Vancouver Business Coach | Group Interview Strategies

Vancouver Business Coach | Group Interview Strategies

If small business owners are not utilizing a group interview when hiring staff, Vancouver business coach says they could be struggling more than they need to. Because a one-on-one interview is not effective.

While large corporations can use a one-on-one interview. The only reason why, is because they have more resources than small business owners.

Which will allow them to interview as many people as is necessary. To find the most talented and qualified staff. The higher into their organization.

Since business owners do not have that time at their disposal. One-on-one interviews are very time intensive. Without helping a business owner interview enough people to ensure that they can find the right fit for their business.

However, many business owners are not utilizing a group interview in their business. Because they have never experienced one, and do not know how to conduct an effective group interview.

This is why Vancouver business coach is teaching more small business owners than ever before. How to conduct the best group interview for their business.

The first thing that business owners need to do, is set aside time every week for this interview. Because in order to meet enough candidates. To meet the right one for their business.

Business owners have to be looking on a regular basis, even if they are not immediately hiring. Business owners will eventually save so much time, that dedicating one hour every week to this will be no problem.

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The first way that they start saving time. Is by not having to read resumes of all of the applicants. Using the traditional one-on-one interview method. Business owners would spend a significant amount of time on this alone.

Spending dozens of hours on reading resumes. Even before the interview process had begun. And not even getting closer up finding more qualified candidates by reading resumes alone.

Since resumes are a poor gauge of how effective and employees going to be. Vancouver business coach says business owners should simply invite all applicants to the interview. And meet them all in person.

That way, they will have a better sense of which people they would like to have in their business. Better than they could ever figure out from a resume alone.

And since a certain percentage of applicants will show up to an interview. Even if it is a one-on-one interview. This can help save a business owner a lot of time.

Because even if someone does not show up to the group interview. A business owner is meeting other people, which means it is not going to waste their time.

As well, if applicants show up to the interview late. During a one-on-one interview, business owners might feel compelled to interview them anyway. Because they have a free spot in their calendar anyway.

But with the group interviews, business owners can be very specific about how latecomers will not be admitted. Setting a very important precedent early on. That punctuality is very important in the business.

Vancouver Business Coach | Group Interview Strategies

Conducting a group interview is not hard says Vancouver business coach. But it does take a business owner understanding why all of the different parts are important.

When business owners are learning how to conduct a group interview. They need to realize that everything is in place for a reason. That is going to help them figure out who the best person for the business will be.

The first thing that they are going to do when the group interview starts. Is to read out the job description. To ensure everybody is aware of the job that they are interviewing for.

But it is actually to ensure that everybody is well aware of all of the expectations if they are hired. And to eliminate any questions about what the job is about or what it is involved.

After they do that, they should read out the company’s mission, vision and values. Because this is an important culture building activity. And if and employees hired, it is important that they know the culture early on.

But also, it is designed to help draw in the people who share the same values as the business. And whose mission and vision aligned with the businesses. So that they feel good about the job they are doing.

When people feel strongly about the mission of the business that they are working for. That only are they happier to be there, but they work harder and stay longer. Helping business owners avoid turnover.

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Then, Vancouver business coach recommends opening up the interview for questions from all of the applicants. To let them feel as comfortable as they need with the job and the company.

Since most applicants will have a lot of the same questions. This can be a huge time savings. By allowing many people’s questions we asked and answered only once during the interview.

And finally, when all questions are done. The only one question that a business owner will need to ask. Is why do you want to work here? This is an extremely important question with the specific answer.

Vancouver business coach says entrepreneurs should be looking for why applicants want to work at the company specifically. Not why they want to work in the industry, not why they wanted job.

And definitely not why the business would benefit from their employment. But what specifically about the business makes them want to work there? Is it the values, or the mission or vision?

If none of the applicants specify values, mission or vision. Then they are not the right fit for the business. And a business owner does not even have to feel compelled to try to bring somebody in.

Because they know at the same time next week, they are going to meet another group of candidates. And maybe one of those candidates will be the right fit for their business.

This is why all parts of the group interview is important says Vancouver business coach. And why business owners need to conduct the interviews this way, and not miss any parts. So that they can find the best people for their business.