Vancouver Business Coach | Group Interviews Are Efficient

Vancouver Business Coach | Group Interviews Are Efficient

Many business owners may not realize that the struggle to find people is a universal says Vancouver business coach. With not being able to find people the third most common reason why businesses in Canada fail.

And while the average business has a hard time finding or keeping staff. The traditional one on one interview process. Takes an average of twenty-three days from start to finish according to glassdoor.

Which can explain why small businesses struggle to utilize this method. Even though it is often the only interview method that they are aware of. And so that is the only interview style they use.

And while large corporations are able to conduct one-on-one interviews efficiently says Vancouver business coach. This is because they have large human resources departments.

And have the time to conduct as many one-on-one interviews as they need. In order to find the most talented candidates for their organization.

And since small business owners do not have the ability to do this. They utilize the one on one interview method. And at the may not find the best people for their business.

But hire a candidate anyway. Because, likely a month has gone by. And they are getting desperate to fill the spot. And this can contribute to why they have a hard time keeping staff.

When they are unable to find the right candidates in their business in the first place. And they hire people who are not a good fit. And then they leave more frequently, because they do not fit.

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This is why Vancouver business coach likes to teach small business owners about the group interview. And how not only can them save a significant amount of time.

But it can also help business owners find a higher quality candidate. So that the person that they do higher is a better fit for the business, and is likely to stay longer in the job because of it.

The first thing that business owners need to keep in mind when conducting group interviews. Is that they need to be holding them every week. Whether they are looking for people or not.

The reason why, is because business owners need to meet one hundred candidates. In order to find one who is the right fit for their business. And while group interview might have 5, 10 or even 20 candidates.

That would mean an entrepreneur might have to have group interviews five or six weeks in a row. In order to meet 100 people. When they are short staffed, they will want to find someone much quicker.

Also, business owners are never hundred percent sure when a staff member is going to give notice. And by hosting group interviews on an ongoing basis. Business owners are prepared for that eventuality.

By learning how to conduct group interviews, Vancouver business coach says business owners cannot only find people much quicker for their business.

But they can find a higher quality person who fits in with their organization. Which will help them not have to replace as many people as often.

Vancouver Business Coach | Group Interviews Are Efficient

When business owners are struggling to find people in their business, Vancouver business coach recommends group interviews. The reason why, is because it can help business owners find better people, faster.

The first thing that business owners will be able to do when they start conducting group interviews. Is stop reading resumes. Reading resumes in order to find candidates to interview is time-consuming.

And before a business owner even gets to the interview stage. They will have spent dozens of hours reading resumes. As well as calling candidates for interviews.

Instead, business owners can simply invite every single candidate to the group interview. And save themselves a bunch of time immediately.

And what business owners will find, is that a higher quality of person will immediately becoming to the interview. Because a business owner will not have been flexible with when they are available to meet.

For the one on one interview. Which sets a precedent that they will not be flexible in other areas of the business as well. But also, business owners should lock the door at the start of the interview.

What that will do, is make it impossible for any latecomers to join the interview. So that already, they Vancouver business coach says that business owners can start weeding out bad candidates.

The next thing that business owners will do when they have a group interview. Is read out the job description. So that everybody knows exactly why they are all there.

This way, nobody can claim that they forgot something. And that way, they can legitimately make sure that everybody is there for the correct reason. Especially when they have applied for many jobs.

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The next thing that business owners should do. Is go over the problem, mission, vision and values of the business. In hopes of appealing to the right candidates in the business.

In fact, Vancouver business coach recommends business owners having values that are polarizing. Because when the values are something that everybody can agree with.

Then it does not keep the wrong people from applying. Whereas when a business has values that not everybody agrees with. It will tend to only attract the people who share the values to the job.

The next thing that business owners can do in the group interview. Is invite the candidates to ask whatever questions they want about the job, or the company itself.

This is likely going to save a lot of time as well. Since many candidates would likely have had the same question. So by answering them in a group, a business owner can save a lot of time.

And then finally, the last thing to happen in the interview. Will be to ask the question, why do you want to work here? The ideas not to find out why the candidates want a job, or why they like the industry.

This is a time for candidates to answer what about the company specifically they are drawn to. Or why they specifically want to work there.

Any answer other than specifically about the business, and they would be the wrong fit for the business. When they do this, they will be able to see very quickly who is likely going to be a great fit in the business.

Therefore, business owners will be able to find out within one hour if a group of people would be a good fit for their business or not. Which is why business owners should implement a group interview.