Vancouver Business Coach | Growing a Business on Social Media

Vancouver Business Coach | Growing a Business on Social Media

While social media can be an important way for businesses to engage with potential customers says Vancouver business coach. It is actually a very complex system. And entrepreneurs should be very mindful and how they use it. In order to generate the response that they expect.

The first thing that they should keep in mind. Is that when they are on social media. Their customers are on it, in order to be social. Therefore, when they get their platform, the first thing that they should do.

Is avoid’s putting all of their business information and try to advertise their ideal and likely customers. Because that is going to go over like a lead balloon.

Much like nobody wants to hear a commercial in the middle of their favorite program. People on social media do not want to see an unsolicited ad. In the middle of their feed, that they did not ask to see.

Instead, Vancouver business coach says entrepreneurs need to create a community. With a sense of belonging with their ideal and likely customers. So that they can build trust.

So that those customers will feel comfortable buying the products and services that they know the entrepreneur is selling. And the first way they can do that. Is showing their human side to their customers.

Whether this is showing pictures of themselves and their staff. Sharing stories, bayous. Or sharing information about the company on the human side.

This is a great way to show their ideal and likely customers. That there are people behind the business. However, one of the most effective ways of doing this. Is through the use of video.

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And while some business owners seem very shy when it comes to the camera. These can be very rough, home made videos. That actually show the human side. They do not need to be very well polished.

And in fact, the rougher it is. The more down to earth, and human business can actually feel. Sharing these videos on social media. As well as on YouTube, and their website.

Will have an extremely high return on investment. As well as give them the ability to cut the videos smaller. And use them in a wide variety of places. When entrepreneurs do this, they are going to be able to.

Find their ideal and likely customers. Especially when they share their passion, their core values. And their purpose on the video. They will draw in the people that share those passions and values.

Who will want to be a patron of their brand. Because of the shared values. Like a cosmetic company that is against cruelty to animals. A business that wants to reduce waste and carbon footprint.

Or a business that only uses ethically sourced materials. These can be the things on social media. That will create a community of people who care.

When they have that community says Vancouver business coach. It becomes a lot easier to send the businesses message. Because they are already emotionally invested.

Vancouver Business Coach | Growing a Business on Social Media

There are many things that entrepreneurs should keep in mind says Vancouver business coach. As they learn social media for their business.

While it can be a great and valuable tool. Business owners need to keep in mind that it can be just as risky. When it is used poorly. To drive people away.

One of the first things that business owners should keep in mind. Is that being very responsive on social media is crucial. And if they do not have the systems and processes in place to do that.

Maybe social media is not the right place for them to be at the moment. Such as a solo-preneur. Who has no staff. And will be on job sites for the entire day.

However, when businesses have the processes in place. To respond to social media inquiries. Even if they farm it out to another company. Then, they can start learning different tips and tricks says Vancouver business coach.

On how to do social media well. The first thing that they need to know, is how quickly they need to respond to those messages that they get.

While studies have shown that 32% of people want a response within half an hour. That might be very quick for most businesses. However, people should keep in mind.

That the remaining two thirds of people who send messages online. Want a response within an hour. Therefore, their systems and processes in place. Need to ensure that they can respond that quickly at all times.

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Otherwise, they run the risk of customers assuming that they do not matter to the business. And they will go elsewhere, with a begrudging heart. Because they feel undervalued.

Therefore, however they can get a message to these people quickly. To say that they are heard, and that they matter. Not only can increase trust between the customer and the business.

But it will also increase the amount of closed business that the entrepreneur can complete. Because of that satisfaction and trust. However, when they do not respond fast enough, that will do the opposite.

As well, when people are happy with the products and services that they received. Entrepreneurs should keep in mind. That responding quickly is important, even when they have just purchased the product.

Because responding, will show the customer that their feedback is important. And that is valued a bull to the business. A quick message saying thank you for your business or we hope you enjoy your product.

Can go a long way. In continuing to build trust. And the positive the relationships that Vancouver business coach says is the cornerstone of social media.

When businesses have a negative experience posted about them. They need to respond even faster. To fix the problem publicly. To show to that upset customer that they are valued.

And to show other customers. That business not only values feedback. But will work to make a situation right. Vancouver business coach says learning the ins notes of social media can take some time. But can be a valuable tool.