Vancouver Business Coach | Group Interviews Are Effective

Vancouver Business Coach | Group Interviews Are Effective

A very common struggle that business owners often share according to Vancouver business coach. Is that they struggle finding or keeping staff in their business.

According to industry Canada, 15% of entrepreneurs fail in the first year of business, while 30% fail in the second year. With half of all Canadian entrepreneurs ultimately failing within five years of opening the doors to their business.

While the industry Canada survey found that there were three common reasons why business owners struggled and ultimately failed in business. 23% of them said that the reason why they failed.

Was because they were unable to find or keep staff in their business. Which ultimately cause them to close the doors to their business.

While many business owners struggle with this. Most small business owners often utilize all one on one interview method. Which not only takes an extremely long time from beginning to end.

Taking an average of twenty-three days just to hire one person in a business. And this is according to a survey done by glass door. Which can be more than a small business owner can afford to spend.

However, large corporations are able to utilize a one on one interview method. In order to find people in their organization for several reasons.

First, they have a huge HR department. That will allow them to actually spend the time conducting as many one-on-one interviews as they need. In order to find the most talented person to hire.

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Second, Vancouver business coach says that they have the resources at their disposal. To be able to spend that time finding just a single person.

And since a business owner has no time, and limited resources. Trying to find a great employee utilizing the traditional one-on-one method just does not work.

This is why Vancouver business coach teaches many small businesses how to conduct group interviews. So that they can meet a larger pool of candidates in a much shorter period of time.

And chances are much higher. That they are going to be able to meet someone who is the right fit in their business. As long as they start conducting group interviews immediately, and follow the right advice.

The first thing that business owners need to do. Is to create a spot in their calendar. In order to conduct a group interview every single week.

Even if they are not hiring staff in their business at the moment. They need to be conducting group interviews. Because they need to meet as many people as possible.

In order to increase their odds of finding one correct person. If they happen to meet the right person, and they are not hiring at that moment. They can start a list of great candidates to call upon.

And when a staff member gives notice, a business owner can simply call upon the candidate. And hire them in the business, that taking any time once they receive notice from their employee.

Vancouver Business Coach | Group Interviews Are Effective

Business owners struggle finding people to work in their business says Vancouver business coach. And actually is responsible for many business owners closing the doors to their business each year.

And while this has always been a struggle for small business owners. The problem has recently been exacerbated. Because employees are leaving jobs more frequently than ever before.

According to studies, employees would stay on average of five years in a job before moving to a different opportunity. However, that average has dropped dramatically.

Currently, employees are only staying approximately two point three years in a job. For their moving to a different opportunity. Which means business owners will have a higher turnover rate than ever.

When that is compounded with having a difficult time finding staff. That can be a real problem, that causes many business owners to be forced close the doors to their business.

However, Vancouver business coach says business owners can find better people quicker. If they know how to implement group interviews in their business.

The reason why group interviews are so much more efficient. Is first, it does not require a business owner to read resumes in order to shortlist candidates.

Depending on how many resumes a business owner gets, whether it is ten or one hundred. They can spend dozens of hours reading resumes before they even get the interview stage.

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Then, business owners will need to spend a significant amount of time calling each successful candidate to come in for an interview. Leaving messages, and getting call backs from candidates.

Chances are quite high says Vancouver business coach. That some of those candidates will need to call back to reschedule their interview with the business owner. Wasting even more time.

Even then, business owners will find that a percentage of the candidates will show up at all. And another percentage will be late, so that even if a business owner will be less likely to hire them.

They still will go through with the interview, since it has already been scheduled. That can set a dangerous precedent. That the business owner will be flexible, or that an employee can be late.

By hosting a group interview, a business owner simply skips the reading resumes part. Saving dozens of hours. And instead, sends an email back to all applicants. Inviting them to the group interview stage.

This way, if people show up late, they will not be admitted into the interview. Or if they do not show up at all, it is not wasting an entrepreneur’s time.

This way, the precedent is being set that people need to be punctual, and that the business owner is not flexible. So that if they do get hired. They will know what to expect from their employer.

This is just one of the ways how business owners can benefit from hosting group interviews says Vancouver business coach. If business owners want to learn more tips and tricks about what to do.

They can call and arrange a free consultation. To see what other ways they can benefit from group interviews in their business.