Vancouver Business Coach | Group Interview Best Practices

Vancouver Business Coach | Group Interview Best Practices

Not being able to find or keep staff is a common struggle for small businesses according to Vancouver business coach. Even though they might spend a lot of time trying to hire the best people with one-on-one interviews.

The problem is not that business owners do not know how to interview well. Or they are not asking the right interview questions. But rather, the flaw is in the one on one interview process itself.

That, coupled with the fact that business owners are experiencing a higher turnover rate in business now than ever before. Means that this is a very real struggle for many businesses.

Large corporations can utilize a group interview process easily says Vancouver business coach. Because they have something that business owners do not have. And that is unlimited time.

They are able to quite easily interview as many people as they need. On a one-on-one basis, in order to find the most talented person to hire into their organization.

Whereas a business owner does not have unlimited time. And therefore, the traditional one on one interview process can be very frustrating. As it takes an average of twenty-three days from start to finish.

Business owners are usually so short staffed by the time they finished interviewing. That even if they have not identified the best person for the business. They hire someone anyway.

Just so that they can fill the void, and ensure that they have someone to help them in their business. Even though they are not the right fit, and typically will end up leaving quickly.

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The group interview process can save a significant amount of time. Because as opposed to the twenty-three days that a business owner spends doing traditional interviews.

The group interview takes a single hour each week. Resulting in only two days spent finding people, that are of a higher calibre than they can find during a one-on-one interview.

However, many business owners struggle with changing their mindset from a one-on-one interview. Into hosting group interviews on a consistent basis. And these are some of the most common questions they ask.

The first question that Vancouver business coach gets about group interviews. Is why does business owner read the mission, vision and values statement at the start of the interview?

The reason why, is because it is an important culture building exercise. As well as letting the applicants know right away. What is most important to the business. And what the businesses driving factors are.

Ideally, a business owner will only hire employees that share the same values, that feel good about the mission and vision of the business. The only way they can do that, is if they communicate that early on.

The next question that business owners have is widely read the job description at the start of the interview? This is to ensure that everybody knows exactly what they are therefore.

But ultimately, this is about setting expectations early on. That all employees will need, especially if they are successful in getting the job and are hired into the business.

Vancouver Business Coach | Group Interview Best Practices

If business owners have used the one on one interview method in the past, Vancouver business coach says it typically was a negative experience. That did not result in finding the best staff for the business.

This is because in order to meet the one right person that is going to be the best fit for the business. A business owner must meet approximately one hundred candidates.

Since this is impossible for any small business owner to do during one-on-one interviews. This is the reason why Vancouver business coach teaches small business owners how to do group interviews.

Instead of looking at resumes in order to figure out who the best candidates to interview are. Business owners will simply send invitations out to all applicants. In order to meet all of them personally.

However, past that point, business owners have a lot of questions about how to conduct a group interview effectively. All so that they can start utilizing this method themselves.

One of the first questions that they have for Vancouver business coach. Is why do they need to have polarizing values? This is something that business owners are told from the beginning of the process.

The reason why they should have polarizing values. Is so that they can appeal to the people who share those values. And the people who do not share those values, will not be drawn to the position.

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If a business owner has values that do not appeal to everyone, they will typically only attract people who agree with those values. To give them the ability to hire only those who are excited about what the business does.

The next question that business owners have. Is what is the one question that business owners should ask in a group interview? This one question is why do you want to work here?

Even though this might sound like it has a lot of different answers to it. Business owners should not be looking for answers that explain why people want a job.

Or why people want to work in the industry, or even why the company would benefit from hiring them. Business owners should only be looking for one type of answer, though it can be worded in different ways.

They are specifically looking for people who say specifically what about the company they are excited about. Or why they want to work for the business itself.

They usually should talk about values, and the mission and vision of the business. If they do not answer the question this way. Then they are not going to be the best fit for the business.

If there are any applicants that answer this way in the group interview. That is the time for business owner to read the resume, to verify if they are qualified for the job.

And then call them back in order to arrange for them to come into the business for a shadow day. To see if they have the skills, and fit in with the flow of the office.