business Coach | Help Customers Find Your Business

Vancouver Business Coach | Help Customers Find Your Business

The reason why marketing is so important says Vancouver business coach. Is because it will help customers find the entrepreneurs business. So that they can sell more products and services.

Vancouver Business Coach

Some entrepreneurs think it is going to be much easier to find the customers they are looking for. And because of this, they do not have an effective marketing strategy. If they have a marketing strategy at all.

Whether they think their product or service is so fantastic. That people are going to be beating a path to their door. Or if they think the location is going to help them find all the customers that they need.

But ultimately, businesses that do not focus on marketing their products and services. Do not end up selling enough of those products and services to remain viable in business for long.

In fact, according to an industry Canada survey. Not only are 50% of entrepreneurs of small businesses failing across Canada. But the reason why these entrepreneurs are failing are predictable, and preventable reasons.

The number one reason why entrepreneurs are not succeeding. Is because they are unable to find enough customers to sell their products and services to. And this is not because those customers do not exist.

But because they did not work hard enough at finding those customers. And marketing their products and services to them. Therefore, when they sit down with Vancouver business coach for the first time.

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They will learn about search engine optimization. And how it will help them find the customers they need. This is starting with how the information on their website is organized.

When entrepreneurs are doing search engine optimization, they should optimize their website. To allow Google to find information on their webpage easier. Because it is the most popular search engine in the world.

And Google actually indexes every single webpage in the world. To make finding the information on that website faster and easier. To allow them to come up with extremely relevant results for the customers who are doing searches.

And since Google indexes every single webpage. The webpages that have the information organized in a way that Google prefers. Will ranking even higher on those search engine results.

There Vancouver business coach can help them get that website optimize. By helping them name the headers appropriately, and put them in the right spot. Help ensure that their pictures are named properly.

And that entrepreneurs have the right number of keywords on each page. So that they can start ranking higher in search engine results. This is so important, that if entrepreneurs do not do this.

They might not find enough customers in time. And even though they might have many different marketing initiatives. Since most of the customers will Google business before purchasing from them.

If an entrepreneur’s business cannot be found on the first page of Google. Or how many customers are trying to find the business, they will not be able to, which will cost the business that sale.

Vancouver Business Coach | Help Customers Find Your Business

It is incredibly important for entrepreneurs to show up on Google says Vancouver business coach. Because this is the most popular search engine in the world.

And the majority of customers search for businesses will use Google. When they are going purchase products and services from. But also, they are going to Google the products and services that they are looking for.

In order to find a business to buy those products and services from. When they are ready to make that purchase. Therefore, when business owners are able to appear on the first page of Google organically.

They will be able to find their ideal and likely customers. When those customers are ready to make a purchase. That is so valuable, that it is worth working to get search engine optimized websites.

However, while there Vancouver business coach will help them get their website optimized. There are still many things that entrepreneurs can do themselves. That will help them get a higher search engine ranking as well.

The more pages a website has. The more Google will consider them to be experts in their field. And will recommend that website more often. Because it will be considered more relevant to people’s searches.

And while some business owners are extremely daunted at the task. Of creating a brand-new page for their website every single day. It does not have to be as overwhelming or scary as it sounds.

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Instead of trying to write a thousand word article, or create a blog. All Vancouver business coach wants their businesses to do. Is create a quick, ten minute video.

Talking about something in their business that they are already a subject matter expert in. It should not take them very long to create a quick video. That they can then put on their website for content.

After that, the number of things that they can do with that video are huge. From transcribing the video, to creating even more content for their website. To chopping it down into smaller videos for advertising and other purposes.

A business owner should have ten minutes every single week to be able to create a video. That will help them rank higher on Google search engine results. So that they can find more of their ideal and likely buyers.

However, this is not the only thing that they can do as well. The next thing that they should look at doing. Is creating what is called a Google my business page. This is a listing that is absolutely free for entrepreneurs to utilize.

That can create a web presence immediately. Even before an entrepreneur has created a website for themselves. It will have a place for pictures, a list of services and even operating hours.

But most importantly, it will help entrepreneurs appear in the map listings section of the Google search engine results immediately. So that customers that are looking for a business near them, find the entrepreneurs business.

It will also allow businesses to start getting Google reviews. That are extremely beneficial to help them rank on Google search engine results. For information about this for information on this and other marketing initiatives. Entrepreneurs should contact their Vancouver business coach.